Attempted suicide at Mont Toute

Police are baffled over the reason why a school teacher would have wanted to take her own life last Sunday.
THE NEW TODAY  Newspaper has been reliably informed that the 26-year old female teacher is warded at the General Hospital in St. George’s after consuming a non-prescribed substance.
An authoritative source said the young lady who resides at Mont Toute, St. George’s allegedly mixed sevins powder in a glass that contained rum and coca-cola.
The source who does not wish to be identified said the school teacher confessed to the medical staff at the hospital that after mixing the substance with the rum and coke she drank two mouthfuls.
Shortly after consuming the mixture the Mont Toute resident started experiencing blurriness in her vision and was rushed to the hospital after calling out for help.
The source said no reason was given for the schoolteacher’s action.
Police are treating the matter as a case of attempted suicide. It is not clear whether the police might press charges against the individual.
Earlier this year another schoolteacher who resides at Mt. Carmel, St. Andrew’s attempted to take her life.
The 19-year old teacher tried to commit suicide by using a multi-coloured bedspread, which she tied to the roof of the house.

Global prosperity

By Dr. Brian Francis

Irrespective of one’s ideological makeup, there is no denying that all human beings seek certain basic comforts in life ranging from food, clothing and shelter to freedom, happiness and the fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations.
Logically, to realise these goals, individuals have to be living in countries that are making deliberate efforts to become more prosperous. The problem for most countries in this regard, though, is that they do no function in isolation.
In fact, as the evidence from the most recent global financial and economic crisis reminds all and sundry, the countries of this world of ours have become more and more integrated in the past several decades. And that growing level of integration ensures that countries’ economic successes and failures are all intertwined.
Hence, the best possible scenario in which countries all over the world could accomplish their individual economic goals is one where global prosperity reins. In as much as history suggests that the gains from global economic growth have not been equitably distributed, circumstances in which the world’s leading economies are becoming stronger still present greater hope for small and vulnerable economies.
It is for this reason that the ongoing difficulties in the euro zone and the slow pace of economic adjustment in the United States should continue to be a major talking point for all countries.
Generally, identifying problems in economies is the easy task. The more difficult issue is finding the right solutions to those problems. Thus far, what we have seen throughout Europe and the United States are various efforts to turn the economic tide around but with little success.
Specifically, neither the Keynesian-type stimulus packages nor the various austerity measures implemented over the past few years have been able to steady the ship and turn those economies around to generate any reasonable level of comfort in the minds of critics and foes alike that the global economy is on its way to stability and/or recovery.
Despite the limited success rate thus far, most analysts would probably agree that the solution to the problems plaguing the global economy lies in the generation of real economic growth. But how exactly should that objective be achieved remains an elusive matter.
A major reason for this sad state of affairs is the failure of policy makers to recognise and appreciate that economies are different and therefore require some unique measures to improve conditions therein.
Further, there is no consensus in the literature on what mix of policies can be considered growth-enhancing.  Therefore, countries ought to look rather closely at their own historical experiences and structures to determine what policies can and have worked in periods of greatest prosperity.
And that indeed is the approach that the leaders of Europe, the United States and other leading world economies should be adopting to stabilise and ultimately grow their economies anytime soon as opposed to simply turning to broad economic paradigms.
Admittedly, if the world’s most powerful economies are unable to grow and develop, then, the chances of achieving global prosperity would be severely reduced.  And if that happens, small and more generally fragile economies around the world would continue to struggle to keep their economies afloat.
That is the sad but plain truth!

