Use and dump!!!

It is unfortunate the names often attached by some people to the leader of the opposition.

Over the years, many persons have called him, “Dr. Stone” because of his decision in the first NNP government of the late H.A. Blaize to import Stone from St. Vincent for the construction industry as if Grenada did not have enough quarry Stone.

The man put a lie to his own theory years later when as Prime Minister, his NNP government gave the go-ahead to his brother, Dunbar to set up a quarry business in Woodford.

This man is not really a “Dr. Stone” but should be rechristened for the upcoming elections as “Use and Dump” given his track record over the years.

The following cannot be disputed:-

(a) Who used and dump Grace Duncan?
(b) Who used and dump Michael Baptiste?
(c) Who used and dump Clarence Rapier?
(d) Who used and dump Brian Francis?
(e) Who used and dump Cecil Greenidge?
(f) Who used and dump hundreds of Civil Servants?
(g) Who used the State to provide millions to the children of his aunts and uncles?
(h) Who caused the Canadians to dump Grenadians by enforcing entry visa restrictions on them?
(i) Who used and dump Mark Isaac?
(j) Who used and dump Reynold Benjamin?
(k) Who used and dump the Capbank man?
(l) Who used many times and dumped many times the Brothers from Concord?

If this man thinks that Grenadians intend to put him back there to use the State as his own personal little real estate then he needs to take a much longer sleep in order to dream the right thing.

The people are not totally happy with the performance of the NDC but Uncle Tilly is not a bad man – he has not used and abused people. Uncle Tilly is no use and dump man.

Instead, he is a victim of those who tried to use him to get into power and then sought to dump him and take over the Prime Ministership.

Uncle, please hurry up and come up with your own team and present them to the people for endorsement after the NDC Convention of September 30.

The people are anxiously looking forward to Uncle Tilly’s team which cannot include the likes of Peter David, Joe Gilbert and that disappointing woman from the South who does not seem to understand her status in society.

She should have been a member of the NNP so that Mr. Use and Dump could have give her good and proper but then again she ain’t red enough … she only light skin.

The Speed Merchant

Motion is the work of ‘imposter and disgraced Pastor’

Women of the Congress Party – unhappy with Karl Hood’s decision

The Women’s Arm of the NDC notes with grave concern, the recent actions of the MP for the Constituency of South East St. George, who rode to prominence on the NDC Ticket and wish to register our utter disgust with the decision of this uncaring, heartless back-bencher.

This action is callous, ill-advised and disruptive. We are therefore convinced that this MP never had the interest of Grenada nor his constituents at heart and is driven by selfish motives and vengeance.  How despicable for a man-of-the-cloth.

At this time when Grenadians are still basking in the glory of our Gold Medalist Kirani James; when there is hope of new and exciting co-operation with the Government of China for the rebuilding of our Athletic Stadium which will help to inspire many more young Olympians, this back-bencher has chosen to work against the people of Grenada and to bring about instability in our Nation.

We the Women of the NDC send a very strong word of caution to all those who intend to destabilise our country and our Government.  We stand resolutely behind our Government and Prime Minister and will do all in our powers to ensure that all detractors are unmasked and exposed.

As Women, we feel the pain more than most others in society. Therefore we will not sit idly by while uncaring vultures seek to destabilise our Government and our country, paving the way for unscrupulous politicians, with their sordid track record of over 13 years in Government, to regain control of our state resources.

We are conscious of the reckless past of those, whom the mover of this No Confidence Motion currently serves and we will never allow them to wreak havoc on our Blessed Nation again.

We the Women of the NDC denounce the actions of those who seek to bring this current Motion. We abhor the fact that an MP would take our Votes and use it against our duly elected Government.  We sternly denounce this act of treachery.

We therefore call on all peace-loving Grenadians to Register to Vote.  Remember that your Old ID Card does not enable you to Vote in the next Elections.
Women of Grenada, encourage your households to register. You must be re-registered in order to Vote in the Next Elections.

The NDC Women’s Arm calls on you to register to Vote.  We must prevent those vultures from gaining access and control over this Nation’s assets.

For love of Country – For Peace and Continued Stability – For Integrity in Public Office, we the Women of the NDC emphatically denounce this No Confidence Motion brought by this imposter and disgraced Pastor who is now working assiduously to destabilise Grenada.

