Positive sign for global economy

From time to time, the International Monetary Fund has been forced to revise its growth projections for the global economy primarily because of difficulties in effectively monitoring developments across the world, especially in relation to the advanced capitalist economies such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Even though several developing countries, led by the likes of China and India, continue to show significant promise on the growth front, it is still often difficult to gauge the real impact of their performances on global growth when the more powerful economies in the world are under-performing. The net result of … Continue reading

TUC slams gov’t on free school books programme

The Grenada Trade Union movement has condemned in the strongest way possible Government’s decision to kick-out private schools from the Free Schoolbooks Programme. Addressing the Senate in his maiden contribution to the 2013 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure last week Tuesday, the former Acting Director at the Government Information Service (GIS) and present Trade Union Representative in the law-making body, Raymond Roberts told the House that the decision has no merit and called for it to be rescinded. He said the $110 million budgeted for the Ministry of Education is acceptable although he would have preferred to see the ministry … Continue reading

Heated exchange at press briefing

Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing by a Minister of the new Grenada government ended prematurely when reporters sought to question Communication & Works Minister, Gregory Bowen on issues relating to the Kuwait-funded road projects in Grenada. THE NEW TODAY understand that the session ended in disarray when Kisha Alexander-Grant, the Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister intervened and directed the reporters not to fire questions on the Kuwaiti issue. MTV’s Chearvon Benjamin was the reporter who asked Minister Bowen about information which the government had previously promised to give to back their allegation that Kuwait had suspended Grenada … Continue reading

NAWASA donates to Grenada Patient Kidney Foundation

General Manager of the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), Christopher Husbands on April 25 presented a cheque in the value of $1000.00 to the Grenada Patient Kidney Foundation. During the presentation at the Authority’s Boardroom on the Carenage, Husbands said “for persons living with kidney disease, any form of assistance often represents a gift of life”. “NAWASA is happy to be able to provide this contribution, which will further assist the foundation in improving the health care currently available to persons suffering from kidney related illnesses”, he remarked. According to Husbands, kidney disease is not location specific and the … Continue reading

Grenada must now facilitate private sector investment

With a debt to GDP ratio of 103 per cent, unemployment of 40 per cent, real GDP growth of 0.50 per cent and a primary balance as a percentage of GDP of -0.20 per cent, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchell is calling on the private sector to help spur the country’s economy. Speaking at Republic Bank’s investor briefing conference held at Spice Island Beach Resort on Tuesday, entitled “Fast Forward Together – Reigniting Growth”, Mitchell said: “The economic challenges we face are far worse than was predicted nevertheless there are real opportunities in Grenada. It is important that … Continue reading

Response & Contribution to the 2013 Budget Statement

On Tuesday April 16, 2013, less than two months following the New National Party’s massive landslide victory at the polls, the Prime Minister of Grenada and Minister of Finance & Energy, Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, presented the 2013 Budget Statement to the nation for the current fiscal year ending December 31, 2013. The 1.1 billion dollar 2013 Budget, entitled “Restoring Hope, Building the New Economy and Empowering our People” was described by Dr. Mitchell as holding since, according to him, due to the shortage of time it strictly addressed the key policy areas of his government. I agree … Continue reading

Relations with Africa

It was very interesting to hear from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell that his government intends establishing relations with all countries, including those in Africa. That cannot happen too soon!! As a report in the “New African” magazine states: “People criticise Africa, first of all, as if it was one country. Yet, it is the second largest continent in the world, with 54 different nations. Second, according to the report, Africa is not in control of its own image. The modern age, the report said, is dominated by TV and the print media, and the best of both are owned … Continue reading

KCM on course to a political miracle

In the competitive and quickly evolving world of politics, credibility is defined by flexibility, the ability to change with the tide and deliver; it stands at the cross roads to acceptance of the political directorate: success, money, power, transcendental admiration and the legacy of Queen Nefertiti – if the right cards are played. It seems that this time around Dr. Mitchell has gotten it right. Four and a half years of inspection and retrospection seemed to have made the positive impact in uniting and capturing the soul of the nation to stimulate and direct the national economy to acceptable levels … Continue reading

Poor people money

N.I.S – the National Insurance Scheme, the name speaks for itself. What is the purpose of N.I.S? The N.I.S only benefits the government in hard times like these. The N.I.S should be helping the poor and needy but all the establishment does is to collect poor people money, most of the people never live to get benefits from their own money. My name is Dimeon Griffith Cadore of Mt. Moritz. I started working at my family Gas station at the age of fifteen. I was registered by the N.I.S and was paying my contribution as every other worker does. Three … Continue reading

The eight months 2013 budget passed

The One Point One Billion dollars Budget, for the next Eight Months of 2013, is now in place for the newly elected clean-sweep Government to run the nation’s affairs. The discussions in both Houses of Parliament were interesting – from what I heard on occasions when I was able to tune in. But with no one in opposition, to even raise an objection to anything that comes up in Parliament on any issue – the government in power can virtually do as it pleases period. The contributions by the Three NDC Senators in the Upper House, and to a lesser … Continue reading