Changing gears in the aftermath of mass political cremations

By Stone Crusher

Now that the heavy roller has crushed ten of the political degenerates led by St. Peter and their remains have been totally cremated on Sunday, September 30th, 2012, it is time to move on to other more important issues.  In other words, this is settled politics. Time to move on to the next level.

Stone Crusher has pledged not to contribute to the memory of the OREL/RMC gang members and to move on. This is not to say that eyes are not on them.  Should they proceed to go out of line as they are expected to, they will be dealt with in the most severe of manners.

These lumpen elements will be treated just as back in the days of the 1979-83 Revo when heavy manners were the order of the day for all counter-revolutionaries and lumpen elements.

The forecast is that if the gang members proceed to form any political entity, they will receive the shock of their lives as Andre Donald recently said on one of his morning discussions.

The Stone Crusher is of the firm belief that their returns from the various polling stations will come in as lottery numbers (2 – 5 – 0 – 7 – 1 – etc.). Grenadians would not put up with them after they sought to terrorise the nation for the sake of their political ambitions.

And if the New National Party (NNP) intends to form any strategic alliance with them, it will be more of the same in terms of strife, conflict and more mayhem.

The only difference here is that this time “somebody is going to die for real” because the NNP people might eat them up raw for trying to destabilise KCM and their party.

And what is there about some secret meeting on Tuesday between some of the leading members of the Gang and a certain person from NNP at Morne Jaloux near the home of a particular church man. The people are watching the power hungry and thirsty corbeaux politicians.

People, do you remember when this country was known as “scandal plagued Grenada”? Would you like to contribute to the return of those days when internationally acclaimed scoundrels were passed off on us as investors, stealing was taken to a new level and took on the appearance of being legalised, government spending was going out of style, free money was given away to people who didn’t need it, but got so accustomed to receiving it that they grew to consider it an entitlement?

And today the NNP big man is coming back with talk of foreign investors waiting to fly into Grenada as soon as NDC is voted out of office. Tell him to name the investors. The list might sound like Steve Altman (sex goods man), Van Brink, E.J. Miller (the man who disappeared with the US$20 million for the hotel at Mt. Hartman, as well as Rita Regala, David Rowe, Larry Barnabe and others.

The provider of the briefcase of US$500, 000.00 Eric Resteiner is soon to come out of prison in the U.S and might be thinking of heading back to Grenada since he has an Economic Citizenship passport from Mitchell’s NNP administration.

Grenadians, do you recall when bids were done for government contracts the preliminary cost of some were as high as 37% of the entire project to the point where one of the brothers who struts his wares now boasts of how he is a millionaire – even though at his age he cannot speak too well?

Prior to NNP coming into office, this same individual was issuing all kinds of “bounce” cheques and could not even pay his rent but under NNP became one of the richest men in the country. KCM, the people are not going back down that road again with you and NNP.

Well in case you do not know it, when the country changed administration on July 2008 and rightly so (even though we did not cater for St. Peter making a grab for power and retarding the government’s ability to deliver) – the breaking news was that we amassed over $1.7 billion in national debt with very little to show for it.

That scandal plagued administration was amassing debt while fooling the majority of simpletons into thinking that they were so liquid, only to realise today that every working Grenadian now owes something like close to $85,000 of that national debt. Where are we going to get the money to pay back this high level of debts?

The strain is on as the international lenders are holding out for their payments and whereas in 2007 the repayment demand was around $91 million, one year later it went to over $280 million that a new administration had to pay and now in 2012 it is more than $320 million.

The NNP was borrowing and borrowing but failed to build an economy with a strong productive base so that the country could withstand the pressures of the worldwide economic and financial recession.

And the man who presided over the NNP finances for most of the 13 years in office has turned out to be the biggest joker now in the NNP pack, talking about growing the economy.

Anthony Boatswain, the former Minister of Finance (the man with the loss memory) has conveniently forgotten that Grenada was declared as uncreditworthy towards the latter days of the first NNP government of late Prime Minister H.A. Blaize and his deputy Ben Jones.

Is Boatswain a pathological liar when he is trying to tell the nation that Grenada was declared uncreditworthy in 1992 when NDC was in office? Tony knows much better than that since he was the “blue eye” boy of George Brizan.

