SGU to host 2014 Conference

St. George’s University (SGU) embraces the philosophy of “One Health One Medicine” – that the well-being of all animal species, including humans, are interrelated, and that knowledge gained in one species benefits the others. Scientists at SGU will further analyse the convergence of human, animal, and ecosystem health at the second annual One Health One Medicine Caribbean Conference, which will take place from March 14-16, 2014, on the True Blue campus. “This meeting,” said Dr. Calum Macpherson, Vice-Provost for International Program Development and Director of Research at St. George’s University, “will bring together scientists from public health, veterinary and human … Continue reading

Bowing to pressure

The Grenada government said Monday that it would make the “necessary changes” to the Electronic Crimes Bill after the legislation was criticised by regional and international media groups as curbing free speech on the island. “I have agreed to make the necessary changes, after having discussions with members of the local and regional media, so that there will be no doubt about the intention of the country,” Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said. Earlier, the Paris-based media group, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) said it had written to Governor General, Dame Cécile La Grenade, urging her to veto the legislation that … Continue reading

Winty Frederick is dead

Former Grenada parliamentarian, Winston “Winty” Frederick is dead. Frederick, a former Member of Parliament for the St. Patrick East constituency died Tuesday after being in ill health in recent months. He won the seat on March 13, 1990 on a ticket of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) but soon fell out of grace with its political leader, the late Sir Eric Matthew Gairy. He was defeated in the 1995 poll by Former Minister of Sports, Adrian ‘Spaceman’ Mitchell, who contested the seat for the ruling New National Party. Frederick migrated to the United States where he lived for approximately … Continue reading

Gov’t receives buy-out notification from Grenlec owners

The government of Grenada has been offered an opportunity to buy back majority shareholding in the country’s lone power company, Grenlec. The government said it has just received notification from GRENLEC’s majority shareholders WRB through its locally registered company, Grenada Private Power Limited, confirming its intention to divest. Under Grenadian law, the majority shareholders must give the government first bid to reclaim control of the company. The government has 30 days to respond. If the government decides not to make a purchase offer for WRB’s Grenlec shares within the 30-day period, then the Florida-based company will be notified. WRB can … Continue reading

Carriacou residents launch public petition on Mangrove Oyster Bed protection

12th July, 2013 General Public Carriacou Grenada   Dear General Public,   SUBJECT: MANGROVES AND OYSTERBED PROTECTION   PETITION TO PROTECT AND CONSERVE OUR THREATENED TYRELL BAY ECOSYSTEM   It is with due difference that I take the opportunity to write this letter on behalf of the immediate community affected by the Carriacou Marina Project. This concern of ours is non-partisan non-political. This letter seeks to represent the social consciences of our community which demands that all organisation(s) having the interest of Grenada at heart become involved in such that the authorities listen to and act in the interest of … Continue reading

Incompetence within the Ministry of Education

I am writing this article because I have had enough of the stupidness that goes on in the Ministry of Educatioan. I often think that the Ministry of education was designed to frustrate Teachers. Their system is one that rarely gives justice and if any justice is given, it’s when the teachers are old and grey or they have lost the passion to fight for their causes any more. This is beyond sad. It is outrageous! This ministry is disorganised! Further, it is rare to find someone within those “educational” walls who knows what he or she is doing. The … Continue reading

In the spirit of our trade union stalwarts

The history and development of the Trade Union Movement in Grenada must be researched, documented and be included in the curriculum of our schools. The Trade Union Movement itself ought to ensure that Trade Union history becomes a main subject at Educational Seminars. Knowing our history is very important in order to ensure a strong and vibrant movement. We must know where we came from in order to determine where we intend to go and how to get there. In general the membership of the seven Trade Unions in Grenada seems to have taken a back seat. This is a … Continue reading

Who are governed by the laws of our country?

The Psalmist David, a prominent poet song writer and musician wrote, “Lo children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward” Ps 127:7. Children have been the main source of my livelihood and as a past teacher and lecturer I have grown to love them. They are so full of life, fun and vitality. They carry freshness and joy everywhere they go. Like a breath of fresh air they spread a fragrance that is so invigorating. Now that I am retired I can spend more time encouraging, helping and counseling children in my … Continue reading

From golden opportunity to galling oppression

2014 will be the YEAR OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL OPPRESSION in Grenada! From Hurricane Ivan in 2004 to the IMF in 2014, a decade of “tests, trials and temptations” has beset the ‘Greenz’. One senses that God is speaking! He has written a message to Grenadians and the time has come to ask and to answer the question, “Do you understand what you are reading?” The coming economic and social oppression has its roots, not in the IMF, but in the kind of economy we empowered Keith Mitchell to create between 1995 and 2008. The real monster is not the … Continue reading

The ‘toothless tiger’ in Grenada lies again!

By the time the not-so-new administration of Dr. Keith Mitchell picks up the pieces and meaningfully restarts the UWI Campus project, St Lucia may have secured all arrangements with them and Grenada lost its chance. These are not “my” words. In fact, these are words of regional people in the know – who seem pissed off at the pettiness of Grenadian politics. It is generally felt that if “the leader” wants to make politics with the UWI project, he should not impute improper behaviour on the part of the landowners of the property earmarked for the project – for fear … Continue reading