Property tax could be doubled

Home owners in Grenada could be seriously affected by the tax measures to be implemented in the new year by the nine-month old Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government. A confidential document seen by THE NEW TODAY shows that the government is thinking of doubling the property tax rate on land, as well as the charges to be applied on residential buildings. Government has been forced to hunt for additional revenue as part of its so-called 3-year Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to deal with a severe financial and economic crisis facing the island. According to a document prepared by … Continue reading

Message on World AIDS Day

Grenada along with the rest of the world will observe World AIDS Day on December 1st. In observance of this day the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council is reminding the Grenadian public that nutrition is a subject you should pay special attention to especially if you are HIV positive or living with AIDS. Like a vicious cycle, poor nutritional status can reinforce HIV and vice versa. However, making improvements in your diet can improve your overall quality of life by providing nutrients your body needs. Good nutrition will also keep your immune system stronger so you can better fight opportunistic … Continue reading

Act like a Statesman

Tuesday will send the most clearest signal as to the kind of Christmas the people of Grenada will be enjoying. There is some fear in the country that 2014 could be one of the toughest years in Grenada given the signals coming out from the government about the need for sacrifices to be made – a radical departure from the noises being made nine months ago on the campaign trail of, “We will deliver” on the many promises that were made to get the Electorate to throw out Congress from office. On Tuesday, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. … Continue reading

Another delay in road project

The controversial firm from the Middle East, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) could back out of the Second Phase of the Agricultural Feeder Road Project in Grenada if government fails to meet its financial commitment to the company. This warning came from Minister for Works, Gregory Bowen as he faced local reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing to explain the latest delay on a major road project involving CCC. According to Minister Bowen, the OPEC Fund has refused to advance payment to CCC due to Government’s inability to pay monies owed to the fund by the previous Congress administration and … Continue reading

Junior Murray to launch cricket academy

Former West Indies wicketkeeper-batsman Junior Murray is preparing to launch a cricket academy in Grenada. Murray, who played for Grenada, Windward Islands and West Indies, is spearheading a series of initiatives under the Junior Murray Brand, including an academy, according to Made In Grenada, the strategic partner responsible for the overall management of the brand and its associated activities. The cricket academy will serve young Grenadians between the ages of 5 and 15 and is geared toward the development of the game locally through the services and expertise of one of Grenada’s most celebrated heroes. “Since Saturday November 23, introductory … Continue reading

Monetary assistance for Imani Trainees

Financial assistance is being provided to the Imani Trainees attached to the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) who are undergoing a course of studies. A document in securing the arrangement was signed last week Wednesday between the resident Chinese Ambassador, Ou Boqian and Minister of Youth and Sports, Emmalin Pierre. The money is being provided by one of the Provinces in China. Ambassador Boqian noted that during a visit to Grenada earlier this year, the Vice Mayor of Guang Dong Province, Jiehua Mai, was briefed by her about the Imani Programme. She said she explained to the Major the importance … Continue reading

$933.9 Million Budget for 2014

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Dr Keith Mitchell on Tuesday presented the country with a $933,932,530 million Budget of Revenue and Expenditure for 2014. The overall budget is made up of Recurrent Revenue of $471.1 million, and Recurrent Expenditure of $487 million, and with the national debt pegged at EC$2.4 billion. The budget was presented under the theme, “Building The New Economy Through Higher Productivity And Sacrifice For The Benefit Of All”. Prime Minister Mitchell delivered the Budget before a large turnout of Grenadians especially supporters of his New National Party (NNP) at the Grenada Trade Centre in the … Continue reading

$60,000.00 Bail For Three on Drug Charges

Police have raided a building at Grand Mal, St. George’s that is also used as a Barber Shop from where a quantity of marijuana was found. The operation that was carried out by Police Officers from the Central Division yielded 18 pounds, ten ounces of marijuana. The suspects – Jermaine Phillip, Gibson Parris and Bevin Bascombe – were all taken into custody and each charged with possession of a dangerous drug, and trafficking. The men were in the upper part of the building that is used as a house when the lawmen swooped down on them. THE NEW TODAY Newspaper … Continue reading

Enveloped in impenetrable darkness

by Rick Wayne Castries, St. Lucia – If further proof were needed of the immeasurable arrogance, unconscionable profligacy, unabashed ineptitude and plain unabashed sans honte that have rendered a hundred times worse the multiple effects of the economic crisis on the trusting people of the OECS, the seeker of truth need look no further than the national addresses of our respective HOGs, especially at Budget time. The latest national address by Grenada’s Keith Mitchell might easily have been plagiarized from our own prime minister’s files. It starts out with the usual tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of his countrymen’s well-established Solomonic perspicuity that … Continue reading

New mandate needed!!!

2014 can now be declared as the Year of Pain and Sacrifice for the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Keith Mitchell often used the words “pain” and “sacrifice” and stayed clear from, “we will deliver” as he presented the budget last Tuesday for the upcoming fiscal year. This newspaper was not taken by surprise at the many austerity measures being taken in light of the financial crunch facing the cash-strapped government and description of the island’s economy by a Team Leader from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that Grenada is virtually … Continue reading