We call on him to look within his heart, call upon his maker, then repent and do the decent thing.

May God continue to Bless Grenada.

(The above was submitted by the Women’s Arm of the National Democratic Congress)

More support from Grenada Helping Hands Organisation

The Grenada Helping Hands Organisation (GHHO) is continuing to provide assistance to a group of students who are pursuing their secondary school education.

The six students who are into their fourth year of secondary education were presented with school supplies, and their stipend for transportation for the first term of the school year, which begins on September 3.

The ceremony was held last week Friday at the Grand Mal Community Centre for a scholarship package to the tune of $6,854.00.

According to Augustine Jones, the Local Coordinator who handles the business of GHHO, the organisation is conscious of the challenges being faced by both parents and students due to the tough economic situation in the country.

However, as a means of giving hope to the recipients, Jones encouraged them to follow the motto of the organisation, “Together As One”, stating that if this is done by giving assistance to each other along the way, much more can be accomplished.

He admonished the students to be disciplined in their school life by respecting their parents, teachers, and themselves.

“Stay away from violence, stay away from drugs,” he told the students, while advising them to, “carry yourselves in a manner that people would respect you”.

Awardees of the scholarship programme with members of the group

Jones noted that the agreement the students signed four years ago stipulated that they should remain disciplined throughout their school life.

He said the agreement stipulated that once the student broke any of the requirements, which also includes misconduct and disorderly behaviour, the scholarship would automatically end.
Jones also encouraged the students to set some goals and targets for themselves.

The local Coordinator said he recognised that the school work is getting harder for some students and implored parents to give their children the necessary encouragement and support.
The scholarship is not only limited to providing school supplies and transportation allowances.

Jones said students who engage in extra curricular activities are also assisted with what is required, and also announced that those who want to go beyond the secondary education may also fall in line for further assistance.

“Don’t just see it as secondary assistance, but see it beyond secondary assistance,” he added.

The scholarship awardees are expected to produce at a level of 70 percent.

Member of the organisation, Natalie Sandy called on parents to continue supporting their children since moral support is key because the students cannot achieve by themselves.

She said while the group is giving support to the children by providing them with the school supplies, the parents are expected to work along with the children so that the organisation can reap the benefit of the successes of the students.

The female member of GHHO offered a bit of advice to the students by staying focused and to remain positive.

She stressed that a good foundation is very key, and it is upon this that the future of the students stand.

The ceremony was attended by the Community Development Officer for St. George’s North West and St. George’s North East Constituencies, Jacintha Manwarring who admonished the students to lift their heads above the water as success comes through hard work and dedication.

The programme began four years ago with one student who graduated in the month of June.

GHHO was founded in February 2009.

NNP will support the Karl Hood motion

The New National Party (NNP) has signaled its intention to support a motion of No-confidence filed by disgruntled former Foreign Affairs Minister, Karl Hood against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his administration.

Hood, the Member of Parliament for St. George South-east filed the motion on Friday with the Clerk of Parliament, Ray Donald for the attention of House Speaker, George Mc Guire.

Opposition NNP giving support to the No Confidence Motion

Addressing reporters at a press conference on Monday, the Chairman of NNP, former Deputy Prime Minister, Gregory Bowen said that as “a principled party” the main opposition will offer its support to the Motion of No Confidence which seeks to bring down the Thomas administration.

According to Bowen, who lost the seat to Hood in the July 2008 general elections, it matters not who brings the motion to Parliament, the Opposition NNP will lend its support to the move.

Bowen said that “we are a principled party and will hold that position” despite the timing or move of the motion.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Mitchell had brought a motion of “No-confidence” against PM Thomas and his government in May but lost the vote 8-5 with Hood abstaining despite expressing support for the motion in principle while Minister of Foreign Trade, Glynis Roberts was absent.

Two other disgruntled government members – former Ministers Peter David and Joseph Gilbert – voted along party lines with the government.

Bowen told reporters that the latest motion brought forward to Parliament by Hood demonstrates that the NDC members are now seeing what the Opposition NNP has been seeing all along.

Dr. Mitchell in his arguments for the motion of no confidence against the Congress leader said “It is very clear what we have been seeing  … that we are facing a very dysfunctional government that lacks leadership and direction.”