Tony was given a nice job in the Ministry by George Brizan as Macro-Economic Planner. He has conveniently forgotten that it was the same George Brizan who was forced to introduce a self-imposed Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) with the support of some Caribbean leaders to take Grenada out of the bankrupt state left behind by the first NNP government.

The heavy over-spending by NNP back in 1984-90 was due to the frequency in which the Ministry of Works headed by Keith Mitchell was often engaged in over-spending of its budget. Ask Richard Duncan how many times, the Ministry had to make Supplemental budgetary arrangements to bail out the Ministry of Works under Mitchell.

It is the same mentality that Keith Mitchell brought into government in 1995, no wonder that the national debt was running with speed from $EC373 million in 1995 to almost EC$1.8 billion when the NNP was kicked out of office in July 2008, and did Boatswain grow the economy, when he had a chance to??

As soon as the U.S cutback on their budgetary support to the first NNP government of Blaize, it was downhill for the country. Blaize was left with a big hole in his finances and before long the country was declared as uncreditworthy.

Tony, the next time NNP has a public meting, please refute the facts as outlined herein. This Tony Boatswain was a Rolling Stone in the 1980 and 1990’s with jobs since he was a non-performer. Boatswain was in IDC, Blaize had to move him, Brizan rescued him in the Ministry of Finance, the EU did not renew his contract, it was back to IDC and then Cromwell Scott before Jerome Joseph got fed up with him.

In no time, Boatswain was sent packing to Grenada Grand Beach for rescue by Issa Nicholas and then back to IDC again. A rolling stone cannot gather any moss.

The Stone Crusher has now come to the conclusion that Anthony Boatswain has also forgotten that the sum of $240, 000.00 disappeared from the IDC when he was in charge of the Corporation.

Is this the same Anthony Boatswain from Marli in St. Patrick’s who used to defend the NDC government in those debates on the radio against NNP’s Rupert Agostini? No, it must be a different Anthony Boatswain – a man with two different faces.

Tony, do you remember who the police charged for the theft of the IDC money? Tony, do you want to hear a tape-recording of what your leader said about you on the issue of the missing IDC money? Tony, ask him to speak the truth to you on this one. Tony, you are advised to please speak the truth always and do not misbehave.

Tony, please remember that Aaron Moses and the others are still alive and can tell the nation who helped to put together the first NDC manifesto for the election? Tony, do you remember who helped to write the portion of the manifesto that addressed economic matters? Boy, do not force George Brizan to arise from the grave and expose your many deeds.

On another but current note: Stone Crusher listened with special interest to the follow-up comments from Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell on the NDC’s expulsion of the renegades and found it rather alarming that after he made some earlier comments on this appearing to be a clean break initiated by the Prime Minister and not the gang members themselves and that if he were to advise them he would have advised them quite differently from what he saw them doing and that he would not want to give them his public advice.

One would have thought KCM would have left that there. But instead, he had to go on in a later television interview by saying: “The action taken to remove five elected members of the House as members of your party by expulsion is a very far-reaching action; and therefore the leadership of the country having taken or endorsed that decision should do the next noble thing. The only thing left to be done is to say to the people: “I have now decided that I can’t work with the majority of the members of my team that you gave me at 2008 July, and therefore I am now asking you to give me a new mandate or someone else a mandate to govern the country……. When you compare this action with the action I took in 1999 when I was being defined as a dictator and I was being defined as Mugabe; today I think people in the country can see who is the real Mugabe in the country, because the action taken is similar to what Mugabe would have taken and in my case I acted quite quickly when I lost the majority in the House by one…… The country cannot be held to ransom by those who are in government today. The country and the economy of the people of the country cannot be held to ransom……”

In Stone Crusher’s mind, the issue of Mugabe does not arise here at all except to point right back at Dr. Mitchell as Uncle Tilly neither resembles Mugabe nor is he inclined to behave like him.

Do you recall Dr. Mitchell dressing up like Mugabe or other tyrannical African leaders of note on the campaign trail last election? Do you remember the suit he wore at the final NNP rally at Queen’s Park? KCM likes cricket so he should ask for a TV replay of his performance that night and see if that was not Mugabe-like.

