NDC monitoring NNP operations

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is taking a keen interest on a number of developments taking place in the country by the governing New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell. Political Leader and former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who was addressing party faithfuls at a rally on the Hermitage Government School Grounds last Sunday indicated that the mandate given to the NNP was not one to undermine the Constitution of Grenada and to victimise people. The NNP swept the polls in the February 19 General Elections by winning all of the 15 Parliamentary seats. Thomas … Continue reading

DIGICEL dispenses with roaming rates across the Caribbean

Digicel has dispensed with roaming charges across its Caribbean markets, effective October 1st, 2013. A release from the company said the move which applies to voice, SMS and data roaming charges sees customers being able to communicate for the same “great rates” that they pay at home when they travel in the Caribbean. According to the release, Digicel customers will not be charged an activation fee when roaming in the Caribbean. It said: “As the first operator in the region to dispense with roaming rates, Digicel is reaffirming its commitment to customers and to ensuring that they always benefit from … Continue reading

More questions than answers

By Dr. Brian Francis   The global financial and economic crisis has brought the world economy to its knees, leaving even some of the most powerful countries with problems such as increasing unemployment, declining growth rates, rising fiscal deficits, and mounting public debt. Given the increasing integration of economies worldwide, the problems encountered in the advanced countries rapidly spread across the globe, resulting in widespread negative consequences for small, developing economies like Grenada and others in the Caribbean. The unravelling of the global economy was a clear reflection of the limitations of existing policies and inherent weaknesses in the economic … Continue reading

Redemption Time opens at The Spice Basket

By Francis Urias Peters   After fourteen weeks of intense rehearsal sessions, Francis Urias Peters and his cast of six have finally arrived at “deliverance day”; Friday October 18. That’s the date for the opening of the epic drama, REDEMPTION TIME, written and directed by Francis Urias Peters. The premiering of REDEMPTION TIME at the Spice Basket Theatre will also mark the 30th anniversary of Urias’ involvement in Theatre in Grenada and “REDEMPTION TIME is a special celebratory gift” says Peters. “This play has taken me ten years to complete and it’s indeed a special milestone in my career as … Continue reading

Burial delayed

A disagreement among the children of local politician, Winston Frederick over his final resting place has ended up in court. Frederick’s burial was due to take place at the River Sallee Cemetery in St. Patrick’s last week Friday following a Funeral Service at the Mt. Rose Seventh-Day Adventists Church. However, it was halted when the Undertakers of the body, were served with a court injunction. Mourners at the funeral only became aware of the situation when one of the Funeral Directors of Otway/Bailey Funeral Home announced during the Service that the internment will not go ahead as planned. THE NEW … Continue reading

The Month of October and Evil

Foremost in the minds of the Grenadian people is the occurrence several years ago of the slaughter on the hill overlooking St. George’s town – Fort George – where a murderous rage was orchestrated and delivered by an evil-minded Grenadian man and an equally evil-minded Jamaican woman; and while Grenadian citizens will continue to die in whatever circumstances, the story of this terrible and atrocious occurrence will live on. Suffice it to say that while these dastardly murderous acts occurred in the name of political chaos, the average citizen would agree that the worst place to foster evil would be … Continue reading

Problems at the Market

I would like to bring to the attention of the public the mis-management of the Market in the Town of St. George. No vendor in the Market knows where he or she is going in the new phase. It seems, like booth and space are being given out in the Ministry and Parliamentary offices. The last administration had a criteria which is the proper and correct way. It appears that political affiliation gets you your space in the market. We are calling on the Permanent Secretary and Minister of Works to let the vendors know what is the criteria for … Continue reading

Abolitionists clamour for removal of death penalty

A group calling itself, “The Greater Caribbean For Life”, is calling for the removal of the death penalty that still remains on the Law Books of several Caribbean Countries. The call was forcefully made last week Thursday in observance of “World Day Against The Death Penalty.” While there has been no State execution in Grenada since 1978, the death penalty remains on the Statute Books. However, Local Attorney Anselm Clouden who is a member of the group believes that the maintenance of the death penalty does not diminish crime. Clouden, who addressed members of the media at his Grenlaw Chambers … Continue reading

FIFA asked to intervene in GFA affairs

Football in Grenada seems to be heading for another crisis. Former national goal-keeper, Paul Roberts has written to the FIFA bosses in Switzerland asking them to intervene and sort out some contentious local issues affecting the sports. Roberts, a former Vice-President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA) wrote the letter dated October 13, 2013 to FIFA’s Secretary General. In the letter, Roberts raised concerns about the leadership style of the President, Chenny Joseph, citing the Management-methodology of the President and his penchant to spend money on items outside football development.   Following is the full text of the letter:   … Continue reading

Where are we – 30 years since?

Our tiny Tri-Island State of Grenada, which was the first of the OECS State to receive its Independence from Great Britain in 1974 – and then went on to create worldwide history in March 1979, when the (NJM) New Jewel Movement seized Political power from Eric Gairy’s (GULP) Grenada United Labour Party, only to destroy itself with mass Killings on the 19th October, 1983, which opened the door for the U.S.A. forces to invade the Island on the 25th October to restore peace, and to safeguard the U.S. Medical Students at St. George’s University. That very short description of our … Continue reading