(Dr. Brian Francis is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the Cave Hill Campus in Bridgetown, Barbados of the University of the West Indies)

The anxiety factor

Anxiety is a fear-based, psychophysiological phenomenon that almost everyone experiences from time to time. It can be experienced as a signal that something “isn’t right,” or as a highly dreaded, incapacitating condition that interferes with one’s physical, emotional, cognitive, academic, interpersonal, and/or social functioning. In any case, it is rarely pleasureable.
Anxiety can manifest as panic, or as a phobia about a specific object or circumstance (for example, test-taking, snakes, air travel, or social gatherings), or as compulsive, ritualistic behaviors aimed at making the world feel safe.
Anxiety can also manifest as excessive worries, or a generalised sense of physical discomfort-shortness of breath, sweaty palms, heart palpitations, concentration problems, and the like.
Unfortunately, untreated anxiety often leads to real physical illness, since heightened, long-term fear responses affect the immune system and flood the body with stress hormones.
Although the World Health Organisation estimates that about 16 percent of people worldwide meet criteria for an anxiety disorder, anxiety is highly treatable. Most psychological treatments for anxiety consist of two parts-relaxation   training, which encompasses a group of behavioral interventions focused on training the body to relax; and cognitive restructuring, or challenging distorted thoughts and addressing avoidant behaviors that frequently accompany anxiety symptoms.
In worst case scenarios, anxiety can also be treated with medication, but medication alone is rarely efficacious in the long-term.
While everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, chronic anxiety is bad for your health. If you think you have an “anxiety disorder,” you should consult with a psychologist. Most psychologists are well-trained and quite experienced in treating anxiety disorders.
Other ways to manage your anxiety include finding ways to relax, reassuring yourself that anxiety is a normal physiological experience and that you can handle it, reaching out to friends and family, and managing your emotions rather than avoiding them.

(The above was submitted by the Grenada Psychological Association)

Appoint a select committee!!!

Speaker of the House of Representatives, George Mc Guire should be commended for the steps being taken to deal with allegations that a senior member of the government collected US$150, 000.00 from Saudi Arabia in a suspicious transaction and might have broken the financial laws of the country.
During Tuesday’s sitting of the House, the Speaker announced that he would be writing a letter to Republic Bank, the financial institution that was named by Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Mitchell as the bank in which the transaction was facilitated.
Is the Speaker setting the stage for Parliament to finally get to the bottom of this most serious allegation which can bring shame and disgrace to one of the people’s representatives in the house?
The Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) campaigned on transparency, good governance and respect for institutions as its key platform issues in getting the electorate to vote it into office in July 2008 and thus replace Dr. Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP) administration.
The institution of Parliament should now be used to set the ball in motion to get to the truth of this questionable US$150, 000.00 financial transaction that came into the country as “legal fees” as alleged by the Leader of the Opposition.
If Prime Minister Thomas is caught in the web for misleading Parliament and the Nation then he must be made to feel the full weight of the law.
THE NEW TODAY is calling on the Leader of Government Business, Finance Minister Nazim Burke to move quickly and take the necessary steps for Parliament to appoint a special Select Committee of the House to investigate this most damaging allegation about financial impropriety as leveled against a senior member of the Congress government.
The committee should comprise at least three members with one coming from the Government side, another from the Opposition and the third should be a member of the Senate.
The members should be clothed by Parliament with the powers to subpoena all persons who are relevant to the investigation to give evidence and to provide the relevant documentation so that a report could be presented to our highest decision making body in the land.
This body should report to Parliament within a one-month period. It is then up to the Members of Parliament to take action against anyone who might have violated the financial laws of the country.
If the Prime Minister or any other member of his government is found guilty then the appropriate sanction should be taken against that person. The lawmakers should not be allowed to be the principal lawbreakers in Grenada.
In the case of the Prime Minister, the NEW TODAY is suggesting that if Mr. Thomas did collect the US$150, 000.00 and engaged in the willful act of misleading the nation then he should do the honourable thing and demit office immediately and advise the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament and set the date for new general elections.
If the evidence is on the contrary and proves that it is another member of the House who engaged in the illegal act then the person, if is a member of the Cabinet, should be removed from public office as well as face some other kind of sanction like a ban from some sittings of Parliament.
However, if the Opposition Leader is the one guilty of engaging in a fishing expedition and by extension public mischief then the Parliament should deal with him for such reprehensible behaviour.
THE NEW TODAY is suggesting that the penalty should be a ban on the Leader of the Opposition from attending parliamentary sittings for six months and possible for the rest of the current life of Parliament which should be the next year or thereabout.
It appears from the public pronouncements made by the official opposition that Dr. Mitchell has the evidence of the US$150, 000.00 transaction to that senior member of government.
According to chief spokesman for the NNP, Terrence Forrester, the evidence has been handed over to his lawyers.
The Parliamentary oversight group, with its sweeping powers from Parliament, can easily get the evidence or proof of the financial transaction from both the lawyers and Republic Bank.
The setting up of the Select Committee of Parliament is a good opportunity for Prime Minister Thomas to put into practice his constant reference to respect for state institutions.
If PM Thomas knows that he has done nothing wrong then let a special select committee of the house investigate the allegation as made by the Opposition Leader.
This is one sure way of re-instilling into our people that parliamentary business is serious business and not a talk shop where elected and selected members meet from time to time to engage in talk shop business.
Grenada could be setting an example for the rest of the Caribbean and the world in which the Parliamentary system of government is the bulwark of democracy.
House Speaker Mc Guire strikes THE NEW TODAY as one who is serious about the well-being of the nation and will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that the halls of Parliament is not a place for the harbouring of crooks, conmen and law-breakers.
Let us give the Speaker our fullest support as he embarks upon an important mission to get at the bottom of the money from Saudi Arabia – the place that saw the birth of the ringleaders of the 9/11 terrorist acts in the United States that changed the face of the entire world.