Doc, do you recall making life miserable for some of your inner circle members like Dr. Raphael Fletcher and Mark Isaac – just to name two (and God knows there are others).

Dr. Mitchell – do you recall the following names: Reynold Benjamin, Winston Whyte, Finton DeBourg, Denis Campbell, Richard Lewis, Teddy Victor and Dr. Keith Braveboy? (There might be others but these are the main ones). They were called the “A” Team who came up with a vision for the NNP which you were not the architect of and recognising that there is strength in numbers and with you left on the “paff paff” side with visionless ‘yes men’ devoid of any substance – what was the due process you invoked to rid the NNP of the “A” Team?

You certainly did not take this matter of you and the “NNP A” team up at your party’s General Council or Convention. Did you bring any of them before the Disciplinary Committee of the NNP?

The Stone Crusher put it to you without any fear of contradiction that instructions were issued not to accept their membership dues and very shortly thereafter it was followed up by a thank you note for their services to NNP by the Chairman of the party.

The NNP disenfranchised the “A” team members since the action taken against them made their membership card null and void. That is what you call Due Process by NNP. Doc, is that not how the “A” team members were sent packing? Do you recall this? The Wild One was not around to give you legal advise on that one against the “A” team.

Is Dr. Mitchell qualified to talk on the subject of the justifiable expulsion of a handful of troublemakers and power-seekers on the other side who are now left of nowhere? Thanks god that Chavez won Sunday’s election in Venezuela so they might still be able to get a few ALBA dollars.

Stone Crusher senses that the NNP leader is getting desperate these days. He would have to look for something else to sell to the electorate now that the NDC has expelled the infidels for good. The NNP cannot peddle anything about disunity within Congress anymore.

The NDC is back in business with one leader in Uncle Tilly – a man who can be trusted by the people. Uncle Tilly is not the person who was caught on camera in St. Moritz, Switzerland stuffing a whole set of US one hundred dollars notes into his pocket from Resteiner.

Uncle Tilly is not the person that the U.S Ambassador to Barbados and Grenada described in her confidential memo to Washington as the most corrupt leader in the Caribbean – worst than any of the Birds in Antigua. What a wicked description of a Caribbean Prime Minister!!!

The NNP is also obsessed with the current changes to the electoral registration system and process and quite rightly so. No longer can any NNP operative in New York collect the names of supporters and send them down to St. George’s to get them onto the voters list.

As the NNP is now out of office, they cannot successfully take out blocks of votes from North-west and St. Mark’s and put them in marginal areas in order to help out some of their vulnerable candidates.

The NDC should also be on the look-out for any attempt made by the NNP to engage in acts of cheating. The Voter’s list will have to  be scrutinised by the NDC very closely to make sure that persons are registered to vote in their own area and not be transferred to other places where the NNP is weak in order to sure up their chances.

A few years ago, The Stone Crusher remember reading in one of the weeklies about NNP making a request to the Electoral Office to move a few names from St. George South into St. George South-east. The then Assistant Supervisor of Elections, Emmanuel Roberts refused to go along with the plan. Do you remember what happened to Mr. Roberts under NNP after the elections?

Is it true that Mr. Roberts’ brother in NNP warned him about the plot to remove him from the Electoral Office? Where is that brother now in terms of his own association with NNP? Was he made a Senator after the last election and in quick time was replaced by one of the old guards?

The Stone Crusher is forced to keep laughing when a certain man keeps trying to fool the people with a lot of ole talk about “ah change, ah change” and calling for the people to forgive him.

If he wants forgiveness for the wrongs that he did to Mr. Roberts and others like Richard Duncan, Nolan Murray, Cecil Greenidge and other top civil servants then he must come out and tell us what are the specific things that he wants the people to forgive him for.

A good practicing Catholic will go down on his knees before Father and name the specific sins that he would like God to forgive him for. But this man who sees himself as a God in Grenada and also in NNP is not willing to tell the people of Grenada what are the sins he would like them to forgive him for.

KCM, please do better than that. Come out clean and repent so that the people might forgive you of your sins against them because Grenadians are truly a forgiving people. Stop making a pappy-show of the people.

