Sunday is Decision Day for The Gang

By Stone Crusher

This column seems to be unsettling to many of the leftover leftists of the 1979-83 era who just don’t get it that Grenadians are not interested in them and what they are selling.

This country is not going back into those dark days when the little toddler with  the AK-47 was more powerful than the Governor-General or the Commissioner of Police.

The twelve year old with the gun who was a member of the militia could just summons the PRA Chief for the area and in a split second Tom, Dick or Harry was on his way to Mahogany Row in the Richmond Hill prison to spend an indefinite time as a Political detainee or prisoner.

The new RMC/OREL face that is posing as a leader cannot be trusted. A rose will always be a rose no matter what name it is called. So the man with the nice fancy smile will always be remembered for his exploits in 1979-83 because of his allegiance sworn to the doctrine of Marxism/Leninism.

These communists who have warmed their way into the National Democratic Congress continue to form their short-term alliances with even those they fought bitterly against in their continued lust to regain political power even though they have absolutely no respect for the democratic process.

The NJM did the same thing in the struggle against Eric Gairy by forming alliances with Lloyd Noel, Dr. Bernard Gittens, Lyden Ramdhanny, Norris Bain, Palm Buxo and many others.

Look at how they try to seek relevance time and time again as they comment on this, that and the other in our society from things cultural, to things social, to things political and even things religious.

All of a sudden some of them have found God.  As Dr. Keith Mitchell is accustomed to saying in reference to them and as many have said in reference to him and his own style of politics – a leopard cannot change its spots.

The most recent act of deception of the group surrounded the recent resignation of the “frock ooman” (the brainless glorified secretary), which was supposed to have taken place on Monday last.

Very early in the morning, the NNP propaganda machine was out there dropping little bits and pieces of sniffets of the impending resignation.

But Uncle Tilly got word of that plan after a conspiratorial session of the renegades and the colluders on the opposite side to the government in the House.

The plan was to go to the Governor General to inform him that a majority of elected MP’s does not support Tillman Thomas for Prime Minister. These include – the bus kite from Gouyave, the religious degenerate, the red communism wretch, the “frock ooman”, the big head casino man, and the four on the other side (with special interest in returning to government) with the career drunkard, the irrelevant national destabiliser who poses as a union Czar and the convicted mass murderer as garnish for the mischief.

Uncle Tilly was two steps ahead of the plotters by moving to prorogue Parliament in order to allow for a peaceful Convention this Sunday  to ensure that the cremation of the Members of the Gang take place in SAASS Telescope, St. Andrew.

The Plotters are coming up with every kind of scheme to bring down the Prime Minister and his Congress government. The PM has every right to put his new team in place in order to face up to the new political combination of the Gang and NNP.

When The Stone Crusher inquired into the reason why Finance Minister, Nazim Burke said in the media that “karl hood’s” no-confidence motion submission was dead on arrival, it prompted some research on my part.

Based on the info picked up, the following question must be asked of (which by the way, is usual around this time of year) karl hood –  was the submission signed? There is a distinct possibility that it may not have been signed at all because of his eagerness to seek revenge on Uncle Tilly for his inadequacies and own state of confusion.

Going back to the “brainless glorified secretary/frock ooman” – when she was asked by one of her colleagues in the Cabinet if it is true that she intends to resign, the “frock ooman’s” response was in the negative, yet for all the main operatives on the ground for the gang man, had the rumour of the impending resignation all over the place.

It should be noted that the resignation came within days of a meeting in a hotel in the south between the gang leader and one of the NNP bagmen. Did the NNP man with the deep foreign accent walk with the louis vuitton briefcase?

The “frock ooman” thought that she would rock Uncle Tilly and the NDC Convention by her resignation but that is not to be.

Stone Crusher can see what’s left of the administration being rocked by the resignations of Patrick Simmons, Nazim Burke and even Franka Bernardine (even though she is not elected)  – but not the likes of the glorified secretary.

Any administration after the coming elections would be well advised to give the “frock ooman” a job with an appointment to serve refreshments to the new Cabinet and clean up after the eats and drinks.

A Cabinet portfolio is too high for her as attested to by the need to shuffle her as often as she has been shuffled. Some people can only push papers and should not be looked up as being capable of elevating themselves.

The “frock ooman” was the consummate artist in the Cabinet Room as every week she used the pen to concentrate for long periods on drawing things and figures while the business of the nation was being discussed. “Ooman”, please go in peace.

The “glorified secretary” wants to rebuff Stone Crusher’s pronouncement that she does not have class but tell me – if she had any class you think she would have sent her letter of resignation to the Prime Minister by someone who delivered it to the Police Officer on desk duty at the Prime Minister’s Ministry on the Sixth Floor of the Ministerial Complex?

That is the height of her classlessness. It also shows her up as having a deadline to meet with the resignation letter as part of the wider strategy of her masters who are now in bed with the NNP.

The word on the ground is that the gang man was left to curse and curse when the resignation did not take place on Monday. The plan was for the resignation to take place before the prorogation of Parliament. Uncle Tilly beat them to it by taking the necessary steps to ensure the Prorogation.

The “frock ooman” knew well that the Prime Minister was due to return at 1:30 p.m. on the same afternoon that she “classlessly” caused her letter to be delivered to the Police Officer on duty at the Prime Minister’s Ministry?

What manner of “ooman” is this? It only goes to show that she is a yo yo being pulled by a string by the gang man and others on account of her brainlessness.

Even karl hood had a bit more class as he sought an appointment with the Prime Minister, walked into his office, watched him straight in the face, pulled the thing out of his back pocket and hand delivered the resignation letter.