Dominica joins other ALBA countries in requesting immediate expulsion of USAID

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (ACN) — The Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) has requested the immediate expulsion from all ALBA nations of the UN Agency for International Development (USAID) citing activities contrary to the sovereignty and political stability of these countries.
A communiqué to this effect, issued on June 21, was signed by the governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominica, Nicaragua and Venezuela.
The official ALBA communiqué published by Granma newspaper, said that the foreign ministers of ALBA met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and resolved to request, from the heads of state and government of the ALBA nations, the immediate expulsion from their countries of USAID, its representatives or delegates, asserting their presence and activities were a disruptive factor against the sovereignty and political stability of ALBA countries.
The document explained that the decision was taken after considering what was described as the open interference with the ALBA countries’ domestic policy by USAID, which, under the pretext of “planning and managing US economic and humanitarian assistance in the world, funds non-government organisations, actions and projects aimed at destabilising legitimate governments, which do not respond to its interests.”
The communiqué added that the decision also took into account, the analysis of evidence contributed by declassified US State Department documents revealing the funding of opposition political organisations in ALBA countries, in clear and open interference with internal political processes in each nation.
The foreign ministers also said that the ALBA countries do not need USAID funding to sustain their democracies, which are consolidated with Latin American and Caribbean nations.
The ALBA countries said they do not need any organisation that performs under the tutelage of foreign powers, which in reality only usurps and weakens the action of state agencies by preventing them from playing their role in their countries’ economic and social development.

Bring Back Jonah Party Cruise Burst

It is clear to many Grenadians that the NNP under Dr. Mitchell’s leadership is not getting any traction at all, even as the NDC is faced with its challenges as brought on by the communist arm’s attempt to snatch the government and party from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.
The perceived collusion between the NNP and the communist faction of the NDC as it is so deservedly referred, has not helped either as Dr. Mitchell’s popularity has taken a beating among NNP supporters who see the leader of the rebel faction of the NDC as more acceptable than their own leader.
Dr. Mitchell has been known to play up to Peter David, the NDC elected MP for the Town of St. George, even though he went all out in the past when he was Prime Minister to take him out politically on the dual citizenship issue.
The amount of state resources expended on Dr. Mitchell’s efforts cannot be forgotten as all of that helped the nation to be in the dilapidated state it is in financially today.
His recent rants about a US$150,000 from a source in Saudi Arabia which he claimed to have evidence to support that was deposited into the personal account of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas at Republic Bank is another matter that has not sat well with many Grenadians – especially when the Prime Minister declared his documents to support US$50,000 from the BVI.
Dr. Mitchell’s return to his cantankerous self is a source of contention among senior party operatives and even members of the Lance Aux Epines bourgeoisie – who wanted to believe that he changed in truth, only to see him back to normal in short order.
Senior party operatives, even though they come out with a voice of uniting behind the leader are speaking in private fora of how they do not see the NNP winning any election headed by Dr. Mitchell with all the questions hanging over his head when it comes to impropriety.
But the crux of the matter relates to the NNP’s South East St. George support group staging a well advertised “Bring back Jonah” cruise aboard the Rhum Rhunner last Saturday which burst! The boat has a capacity of 250 and only around 80 patrons showed up. That tells you how the opposition leader’s name is not good for anything these days.
One person who went along expecting fun said jokingly that since Jonah was thrown overboard on July 8th 2008, he must have swollen so much that the NNP supporters left plenty room for when they brought him back on board he could have fitted on the deck.
She said there were people who scorned and turned up their noses at the idea of even going on the cruise. That is when she realised that Dr. Mitchell is not getting any traction even in the midst of the NDC’s shortcomings.
Jonah take note!