The man on the other side must be trembling in his boots today due to the changing fortunes of the NDC with the expulsion of the ten renegades. There is now a resurgence of the political stock of Uncle Tilly and the main opposition is forced to admit privately that it is no longer a walk in the park for them on Election Day.

Reality has shown that since 1990, the only real consistent support the NNP has, resides in St. Mark’s and St. George North West.  All other constituencies have been touch and go – an undisputed fact!

Dr. Mitchell’s thirst for regaining power in Grenada cannot be underestimated as he is pushing seventy and would love to be able to repair his legacy which is not so appealing at present based on his reckless behaviour in public office between 1995 and 2008.

This goes to show how important it is to not gamble with the present so that the past would not really matter when the present is over.

Even Lloyd Noel in his last piece in the New Today was clear on the vibes in the country based on feedback coming from the ground.

This is what Lloyd wrote: “From talking with, and listening to, a whole lot of undecided voters about the way ahead – a sizeable number have not yet forgotten, the carry-on that took place in the last few years of the last lot in control of our tri-Island State. And they are very clear in their thinking about the way ahead – in that they are not prepared to jump from the Frying-pan as it were, back into the raging fire of just four or five years ago.

“The great majority are in agreement, that many of the group still in control acted foolishly and without thinking positively – but many of them are still convinced, that with some sensible re-thinking and replacement of those that strayed for whatever reason – much good can come from a revitalised team.”

NNP and Dr. Mitchell may do well to take heed as they do not have anything in any bag just yet. The more the Doc double speaks and comes across too anxious, is the more he encourages the undecided voters to wake up and come out again to prevent him from taking office.

The NNP big man has to understand one thing, if the NNP loses the next general elections under his leadership, his party would disintegrate completely and they would not wish to have him continue to lead them, and fighting for the top position would become public and it would be his party’s turn to follow the disappearing act of the GULP and the MBPM.

The sensible and educated people in NNP have been speaking out quietly and privately among themselves and admitting that Dr. Mitchell is like a millstone around their necks and his presence can cost them dearly at the election.

Too many of the sensible and thinking people in the country do not want to see the return of Dr. Mitchell as Prime Minister and that is one of the biggest things right now in NDC favour.

Also, there are many people from unexpected places waiting in the slips to contribute to Uncle Tilly getting the chance the power hungry OREL/RMC gang members never gave him.  There is an abundance of sympathy for Uncle Tilly in the country but NDC still has a lot of work to do in order to remain in the driving seat.

With the power-seekers kicked out for good, a lot of people are now showing signs of wanting to get registered to vote and to vote for the resurgent NDC under Uncle Tilly.

The new Congress Team with the lady Senator in the Town of St. George, Randall in St. George South-east and other new candidates already identified for the South and St. Patrick West will only see Uncle Tilly and his new team getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Better days are coming for the country under Uncle Tilly. Five more years are needed to continue with the mission of rescuing the economy and country after 13 years of reckless borrowing and give-away of assets to E.J Miller at Mt. Hartman and some others in Levera.


We gained our national Independence and Parliamentary Political Freedom from Great Britain in March 1974 – and although we lost same for some years between March 1979 and October 1983, we re-gained that freedom in the said month of October – after a whole lot of suffering, deaths, and political imprisonment of thousands of our sons and daughters, by our very Grenadian Rulers.

And here we are again, twenty-nine years to the very month of October – and our political outlook, and the road ahead towards settled peace, and good governance, and some measure of progress and prosperity for our suffering people – all look very bleak and very distant.

Where we going – from here on into the dark, uncertain, and somewhat frightening months and maybe years ahead – is really anyone’s guess work.

But whatever it maybe, the unfolding picture does not look very reassuring at all, and if I was forced to be more definite on the way ahead as I see it – I would have to admit that it is very gloomy indeed.

The ruling NDC party won a very decisive victory in July, 2008, under the then seemingly solid Leadership of Party Leader, Tillman Thomas, who became our Eighth Prime Minister since Independence in March 1974, and the Third NDC Leader and Prime Minister – after Nicholas Brathwaite and the late George Brizan, who held the high office before him.

