Feeling outraged by the results of last year’s Dimanche Gras show here in Grenada, this writer penned a piece in August, 2015 called “become calypso warriors” in which the placements of the various artistes in the calypso competition was critically assessed. That article read in part: “Further, to the best of my knowledge, others determine the ultimate winners of our calypso competitions. They are the ones who have to shoulder all responsibility for the ensuing chaos we see so many times after a new calypso King or Queen is crowned.  The only question I usually ask is: As the official … Continue reading

Delay experienced in the operations of Mirabeau Abattoir

Operations at the recently constructed abattoir at Mirabeau, St. Andrew’s may not likely take place any time soon, according to Minister of Agriculture, Roland Bhola. He made the disclosure following a question posed by a participant at a Government Constituency Forum held at the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School in Byelands, St. Andrew’s last week Tuesday. Minister Bhola disclosed that the facility experienced some technical problems with the boilers that are to be used by the butchers. He said that upon completion of the construction of the abattoir, the boilers that were imported from Italy were in good working condition … Continue reading

Canada Urges High Degree Of Caution For Several Caribbean Nations

TORONTO, Canada – Canadian travelers are being urged to “exercise a high degree of caution” when travelling to several Caribbean destinations. Updated travel advisories to some three Caribbean island destinations were issued by the Government of Canada late last week while warning to “exercise a high degree of caution” were issued between January 19th and 20th for four other countries in the region. On January 28th, Suriname was listed as a nation where travelers should “exercise a high degree of caution” while the same label was slapped on to St. Lucia and Haiti a day earlier, on January 27th. Travelers … Continue reading

Urgent Medical Care needed for former Cricketer

The wife of a former under-19 Cricketer is in search of US$112,000.00 to obtain critical medical care for her husband who is suffering from colon cancer. Brian Alexander of Resource, St. Mark’s who has been diagnosed with the health condition last October, has already had the first phase of treatment done in Colombia to have a cancerous tumor in his colon removed. According to family members, local doctors have advised them that the operation cannot be handled at the General Hospital in St. George’s. His wife, Olivia told THE NEW TODAY newspaper because chemotherapy was not previously done to shrink … Continue reading

Independence Celebrations 2016

Grenada will on Sunday hold official celebrations to mark the island’s 42nd Independence anniversary. The theme chosen this year is “Striving towards our destiny with faith and courage as one people.” Culture Minister, Senator Brenda Hood is encouraged locals to show up in large numbers at the National Cricket Stadium at Queen’s Park to celebrate the country’s achievements over the past 42 years. The official celebration kicked off last Sunday with a church service at the Blessed Sacrament Church at Grand Anse in St George. Sen. Hood told reporters that today (Friday) will be observed as National Colours Day and … Continue reading

Rae Roberts writes to Camerhogne Park developer

Mr. Danny Farkre I write in the name of civil society organizations, workers, professionals and the people of Grenada. Our people have had a great history of passion and deep concern about preserving the natural, historic and cultural heritage of our homeland, Grenada. Today, we are now forced to protest, by way of public petition, a planned attack on our national patrimony. Our Government through statements made by our Prime Minister and his Ministers has identified you as the purchaser and developer of the lands at Camerhogne Park for a Hotel/Villa project. We must let you know that Camerhogne Park … Continue reading

GFNC: Use the local products

Remember the nutmeg, embrace the cinnamon, and value the clove and ginger. This 42nd independence anniversary let us bask in the beauty of our local spices, and their many benefits. The nutmeg as prominently displayed on our national flag holds therapeutic powers because its similarly menthol compound gives it pain relieving characteristics. Consider our very own Nut-med pain relieving spray. Nutmeg aids in digestion, plays a role in detoxifying your body and promoting brain health. A pinch of nutmeg in warm milk can ease sleeplessness; this is due to its high magnesium content, which reduces nerve tension resulting in relaxation. … Continue reading


Over the last 48 hours, the opponents of our party have put into circulation a vicious rumour to the effect that some senior members of our party are being “pushed out” of positions of influence in the party in order to make way for other persons loyal to our political leader. Special mention has been made, in particular, of our former Chairman, Senator George Vincent; our former General Secretary, Patrick Simmons; and our former Public Relations Officer, Senator Franka Alexis- Bernadine. We wish to make it clear to all Grenadians – at home and abroad – that there is absolutely … Continue reading

TAWU issues statement on Camerhogne Park issue

The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union has observed the National Debate on the sale, privatisation or relocation of the Camerhogne Park. We have heard mixed official announcements of whether a decision on the matter has been made by the Government or the Investor as to the fate of this National instillation. This uncertainty is causing as much concern as the actual idea of no public access to this part of the famous Grand Anse Beach, a right which even the British Administrators in the late 50’s and early 60’s thought was a right of the local populace. This was … Continue reading

NDC preparing for possible snap elections

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) strongly believes that Grenadians will be called upon to go the polls sometime during this year to elect a new government. The 28-year old political party which suffered a humiliating 15-0 defeat at the hands of the New National Party (NNP) in the 2013 General Elections has begun placing its main supporters in an election mood following its annual convention that took place two weeks ago. Former Congress Chairman Dr. George Vincent told party supporters “voting is very likely to be this year, 2016.” Dr. Vincent who was addressing a public meeting at … Continue reading