Former NNP Supporter

Pursuing tertiary education

Prime Minister Thomas, after listening to the Minister of Education – Mrs. Franka Alexis-Bernadine talk about brain drain and the fact that Grenadian students should/must come home to serve, after listening to you extol the virtues of teachers and others pursuing tertiary education; bachelors, masters and other degrees, I am a bit perplexed – where are the jobs?
A few months ago I encountered a young lady seated in St. George’s reading a very interesting book – “Native to Nowhere” (Young lady, I’m sorry I cannot bite my tongue any longer)
After talking for about an hour I must admit, I felt quite sad, for both the young lady and to a greater extent the island of Grenada. I know there are others facing the same.
The following is a synopsis for her educational and professional life to date:

*  She worked for the Government of Grenada for 4.5 years – Ministry of Works
* She pursued a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning (a scholarship based on what was stated as a need by the past Government to assist with nation building and development)
* A graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis
* She worked with various Government agencies abroad while pursuing her degree.

Upon her return to the island to date (I encountered her again in my travels last week) she has been unable to secure gainful employment, after applying to various government ministries (Works, the Housing and others.
She’s been sent from one ministry to the other by various PS’s, she’s even been told a most ridiculous story by one that he has only been on the job for seven months thus, he doesn’t want to rock the boat.  What boat?  What about the good of the Country!!!! After our first conversation, I decided to do a bit of investigating.

*  After hurricanes Ivan and Emily, urban planners were recruited from other countries to assist the physical planning department with urban development (there were no Grenadians with a Master degree in urban planning)
* The head of Physical Planning was subsequently sent to study Town and Country Planning/Urban Planning – he was since retired.
* To date in Grenada, there are only two persons (to my knowledge) the former head and this young lady who possess the said Master’s degree (it leads me to the question – what qualifications does the current head of Physical Planning possess?  What qualification do the persons employed at Physical Planning possess?
* On the topic of qualifications, in her first encounter with the said goodly gentleman (head of the Planning Unit) she was told that he believes her qualifications are not suited for physical planning – ludicrous!! If she isn’t best suited to work on the formulation of planning policies and others to govern future development within Grenada well, am totally baffled.
* Why to date when no one possesses such qualifications at said agency, and the importance of the agency to Grenada’s development, has a job not been secured?

Prime Minister, I’ve heard you talking about person being hire/promoted based on merit – how does that work within the public service?  You’re encouraging persons to go study – why should persons leave their jobs and upon return are unable to obtain gainful employment?
Why should external bodies continue to offer scholarships to Grenadians, based on the stipulated needs outlined by Governments and on their return, are unable to find jobs?  (Please be mindful that this young lady already had a bachelor’s degree, was working in what Grenadians would consider was a good job – a person with a Masterss!!!!
Young lady, I wish you the best in your endeavors.  Prime Minister, Minister of Communications others, please take note.  Why is it that we always have to go begging especially when there is a crisis and we have persons here who can do the job?  And we wonder why persons don’t return when they leave?  We wonder why Grenada has and continues to miss out on monies geared for certain projects.
We wonder….
Concerned citizen

