General Hudson Austin Hospitalised

The man who was Commander of the disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA), General Hudson Austin is now a patient at the St. George’s General Hospital. Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that Austin was taken to the hospital on Friday for a so far undisclosed illness. This newspaper spoke to a hospital official who said that the Army Commander was first admitted in an open ward in the hospital but has since been removed to the private block where he is being treated. Speculation is rife that a few of his supporters known as the RMC might be paying the … Continue reading

Rolda Bridgeman – an example of Gender Equity

Chairman of the Constitution Reform Advisory Committee (CRAC) Dr. Francis Alexis, QC is suggesting that the gender equality part of the “Rights and Freedoms” Constitutional Bill be renamed the “Rolda Bridgeman Bill.” In his presentation on Gender in the Bill during a Town Hall Meeting at the Grenada National Stadium last Saturday, Dr. Alexis articulated his feelings for the bill to be renamed after the retired senior policewoman. He recalled that Bridgeman who was an Inspector of Police in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) had taught several of the men in the Force at the Police Training School. According … Continue reading

Farmer stoned over golden apples

A 51 year-old farmer from Vendomme, St. George has expressed great disappointment with the lack of police response to a stoning incident, which has left him nursing a major wound over his left eye and another to his left elbow. In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last week Thursday, Vendomme resident, Augustus Cambridge said he is lucky to be alive following the incident, which occurred on the evening of the Thanksgiving holiday (October 25) on the premises of his garden, which is located not too far from his home. Cambridge told this newspaper that while on his way … Continue reading

Should Religious Leaders be Paid for Preaching?

This question is not to create controversy but to address what a number of concerned persons are asking. NO need for anyone to take offense! The Scriptures indicate the answer to that question. At 2 Thessalonians 3:8 the respected Christian, apostle Paul, stated that he did not eat bread for naught (nothing). But they laboured night and day that they “might not be chargeable to any of (the Thessalonian Christians).” Please see 1 Thessalonians 2:9 also that evidently shows that apostle Paul did not preach the gospel for money. Therefore, apostle Paul did not charge Christians for preaching to them.  … Continue reading

Broken Busmen – Part 2

This is part two of a two-part series where I examine the underlying realities behind the busmen strike for three days in October 2016. In part two I will deal with the issues stated during the third and final day of the strike and I will examine the change in tone and the more serious matters raised on that day. Once again most of the issues in our discussion are not peculiar to busmen but affect the motoring public and in some instances the population-at-large. The busmen however were the ones with the strength and courage to bring these matters … Continue reading

Donation to Kidney Foundation

As part of its corporate responsibility, Duty Free Partners (DFP) – Sky Free Shop, at the Cruise Ship Terminal, Esplanade Mall, has donated $4,500.00 to the Grenada Kidney Foundation. In Grenada, there is one dialysis clinic, which was opened as a private enterprise in 2006. With limited financial resources, available to patients with ESRD and the unavailability of health insurance from government, patients have to limit the number of times they are dialysed. This also makes it difficult to keep afloat as a private sector clinic providing a critical service. The estimated cost of dialysis treatment for one patient is … Continue reading

Semi-finals in Grenlec Debate

November 7 (tomorrow) is the date selected for the semi-finals in the Grenlec debate among secondary schools in the island. The schools making it into the semis were Bishop’s College and Hillsborough Secondary School from the sister isle of Carriacou and St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School and St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Andrew. The quarter-final round, which was held on October 24, featured four matches with eight schools vying to earn a spot in the semi-finals. Corporate Communications Manager of Grenlec, Prudence Greenidge, congratulated the teams for their excellent display of skills, passion and determination. Currently, the People’s Choice competition is … Continue reading

An interesting letter!!!

THE NEW TODAY wish to be associated with several of the comments made by Evan Bhola in a letter appearing in this week’s issue of the paper in response to certain statements made by Roman Catholic Priest, Father Gerard Paul at an event held in Tivoli to commemorate the October 25, 1983 tragedy in the country. Mr. Bhola’s remarks are bang on target especially in light of the deliberate attempts being made by some people in the country to rewrite the history of the so-called glorious March 13, 1979 Grenada Revolution. This newspaper states unequivocally that the Revolution created by … Continue reading

Informal settlers, or Squatters!

From the birth of the peasantry class in Grenada in the year, 1838, this was a new era in our history after one hundred plus years of French rule and two hundred and eleven years of British rule of shackled slavery. By August 1st, 1838 total freedom came for people of African descendents under the apprenticeship period and who for the first time was free to leave the plantation and established new life while leasing plots of lands throughout the length and breadth of Grenada under a system whereby they would have given five acre plots to be cultivated and … Continue reading

Another nose-dive in ease of doing business

The Keith Mitchell Administration continues to struggle in grappling with the “Ease of doing business” in the country. The ranking, as released by the World Bank last week, shows that Grenada now stands at 138, having experienced a drop from last year’s position of 135. The island is four points ahead of Bolivia, which ranks 149, Suriname (158), Haiti (181), and Venezuela 187 in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Barbados tops the region with a ranking of 117, followed by Brazil on 123, Guyana (124), Nicaragua (127), the Bahamas on 121, followed by St. Vincent and the Grenadines (125), … Continue reading