From golden opportunity to galling oppression

2014 will be the YEAR OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL OPPRESSION in Grenada! From Hurricane Ivan in 2004 to the IMF in 2014, a decade of “tests, trials and temptations” has beset the ‘Greenz’. One senses that God is speaking! He has written a message to Grenadians and the time has come to ask and to answer the question, “Do you understand what you are reading?” The coming economic and social oppression has its roots, not in the IMF, but in the kind of economy we empowered Keith Mitchell to create between 1995 and 2008. The real monster is not the … Continue reading

The ‘toothless tiger’ in Grenada lies again!

By the time the not-so-new administration of Dr. Keith Mitchell picks up the pieces and meaningfully restarts the UWI Campus project, St Lucia may have secured all arrangements with them and Grenada lost its chance. These are not “my” words. In fact, these are words of regional people in the know – who seem pissed off at the pettiness of Grenadian politics. It is generally felt that if “the leader” wants to make politics with the UWI project, he should not impute improper behaviour on the part of the landowners of the property earmarked for the project – for fear … Continue reading

Watch your steps

I have read on more than two occasions in your newspaper articles attacking the Permanent Secretary and the Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance labeling them as NNP Supporters. So why is nothing written about a top man in the office of the Accountant General? It is no secret that he is an NDC supporter. This man seems to think he is superior because he went away and came back with a Degree but it is more than two years since he has been back and the question is what has he done to improve the Accountant General Division? … Continue reading