Time to move on without the Rebel Gang

By Stone Crusher

It is quite clear that the gang man and his disciples have been conquered.
It is quite clear that his two advisors ­ the left over relics of our communist past who saw him as their last hope to regain power in Grenada have resigned themselves to the realisation that nobody wants them.
One of them remains in close daily company with the gang man himself since he was forced to go job-seeking while the other ­ a neighbor of his two partners, can kiss his eagerness good bye as he has been unmasked and there is no traction for him as he is not as popular as he thought he was.
Instead, he has to worry about meeting up with two tough negotiators that unmasked his weakness in the recent Breweries strike action.
Corporate Grenada is now looking to Dr. Patrick Antoine and attorney-at-law, Mr. Dickon Mitchell ­ the dream team negotiators to represent their interest in salary and benefits negotiations with TAWU. The union man who is the main strategist for the gang leader was badly decimated in the Breweries strike and lock-out.
Now that these relics are relegated to the dustbin of our pedestrian history, the time is now right for a “sterilised” NDC to plot the way forward.  Now is the time to do what is necessary and right to move forward.
Gang man, you are now totally exposed and should stop engaging in dirty tricks and actions to prevent the NDC Convention from taking place.
The people have spoken by their numbers at the recent public meeting at the Grenville Car Park in support of Uncle Tilly. Stop being a counter-revolutionary Mr. Gang Man and allow the NDC Prime Minister and Political Leader to hold the convention soon after the carnival so that systems could be put in place for Election 2013.
The Stone Crusher will be watching the every move of the gang with a hawk’s eye if they think they can sabotage Congress as part of the ploy to open the
door for the NNP to get back into power.
The Prime Minister now needs to take the bull by its horns and interview candidates to fill at least five constituencies which require urgent attention.
The issue of St. John’s has been settled by their constituency branch (probably the most organised within the NDC Camp) so much so the “bus’ kite” they elected the last time was not even considered by them and they have a new and more qualified candidate with gentleman qualities firmly planted in the constituency.
Similar signal needs to be sent in other constituencies like the one Pastor Karl Hood was elected to represent but was missing in action from day one.
The little gang man disciple who is running through the constituency putting up posters need to be put in his place so he would behave.  He probably did not get the news yet that the gang man has been dismantled and that there is no room in the NDC for any sympathisers of the gang man.
Mr. PM, start the ball rolling in St. George south-east in order to make Gregory Bowen understand that this is a constituency that is truly liberated from NNP.
The word on the ground is that the NNP Oil & Gas man is holding almost nightly public meetings in different parts of the constituency. His foot soldiers are seen each and every days trampling through south-east as if they think they own it.
The NDC also needs to have a presence in St. Andrew’s North East to take out the 27 vote champion ­ Roland Bhola of the NNP.  That constituency should have had in place a caretaker candidate since the July 2008 elections as Bhola’s cage has proved to be weak and needed to have been rattled constantly in order to shake him out the next time around.
Who was responsible for that level of organisation within the structure of the NDC’s executive?  Of course the General Secretary, Peter David but he was too busy making mischief and had absolutely no interest in rattling the cage of the NNP as it would have prevented their collusion which resulted in the No Confidence Motion and the US$150,000 from Saudi Arabia allegation by the Opposition Leader that the Prime Minister Thomas received in his personal bank account at Republic Bank.
It is pointedly clear to many then that the gang man was more concerned with insulating his gang members against Political Leader Thomas’ wrath by running unconstitutional constituency group elections for candidates against the norms of the party¹s constitution. Do you remember the vulgar ones held in the South St. George and the St. Patrick West constituencies?
So while the General Secretary was busy fighting the Political Leader & Deputy Political Leader in order to take over the party, Bhola was never on the run and therefore had a free ride for almost the entire five year term.
Could you imagine this stupidness taking place under Sir Eric or even Keith Mitchell? These two political animals would have used the machinery of the State to undermine opponents with a view to unseating them in the next election. But the General Secretary who is responsible for party organisation had a different agenda. Did he put any structures in place to take the seat from Bhola in 2013? Should he remain as NDC General Secretary after the next convention?
Mr. Prime Minister, NDC needs to wake up and start to smell the coffee while the tide is in favour with the party. Since Pastor Hood officially resigned, up to now the party has not thought it fit to have a meeting to apologise for his “missing-in-action” behaviour for all of his term.
This is lacking and badly needed in order to reassure the constituents that things are in order for a replacement instead of having three vultures crawling around the constituency confusing people. Time to select the candidate and empower the person for 2013.
In the case of St. David’s, Mr. Lett has already indicated that he is not going to be the candidate and the grapevine news is that a doctor from the parish is the only worthy replacement.
The Political Leader should take the bold step to profile the new man who many in the constituency regards as virtually unbeatable. It will not be surprising if the NNP look beyond their current man who is not getting any serious traction in St. David’s.
Considering that Sen. Anne Peters is not running for any seat, she may think it prudent to approach the Prime Minister and ask him to relocate her to some other position and allow the replacement candidate for St. David’s to take over her position in the government.