The “glorified secretary” was too ashamed to watch the PM in his eyes because she knows that others were in control of her actions.

Why do these poor excuses for elected representatives, get the order of things wrong and show up themselves as self-seeking rather than people serving?

People elected them to represent their (people’s) interest. When they win it is because they want that representative or those representatives to represent them and what they stand for – not the representative and what he or she stands for.

As people we expect you to come to the table with some measure of morality and ethics befitting the role of leadership while tempering your own temptations to be otherwise – for fear that we recall you and dump you at the appropriate time.

The resignation of the “frock ooman” from the Cabinet is the gang man’s loss as the ‘mole’ is no longer in the cabinet to bring out information.  The gang man’s media operatives have told the region through CaribVision evening news that more are expected to resign.

The only other two that can fit that vision of the gang man are the representatives of St. David, who has already indicated that he is not interested in running again, (and who incidentally is not feeling so well these days) and one from St. Andrew’s.

The latter has been hedging for some time now but since he saw for himself the less than 150 people attracted by the gang man and his infidels at La Tante beach on Sunday 8th July, 2012, and the thousands who followed Prime Minister Tillman Thomas to Grenville Car Park, and later to Gouyave and Tivoli.

The man from St. Andrew’s is forced to remain with Uncle Tilly while his heart is perceived to be with the gang man and his renegades. He wants two terms to get a pension and knows that the second term cannot come from running with the gang but with Uncle Tilly’s team.

The obvious closeness of strange bedfellows in our local politics these days speaks to the level of desperation permeating the political arena.

While one entity would love to get back into office, the remnants of the NDC is interested in scattering Uncle Tilly with the hope of playing the Bruce Golding card of leaving to form their own party or independent group, affiliate it with the official opposition with he hope of forming a force to be reckoned with.

It is further hoped that if the NDC under Uncle Tilly ends up being decimated at the polls that the renegades will be recalled to help with the rebuilding process and ready itself for 2018 polls. Why would NDC supporters allow such fun and games in their ranks?
Gang man, the NDC people are done with you. Sunday will be your day of reckoning. Please go ahead and form your own party before Sunday to beat Uncle Tilly to the breaking of the news.

The only strategy left to the renegades is to seek to spoil the elections for Uncle Tilly by offering themselves up as candidates in an effort to help divide the votes. Even this is fraught with danger as it can backfire big times on the gang man and his infidels.

The communist wretch and his flock are running out of options and are lacking in credible strategies. Do not be surprised if some way is made for both the “frock ooman” and the red rebel chief to run in the absence of a candidate from the NNP in their areas and both Otway and Steele get sacrificed.

Both Otway and Steele may do well to open their eyes carefully and monitor things as they progress.  The passion for victory on the part of their leader who is known to be the most aggressive politician on offer in our local politics cannot be ignored, as with him all things are possible.

Uncle Tilly is being warned not to take chances on Sunday. Get the security forces to keep guard in and around the convention hall since Friday.

No one must be allowed to plant any bomb of explosives to mash up the Convention. Those who were responsible for the bomb blast at Queen¹s Park in 1979-83 in which the schoolgirls were killed are still lurking in the shadows.

Please Uncle Tilly, ask Kamla in Trinidad for help with her bomb disposal unit. Ask the British and Americans to get their satellites to focus on River Salle in the next few days so as to scare away those who are plotting evil against your NDC Convention.

One other thing Uncle Tilly has to look out for is the plan by the gang to send in constituency plants to Sunday’s convention to create chaos and confusion. NDC supporters and delegates should not stand idly by and allow this to happen.

The convention must take place on Sunday to bring an official end to the coalition with the bad elements of the 1979-83 revo. Every meeting held by these elements manages to attract the mass murderer and the gun-runner either occupying a seat on the platform or taking up ringside seat.

It is time for the one who imported the thing marked ‘Grease’ to topple sir Eric Matthew Gairy to retire from politics. Gun runner, and mass murderer, this is 2012 and not March 13, 1979.

Uncle Tilly, the gang members would not show their faces at the Convention but their agents are going to be sent on assignment called, ‘Mash it up’. These elements have been saying for sometime now, they prefer to mash the thing up rather than see Uncle Tilly get back for a second term.

The members of the Security Forces need to be on high alert and implement special measures in and around a certain perimeter of the halls of the convention in order to ensure that law and order prevails on the day.

The gang leader is seeing his dreams of becoming Prime Minister going up in smokes because Uncle Tilly took back his party. Any party formed by the gang man will suffer the same fate like DLP, PLM , MBPM and all the others that failed to get off the ground.

Do you know how they would feel after the convention when, for instance, the career drunkard would not be able to speak on behalf of the party again? That must be killing them!

The Stone Crusher has maimed the gang so badly that they are dragging with their fatal wounds! Look at them – the red communist wretch, the box head casino man, the career drunkard, the irrelevant union man, the convicted mass murderer, the so-called elder, the can’t speak English fake pastor, and the media mercenary together with all their low life supporters……..

The NDC massive will deliver the final rites to all of them on Sunday at River Sallee ­ the end of their day and night dreams to lay their dirty and filthy hands on Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Win, draw, lose ­ NDC will be going into the next elections under Uncle Tilly as its leader and best choice for a second term in office and not any counterfeit leader controlled by ALBA dollars and casino gangsters.

The NDC will be fully prepared in the next coming weeks and months with its full slate of 15 trusty-worthy candidates who are committed to the core values and principles of the party for the battle against the new alliance between NNP and the gang members.

Gang man and infidels – you cannot keep a good man down as good will always triumph over the dark and evil forces of 1979-83.