True enough, the NDC after the Brathwaite and Brizan era, had entered a political relationship with some of the comrades from the failed Revo days, and had won seven seats in the 2003 General Elections, and served as the Parliamentary Opposition from 2003 to July 2008 – and all seemed settled and in place for the consolidated victory at the 2008 General Elections.

But that victory seemed to have changed the whole political landscape – because power was then in the winners hands, and from our own history we know only too well, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So here we are again in 2012, with the history of October 1983 virtually repeating itself.  And what appeared to so many as the correct and sensible way forward, for our people to bind themselves together in July 2008 – to get rid of the group then in control of state power, and who was abusing that power to the detriment of the majority of our people – that decision has now backfired.

That very successful get-together of those days, have now turned back the clock, and the current situation is just as bad, and even worse, as we prepare to make the next moves as a people.

Those who were elected to the high positions in Parliament, seemed to have mounted a rebellion against the Party Leader and Prime Minister – and five of them abandoned the ship of state in mid-stream.

In retaliation thereto – the party members at their Convention, took the decision to expel them and five other Executive members from the NDC.

When those Five M.P’s took their decisions, and insulted and embarrassed the Prime Minister and the other Government Ministers in Parliament – as well as the Grenadian people in general, but especially those who voted them into Parliament – that was o.k. as it satisfied their democratic rights, according to them.

But now that the very people who voted them to their lofty positions – and who are in charge of the very NDC Party on whose bandwagon they rode into Parliament, decided to expel them from the party for their reckless, insulting and humiliating behaviour – they are all crying foul play, and denial of their very special Democratic and Constitutional Rights.

It all sounds like one set of special privileges, for the few of them – but no such niceties for the overwhelming majority at the Convention.

I saw a report where a few of them maybe getting together to contest the next General Elections, whenever that maybe. That decision seems to me to be the way they should be heading – if they truly believe the people in their respective constituencies are behind them, rather than the NDC led by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

Whatever those on the outside decide to do in any upcoming Elections, and whoever the remaining NDC group choose to contest the next Elections on their behalf – it all looks to me that so much damage has been done to both groups image and to the respective individuals reputations, that the end result is more likely to benefit the existing official opposition in Parliament – than either of the divided groups, by whatever name they maybe called.

And while our people are waiting for the next date when they will have to choose a new Government – those still in control have to always remember, that the conditions regarding employment and the cost of living are affecting a whole lot of the same people.
And unless the controllers can make some practical differences to those conditions – just holding onto the powers of Government will not help their chances, when the time does come as it must do by October 2013.

The economic downturn in the larger countries are rumoured to be moving upwards, but how much difference that movement will make to our mini-states in these parts – only time and sheer luck will determine in due course.

Finding the funds to meet monthly wages ­and salaries and pensions, as well as the everyday costs in the ministries to keep the wheels of Government running – these are already creating grave uncertainties, and there seems to be no signs of any concrete improvement anytime soon.

So that as the situation remains at a permanent standstill – with no visible signs on the economic horizon of better days ahead – it all looks as if we are a people on hold, heading no where, and with our future in the lap of the divided political power-seekers.

La Borie Man Charged With Murder

Benedict Eric Peterkin – latest murder victim

A 22-year old landscaper of La Borie, St. George’s, Dwayne Francis, aka “Chucky” has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Benedict Eric Peterkin of the same address.

Peterkin died at the St. George’s General Hospital last week Wednesday after he was allegedly struck in the head by Francis the day before.

An autopsy performed on the 52-year old Peterkin concluded that he died as a result of injuries to the head.

According to the autopsy report that was released to the media by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), the injured man died from severe brain edema, skull fracture and extensive cerebral haemorrhage.

The accused man who is being represented by Attorney Nigel Stewart was brought to court on Friday, and although not being called upon to plead, the charge of murder by intentionally causing the death of Peterkin, was read to him by Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill.

A villager who witnessed the incident was able to provide the police with a full account of what took place.

Dwayne Francis – allegedly used a piece of wood to strike Benedict Eric Peterkin

The villager said Francis used a piece of 2X4 wood to strike Peterkin on the head.
Peterkin was first taken to the hospital and released after he was treated at the Emergency and Accident Department.