This should be done in the interest of the NDC Team. The PM can offer Sen. Peters an advisor position in his ministry in order to make sure that she is adequately looked after. The goodly female Senator should be repositioned within the political strategic arm of the government service and have the Medical doctor sit in as Minister through the Senate so he can get a chance like Dr. Vincent to sure up himself in the governance process.
What about a campaign manager?  Has the NDC got a campaign manager yet?  Of course we see the NNP has returned with their “Baghdad Bob” who is waffling
and bungling all over the place showing how expired he is. NDC needs to have a campaign manager of a level befitting the party¹s image and not one similar to Baghdad Bob.
The Prime Minister held a Thanksgiving rally at Grenville Car Park soon after the No Confidence motion in parliament and since then the NDC has done absolutely nothing.  Who are the planners in the NDC camp?  Of course one can understand the fracture but it is time for the NDC to realise that the General Secretary and his faction are not interested in planning anything in the interest of the whole and so they need to be forgotten and treated as if they do not exist.
NDC supporters need to be kept motivated with meetings strategically planned around themes that would climax whenever the election is called.  Where is the strategy team for the Political Leader¹s only NDC?   Most Grenadians
know who the strategists for the gang man’s side are ­ the declining union man and the convicted and recently pardoned mass murderer.
For some time now, the name  Denneth Modest has surfaced as the candidate for St. Mark’s and he is now at the head of the Ministry of Communications and Works ­ but one cannot feel him in either direction. It is roughly one year now since he has been appointed and he reminds us of the “missing-in-action” pastor.  Has Sen. Modeste held a public meeting in
Victoria yet?
The NNP went to St. John¹s with its rent-a-crowd, and its leader went there and said some things which came back to haunt him terribly ­ yet for all the NDC did not think it fit to mount a meeting there soon after to cancel the NNP out.
The evidence is too far reaching and extensive to support the destabilising effects the General Secretary efforts over the years have had on the NDC as a party and more recently as a party in Government ­ for him to feel he must represent the NDC as a candidate.
He just simply cannot be part of the team and for the consummate NDC supporters of the Town of St. George ­ the NDC must put forward a candidate.
Interesting to note is the fact that he is telling some of his NNP sympathisers that he is going to sit out this election, although he got his Canadian pen to release recently his intention to run again.  If that is not the making of a confused individual, Stone Crusher does not know what else
can compare.
How come the other overseas media mercenary seems to have gone quiet all of a sudden?  Stone Crusher can answer that clearly.  He did not know that so much was known about him and his untoward behaviour rendering him a neat fit
to be in the company of his RMC gang man, the drunkard and the big head casino man. Oh how they all have dwindled to nothing! Ha! Ha! Ha!
While on the subject of these renegades wanting to run again, it is important that the big head casino man is not considered at all.  Stone Crusher suggests strongly that a replacement candidate be sought FAST to run in his stead.
NDC has strong support in St. Patrick West and a good replacement for the Cassy Man is no big thing.  The much-talked about person from the Chantimelle area is a more than suitable replacement to keep Tony sitting on
the opposition benches forever.
Uncle Tilly needs to turn off his metaphoric hearing aide when agents of the gang come calling to see if he could forgive them.  The scandal and shame they brought on the NDC as a party and government render them useless and
unfit for public office under the NDC ticket.   In lieu of all the collusion with those on the opposite side, they should consider seeking refuge there instead.
That can be the next subject of discussion at the rum shop in Grand Anse between their friends who congregate there regularly.
The New National Party (NNP) needs to take seriously the revelation of the poll, which showed up Peter David as more popular than Dr. Mitchell to lead Grenada. That is a serious indictment on Dr. Mitchell who claimed recently to have changed but slipped back into the political drain during his contribution to the No Confidence motion of May 15th, and then later on accusing the Prime Minister in the most virago fashion of receiving US$150,000 from Saudi Arabia into his personal bank account at Republic Bank under the guise of legal fees.
If your memory serves you well, Dr. Mitchell is yet to present the evidence he says he has to indict the Prime Minister as he claims contradicts the PM’s declared US$50,000 from the British Virgin Islands.   Instead he tells us he has lodged his information with his legal counsel without identifying who this person is ­ stating he would not wish to be questioned on it anymore (or words to that effect). That is the level of his conmanship which really cannot change.
Uncle Tilly did the decent thing of disclosing the financial contribution to NDC in the official bank document. Dr. Mitchell is suffering from a lapse in memory. It is like he forget that former Offshore Regulator under his watch, Michael Creft gave evidence in a court in the U.S about the thousands he collected as the bag man for Dr. Mitchell and NNP.
Dr. Mitchell, how much did Creft hand over to both you and Deacon Tony Joseph, the then Treasurer of the party? Did these funds pass through any of the local banks? Does the FIU know anything of the large amount of monies that Creft collected and passed on to Dr. Mitchell? Men in glass houses must not throw stones.
Stone Crusher’s main advice to Uncle Tilly¹s NDC is to put things in motion to ready the party and by extension the supporters for the battle that lies ahead in 2013.
The Prime Minister won Round One of the battle against the gang but Round Two is the real thing ­ keeping NNP out of government.
The gang man and his few disciples have been crushed and the focus should now be on Round Two of the struggle.

