An unhappy Sir Carlyle

A move to appoint former government ministers, Glynis Roberts and Michael Church as Senators might have influenced former Governor-General, Sir Carlyle Glean to demit office sooner rather than later. According to a well-place source, a top figure within the ruling New National Party (NNP) government had tried to influence Sir Carlyle to make the appointments given the party’s clean sweep of all fifteen seats in the February 19 polls. The former Governor-General selected three defeated candidates of the outgoing National Democratic Congress (NDC) – Nazim Burke, Franka Bernadine and Dr. George Vincent – to serve as opposition Senators. The controversial … Continue reading

Anglican Church in the Caribbean says no to same sex marriage

By Toni Frederick   BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) — The head of the Anglican Church in St Kitts and Nevis, Archdeacon Valentine Hodge, has made it clear that the church does not support gay marriage, or condone a homosexual lifestyle. “I can only speak… on the behalf of the Anglican Church, which is the church in the province of the West Indies… at the moment we cannot marry in church two people of the same sex… We believe in indissoluble monogamous marriage that is something which should last for life… indissoluble… and we also believe that it is something between … Continue reading

The economics of legalizing marijuana

Pay close attention to the breaking news coming from the world of marijuana. Mass social engineering has radicalised the status quo with a tidal wave of new thinking that is going to have serious socio-economic implications for Grenada and the whole Caribbean region. Since the thirties, prohibition eradication campaigns have criminalised and outlawed marijuana to the violent underworld subculture of drug cartels and crime syndicates. The legacy we inherited from draconian prohibition laws includes money laundering, financing of global terrorism, weapons trafficking, and other negative externalities. But now attitudes are changing and changing rapidly. The world’s 196 countries are nearly … Continue reading


Your paper of 23rd August had buried on page 15 a small notice to Port Users. This was dated August 15th, a Thursday, which meant that under normal circumstances it could NOT have appeared in the Friday 16th paper. It was duly carried in the Friday 23rd Edition. It announced the formation of a Committee to (1) “review the varied free time and storage regimes at Port St. George”, and (2) to consider the impact or contribution of the regimes to the GPA’s operation income…, give due regard to minimizing any adverse or negative impact to GPA’s finances”. Port users … Continue reading

Kirani James returns to Grenada for birthday

Olympic 400 metres champion Kirani James of Grenada is celebrating his 21st birthday with family and friends on the island. James, who won global titles in 2011 at the World Championships in Daegu and then followed up with an Olympic medal in London last summer, flew into the island on Friday night for a weekend visit with his family. He attended Church in his hometown yesterday and will spend the day with his parents and siblings before departing the island early today. Only last week James competed in his final race of the 2013 season where he unsuccessfully defended his … Continue reading

Is “the leader” now a “toothless tiger”?

It has been six months that the New National Party won the last general elections and formed the government, and it must be admitted that Grenadians have been patient with them, and agreeably so. We have to face it, that after such an overwhelming victory for the second time, which is worthy of securing a place in the Guinness Book of World records, many were taken by surprise. Within Grenada the celebration among the majority was justified while the minority who voted for the NDC and who are among the more intelligent population was not even sufficient to win them … Continue reading

The Commonwealth: in black and white

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of the British Capital City, London, has joined in a chorus of voices in the Conservative Party that has been calling for Britain to abandon its membership of the European Union (EU) and to look instead to the Commonwealth of Nations as “countries that offer immense opportunities for British goods, people, services and capital”. This is a huge reversal from 1971 when the then leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Britain, Edward Heath, told the House of Commons that the idea that the Commonwealth might become “an effective economic and political let alone … Continue reading

Where are we – At this crucial stage?

The New Controllers of all the Seats in our Lower House of Parliament, have just recently completed Six Months of their term of control of the Nation’s affairs – and only a week or so ago they passed through both Houses the “Citizen by Investment Bill” into Law – and from all the discussions and promotions pertaining thereto, it seems that this piece of re-visited legislation is the main cornerstone of the Government plans for the Nation’s economic revival. The first such Legislation, in the New Government last term in control before losing to the NDC in 2008 – that … Continue reading

GDL passes another test

The Grenada Distillers Limited (GDL) has received another major international recognition by securing the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification. According to General Manager, Ruel Edwards, HACCP Certification is the systematic preventative approach to food safety, which addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards before and during a production process rather than emphasis on inspection to a finish product at the end of a production cycle. The HACCP Certificate is issued by SGS, a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Established in 1878, the company is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company. During a ceremony to announce … Continue reading

Board appointed for prison

A five-man committee has been appointed by government to serve on the Review Board for Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) at Richmond Hill. The members include former Health Minister, Ann David-Antoine, Indian businessman Prem Chandirami, of Shipwreck Store, as well as Sally Stalker, Phillip Chase Pentecostal Pastor at Marian, and Chief Social Development Officer, Yvonne Da Breo. The Board was appointed last month by the Keith Mitchell-led Cabinet to replace the one that was put in place by the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration. Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Business, Nicholas Steele had told reporters last month at a … Continue reading