Later that night, he collapsed in front of a shop in La Borie and was taken back to the hospital where he subsequently died.

FIU Crack Syrian Marriage Racket

The group of Syrians who claim to have married Grenadian Women

Eight members of the Syrian Community in Grenada are accused of falsifying documents claiming to be married to nationals in an effort to obtain Grenadian Citizenship.

The suspects – Khalil Kardoul, Jarek Kardough, Basel Algherbi, Toni Algherbi, Sulaiman Eskendati, Amer Zoghieb, Emad Jouma, and Nawar Mansour who operate businesses in St. George’s and Grenville – were taken into custody following a one-year investigation by members of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

A charge of deceiving a Public Officer has been laid on each of the men who are allegedly part of a ring that was engaged in fixing illegal marriages since 2005.

The FIU is accusing the men of lying to a government employee stating that they are married to local women as they sought to obtain a Grenadian Passport and qualifying them for citizenship status.

Toni Algherbi, a 32-year old businessman who resides at Tanteen, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offense between December 2 and 14, 2009 while Basel Algherbi, a 27-year old businessman, also of Tanteen, is accused of committing the offense between April 26, 2010 and June 8, 2010.

In addition, Jarek Kardough, 39-year old businessman who resides at Independence Avenue, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offense between April 30, 2010 and August 28, 2010 and Emad Jouno, 31-year old salesman residing at San Souci, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offense between May 19, 2010 and August 31, 2010.

In the case of Khalil Karboula, 37-year old businessman residing at Mardi Gras, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offense between July 14, 2010 and August 6, 2010 while Amar Zoghieb, a 28-year old unemployed living at Archibald Avenue, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offense between July 15, 2010 and October 8, 2010.

Two others – Sulaiman Eskendati, 26-year old salesman residing at Mardi Gras, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offence between August 14, 2010 and August 16, 2010 while Nawar Mansour, 25-year old businessman who resides at Woburn, St. George’s, is accused of committing the offence between August 30, 2010 and September 8, 2010.

Head of the FIU, Senneth Joseph told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that based on the working of his department in conjunction with the Office of the Prime Minister, they were able to unearth what was taking place with respect to these illegal marriages involving the Syrians.

As part of its mandate, the FIU has access to documents and would conduct the relevant searches to ascertain a foreigner’s marriage status.

Joseph said, the investigation was being conducted for about one year and the unit felt it had sufficient information to crack down on the men.

He said the ladies who are purported to be married to the men were innocently lured into signing documents that were presented to them by the men who had hired them as employers.

Joseph said that these so-called fake marriages occurred in Trinidad and Tobago, but the young ladies, some of whom do not even have a passport, had not even traveled to the neighbouring island in their lifetime.

The intensive investigation led FIU Officers to travel to Trinidad to conduct further enquiries.
Joseph is confident that the on going probe can lead to the arrests of other Syrian men.
The FIU boss was quick to add that the law enforcement officials are not targeting the Syrian Community in Grenada.

He said it just happened that they are the ones who are involved in the scam, and it has nothing to do with what is taking place in their homeland in the Middle East.

The Syrian civil war that is referred to as the Syrian uprising is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the ruling Ba’ath Party and Government of President Bashar al-Assad and those seeking to topple his regime.

The conflict began on March 15, 2011 with public demonstrations as part of the wider Arab Spring.

Protesters are demanding the end to nearly five decades of Ba’ath Party rule, as well as the resignation of President Assad.

The Syrians were brought to court on Monday and were each granted bail by Chief Magistrate, Your Honour Tamara Gill in the sum of $5,000.00.

As part of the bail condition the suspects are to surrender all of their travel documents, and report to the Central Police Station on the Carenage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The arrested Syrians are due back in court on November 7.

In-fighting in our politics

WHY do people like Sediqui Sylvester and Stanford Simon WANT to stay in the NDC … so BADLY?

A Political Party is like a living organism; constantly changing – not static.
In an organism, changes to the constitution can be (and are) made. The Clothe can be changed to fit ongoing situations. Changes are made “You guys – Get over it”.