The NaDMA open house

Volunteers (l-r) Lauriel Phillip, Pauline Archibald, Monty Drayton and Trevor Joseph with students who assisted at the NaDMA open house

It was fun-filled but educational open house of the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA). The priority, though, was on education.
NaDMA collaborated with several partners – including members of the business sector, the St. John Ambulance Brigade, and volunteers from the River Road/Darbeau Community Development Organisation and the Carenage Organisation for Recreation and Entertainment  – to host the open house on June 22 at the courtyard of the Esplanade Mall on Melville Street, St. George’s.
Pamphlets and brochures were distributed on preparing and dealing with disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.
The 2012 hurricane season commenced on June 1. NaDMA has published and distributed a list of “Safety Rules’’ that should be observed for an approaching hurricane.
They include the advice to “rely only on official bulletins from radio and TV’’, “evacuate low-lying areas, beaches and other vulnerable locations as early as possible,’’ and that “those seeking shelter should shut off water, gas and electricity before leaving home.’’
The literature shared last Friday by NaDMA officials and volunteers also included a checklist of items to be included in a “Family Disaster Supplies Kit.’’
Among the items that should be in a kit are water, non-perishable food, medication, flashlights, batteries, mobile phone, children’s games, and identification cards and other personal documents.
A highlight of the open house was live performance from students who rendered numerous songs in various genres, with all focusing on disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction.
The Master of Ceremony for the entertainment segment was Kem Jones, NaDMA’s Community Program Officer for Grenada North.
NaDMA, a department of the Office of the Prime Minister, is responsible for coordinating all disaster-related activities in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
The agency says its vision is to “develop a culture of prevention and safety among all sectors of society.’’