FLOW – A Bad Choice

I would be very happy if you can publish this letter in your esteem newspaper as many other Grenadians have had similar experiences. You see, it has been approximately fifteen months since I have been trying to get back monies which I was made to pay illegally to Flow with no success and a lot of run around and outright lies. My ordeal started when for no reason my television signal was taken. At first I thought that it was a breakdown in the services. After realising it was more than that I called the company and I was told … Continue reading

TUC offers to facilitate discussion on CCJ Bill

The Grenada Trades’ Union Council (GTUC) is deeply concerned that the matter of Grenada having the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final appeal Court should not be decided along partisan lines of Political Parties. GTUC therefore offers its services to be a facilitator for the NNP, NDC, CCJAC and other stakeholders to meet together to discuss the matter most urgently. GTUC would be most happy to chair that meeting. That meeting would consider only those ideas for revision of the CCJ Bill which were already in the public domain by 26 October 2018. GTUC would be following up … Continue reading

Public Sector Unions gearing up for war on gratuity payment

The island’s three leading public sector unions have sent a strong warning to the Keith Mitchell-led government to prepare for industrial action for failing to keep its promise to deliver on gratuity payments to its membership. The leaders of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU), Public Workers Union (PWU) and the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) hosted a joint press conference on Monday to announce that a major industrial crisis is looming after government reneged on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with them on gratuity payments and pension payments on the heels of the March 13 general elections. … Continue reading

Let us not be bamboozled into a false CCJ paradise

While it is generally accepted that Grenada and the other territories of CARICOM would eventually adopt the CCJ as their final appellate court, in keeping with the “natural order of occurrence”, this should not become a political con game or an imposition or dictate to suit the personal interests of politicians and their legal surrogates, which is what it seems to have become with the lack of adequate information on the pros and cons and the workings of the organisation and the unseemly haste to have it done by Nov. 6th, 2018, which have led persons to speculate, as to … Continue reading

The controversy surrounding the CCJ Bill

Grenada’s Acting Attorney General, Sir Lawrence Joseph has confirmed that if the controversial CCJ Bill receives the required two-thirds majority vote at Tuesday’s poll then “another referendum would be needed” to make any further significant changes thereafter. The Constitution of Grenada (Caribbean Court of Justice and other Justice related matters) (Amendment) Bill, referred to as the CCJ Bill, has come under heavy scrutiny, with several legal minds describing it as a “rushed bill,” citing several errors and omissions, which in their view should be amended before going to the polls. The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has since called … Continue reading

Chinese and Russian companies team up for exploration of oil and gas in Grenada

The Grenada government says two foreign companies have teamed up to continue the exploration of the island’s maritime space. Energy Minister Gregory Bowen said that the Russian owned Global Petroleum Group (GPG) had run into financial problems after the first drilling and could not continue the exploration for more wells. But he said the company has since entered into a partnership with a Chinese company. “Financing was a problem but I am happy to report that the investors have now teamed up with a group from the People’s Republic of China who will be providing the financing, not only to … Continue reading

PM Mitchell blasts judges for long delays in court judgements

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has shifted the blame from government to the judges for the long delays in adjudicating on matters pending in the local courts. Speaking to reporters at a press conference last week Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that he is not buying the excuse given by the court for the delay in judgements as being the lack in provision of resources by government. The court of appeal at its recent sitting two weeks ago released a number of persons from the Richmond Hill prison on account of their hearings being delayed for years due to the … Continue reading


By J. K. Roberts The electorate of Grenada is aroused with political rhetoric and propaganda to vote blindly in a constitutional referendum on Tuesday, 6th November 2018, to decide for the second time within two years, whether or not the nation should accede to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in its appellate jurisdiction as a final court. The exact proposals by the powers-that-be, as amendments to the Constitution, are contained in the Constitution of Grenada (Caribbean Court of Justice) (Renaming the Supreme Court) (Amendment) Bill 2018; however, this CCJ Referendum Bill has been analysed to be of deceit, deficiencies … Continue reading

PM Mitchell gives total support to Imani programme

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has underscored the importance of investing heavily in the nation’s youth. Addressing hundreds of new IMANI trainees last Friday, Dr. Mitchell said Government has a fundamental responsibility to create opportunities for young people. “We have a responsibility to the youth of our country, to do everything we can, to be able to give you hope. I make the point consistently, that if we don’t create opportunities and invest in you today, we will have to invest and find resources to spend the money in other areas; whether it’s in dealing with more social problems in … Continue reading

Fix the CCJ Bill before the November 6 vote

By Jerry Edwin The stock and trade of politicians is the art of persuasion tossed with a dose of deception where necessary. Professionals in this line of work honestly believe they can convince ants to forego sugar and love salt. Those who survive this grim sport are indeed Great Persuaders who build monuments in their own name. Consensus building is not their game. The Campaign for a “Yes” Vote in favour of Grenada joining the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) unfortunately reeks of gamesmanship and if they fail, political leaders in Grenada and Antigua would have … Continue reading