If I was in an organisation and I fell out with the majority, I would not fight to stay with them. It would be stupid; very uncomfortable and non-productive. (Nay! Counter-productive).

We’d BOTH be tremendously uncomfortable and fighting the Wrong issues. Distracting us (even paralysing everyone) from the real business – of service to the Grenadian people.

Mr. Sylvester – They no longer want you. WHY do you want to be with them – to the extent of filing a lawsuit? Wouldn’t it only be to the detirment of you and the party? You are “giving legs” to “The Ole Talk” – that you were/are an NNP spy!”

Mr. Simon you have said … that you are “Done with the NDC and Politics – Period!”  What changed your mind?

The expelled (or broken off) bunch ALL appear to be no longer like-minded, with Mr. Thomas, Mr. Burke etc. WHY don’t you form your own Party OR … join the NNP?  Don’t try to get back into the NDC. They no longer want you! What is so difficult to understand about that?

You should not have waited to be expelled. You should have had enough Pride, to have left on your own impetus – your own steam. Walked away – rather than be thrown out!

Fighting to get back in, makes you appear not only childish but selfish (self-seeking your own pride and power). ALL issues have become about You … no longer Grenada. Nit-picking the NDC Constitution is irrelevant.

It is no longer about ALBA and Casino Gambling (IF – it ever was).
To give you the benefit of the doubt – IMHO – Troublemakers got in and stirred up confusion. However – it is passed that now. The original problems were only the catalyst.
The underlying problems cannot be mended.  So I ask:-

(1). Why do you want to go as far, as fight a lawsuit, to force your presence, where you are not wanted? Like one person in a marriage wanting a divorce but not the other! Everyone shall suffer. Most of all the Grenadian People (whom I equate with the children in the family!)

(2). Why humiliate yourself – IF you get “DO” get back into the NDC, how can this be of benefit to ANYONE – except Keith Mitchell?

(3). How can the NDC prepare to fight an election against such a clever (yet some say unscrupulous) politician as Dr. Mitchell and fight among themselves at the same time? This is the recipe for the NNP to waltz in … with Dr. Mitchell sitting back and laughing!

The Outside Onlooker


Grenada is blessed with two (2) of the World’s finest tree crops – Nutmeg and Cocoa – sometimes said to be “Grenada’s Black Gold” & “Grenada’s Brown Gold.

In this contribution, I shall discuss Cocoa as Cacao (Theobroma cacao, Linn.) -Grenada’s Brown Gold. Please note, the Grenada fine Flavour Cocoa Beans is Forty (40) times more valuable when converted to Finished Chocolate Products.

Thus if we receive US$2.00 per pound (lb) for the dry cocoa bean in Crocus Bags, we can expect to receive up to US$80 for a total pound of Chocolate Bar, Truffles, Bon Bon and so on.

With the tremendous increase in value, we are wasting precious time NOT selling “Grenada Fine Flavour Chocolates professionally manufactured.
Note well, even when the fine flavour cocoa bean is converted to the semi-processed chocolate such as couverture (or the starting material for chocolate  Bar, chocolate Bon Bon ,etc.).

Bulk chocolate mass from Grenada Cocoa can be sold for up to US$15 per pound (up to 7 times the value  of the raw cocoa  bean..)

It is therefore, no accident that I am bullish on Chocolate Manufacturing and have been promoting establishment of a good chocolate Plant in Grenada..

I have remained silent on this potential to allow these “Conversion Facts” and opportunities to filter through the system over the last ten years. But, I cannot keep silent (no more) any more.

Now, in the Grenada scenario, it is my dream that Grenada Cocoa Farmers  should soon receive $5.00 per pound for dry cocoa beans one year after the chocolate plant at Victoria, St. Mark is commissioned.

By this time the Diamond Plant at St. Mark should start producing refined cocoa mass for the 56 or so  producers of cocoa sticks and cocoa balls “without Cocoa Grumbs” for making “instant” cocoa tea.

By that time, also the Plant should be producing Refined Cocoa Butter, cocoa powder, Couverture and other conched, refined cocoa products.

So as we move forward, it is my dream that we begin to address Cacao or Cocoa NO LONGER as the “cocoa Industry” but as the “CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY”.

We must begin to think “CHOCOLATE” not Cocoa so not “Cocoa Tea” but “Chocolate Tea”, not “Cocoa Drink” but “Chocolate Drink”, not “Cocoa Powder” but “Chocolate Powder”, Not “Cocoa Fat” but “Chocolate Fat” or even start making “White Chocolate” and Dark (semi-sweet) Chocolate.

We should even have a “Chocolate Break” rather than a “Coffee Break” during  official Meetings.

All this is a mental hurdle that we must make and with this all Added Value of more than 5 times at least. It would mean searching for joint venture partners  within the Diaspora and others. ARE WE READY?  I say Yes!!! and I am willing to help and to work with all Chocolate and Chocolate By-products Producers.

Grenada Fine Flavour Cocoa is too valuable  to continue to wallow “under the Cacao Tree”. We must develop in the light as “Grenada Fine Flavour Chocolate”
and we must own our Assets jointly with those who have been exploiting our potential.

I want to see us begin to market ourselves as chocolate makers and price makers not price takers and Chocolateurs as we move forward.

Food Grade Quality and Food Grade Practices must be our watchword and our practice. I am willing to Help.

Dr. E. Reginald Buckmire

Secret meeting?

Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell – the report is false

Talks of a secret meeting held Tuesday between some of the expelled members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell have been denied.

Speaking with the New Today on Wednesday morning via telephone, St. George’s Baptist Church Leader, Pastor Stanford Simon denied that any such meeting took place at his home at Morne Jaloux, St. George’s.

The meeting was allegedly attended by Simon, Dr. Mitchell, and expelled Congress members, Peter David, the former Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation and Glynis Roberts, the ex-Minister of Foreign Trade and The Environment.

“I don’t know anything about that”, Simon told this newspaper, adding that he was at his Church for most of the day and did not have any meeting at his home.

Peter David – contemplating his political future

Attempts to reach David for comment on the issue proved futile.

A telephone call placed to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition initially met with the response that he was attending a meeting.

Almost an hour later, Dr. Mitchell returned the call and spoke with a Reporter.
He said the report was “completely false, adding that, “if he did, it is within his right to do so but it is completely false”.
In the case of Roberts, she also denied taking part in any meeting at the home of Simon with the Opposition Leader.

A high-level source told THE NEW TODAY that during the alleged meeting at the home of Pastor Simon, the Opposition Leader was trying to dissuade the expelled NDC members against forming a new political party but to work behind the scene and give support to NNP in the upcoming general election.

Roberts re-iterated that she would be defending her South St. George seat in the upcoming general election but remains undecided whether it would be done as an Independent or with a political party.

The outspoken Pastor Simon who was expelled from the Congress party during its Convention almost two weeks ago speaking with The New Today on the issue said that “they (the party) did him a favour” with the expulsion.

According to Simon, he had no intention to take any action against the party as was done by his former Executive colleague, Siddiqui Sylvester of the St. George North-west constituency.

Sylvester has employed the services of Attorney-at-Law, Cajeton Hood to institute legal proceedings against the NDC for his expulsion.

Pastor Simon was also asked to comment on widespread reports in the country that the NDC rebels were engaged in talks about the formation of a new political party.

“I cannot answer that, I cannot comment on that”, he said.

The expelled Congress members reportedly held a meeting in St. David’s on Sunday to look at the way forward.

An informed source told this newspaper that the main players in the proposed new party have already agreed on a colour for the party but the question of leadership still to be resolved.

There are unconfirmed report that the man identified as the leader of the group, Peter David is allegedly not prepared to accept the post of Political Leader at this point in time.

Gas Station robbed of thousands of dollars

A lone gunman has escaped with thousands of dollars from a gas station in Grenville, St. Andrew’s.

The incident took place last week Wednesday night at the Texaco Gas Station situated at Ben Jones Street in Grenville.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, the man who carried a pistol approached one of the customer service representatives, David Alexander at the gas station that is owned by Government Minister, Sylvester Quarless and demanded that he pass all the money.

The source who spoke on condition of not being named said a frightened Alexander handed over the $7,345.00 that he had in his possession at the time to the gunman.

The customer service representative has since provided the police with a  description of the man.