According to Mitchell’s motion against Prime Minister Thomas, “since the installation in 2008 of the National Democratic Congress Government, led by Prime Minister, the Hon. Tillman Thomas, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique has experienced disastrous economic outturns which consistently worsens with time, with devastatingly painful consequences for all Grenadians”.

The motion accused PM Thomas of encouraging internal division and strife within the Government such that by its own admission there is complete and utter disunity within the Cabinet and that for the past four years he has been unable or unwilling to curb the division and strife such that the situation continues to deteriorate at an unabated pace.

In an interview with Broadcaster Godfrey Augustine on the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) on Monday, the former senior government minister justified his decision to bring a motion of no confidence against PM Thomas and his four-year old government.
Hood said that one of his biggest regret is that he did not follow his heart and resign from the NDC government last December after returning home from a visit to Jamaica.

The St George South East MP said that while he respects Thomas as a man, as an individual, he believes that Thomas has “poor leadership qualities”.

He said what is happening in the NDC is a travesty, and accused the Prime Minister of being used and abused by some persons close to him.

Hood said that he cannot sit idly by and watch what is taking place within the Congress-led government without saying a word on the happenings.

He charged that the people who appear to be the Prime Minister’s closest supporters are in fact his worst enemies. He did not elaborate.

However, the Peter David faction within Congress has been pointing an accusing finger at Finance Minister Nazim Burke and Information and Mobilisation Minister, Senator, Glen Noel as the trouble makers in the Cabinet.

Hood made no bones about his grievances within the Congress-led Government during his contribution to the 2012 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure in which he disclosed that he did not support all that was contained in the Budget Presentation.

He said then that all is not well within the government and he wished that the clock could have turned back three and a half years.

Hood has also expressed the desire to have his seating in the Lower House changed, however (Actg)) Clerk of Parliament denied that any such official request was received.

Donald confirmed that Hood’s motion of no confidence was received by the Parliament and that it is currently in the possession of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, George Mc Guire.

A date has not been set for the next sitting of Parliament, which was in recess for the month of August.

No-confidence motion is about “greed, money and power”

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – the no confidence motion is about greed, power and money

The NNP had the opportunity to govern Grenada for thirteen years. When they were voted out of Office, they did not leave behind an economy that was geared-up, productive and strong enough to pay our debts over the long-term. Unfortunately, their borrowing was not planned to produce future streams of revenues.

The NNP fooled Grenadians into believing that things were good, but, in reality, we were living with a strong pretence of prosperity.
During those thirteen years, the world economy was in a vastly different condition. There was no persistent economic recession. At that time, the Government was able to borrow $2 billion. If that borrowing was necessary, the spending of the borrowed money was patently reckless and irresponsible. It was mostly non-productive and much of it was programmed to facilitate corruption.

It should also be recalled that by 2007, the NNP administration itself had begun to experience difficulties meeting its financial commitments.

Fellow Grenadians, I invite you to remember that all money borrowed by the NNP and this administration must be repaid. The NDC Government paid $252.2 million on the debt in 2011 and $175 million so far in 2012. Before the end of the year we must pay another $148 million.

Situations of national economic challenges call for statesmanship, patriotism, sacrifices and sound management. It also calls for faith in He, who is our sole provider. The help we need cannot come from outcasts, corrupt politicians, bag carriers and such like. Our help will not come from or through the NNP.

As a people of faith, we have to believe that God does not want us to revert to a culture of bad governance, social deficit and morally-challenged leadership. The source of our betterment is definitely not the NNP.

Structural weaknesses in the Grenada economy cannot be rectified in the short-term. Yet the facts are that Government has held the economy together well from 2008-11. This year has presented additional challenges which affected the revenue package that was intended to be part of the 2012 budget, even though the proposed measures did not include any further taxes on the people. Nevertheless, we continue to keep our shoulders to the wheel, in the interests of all Grenadians.

The filing of yet another Motion of no Confidence is the handiwork of a former Minister of Government, who has publicly advised the Clerk of Parliament that he is prepared to sit on the Opposition side of the House of Representatives. That Member has now fulfilled his desire of joining their ranks. Sadly, his first frolic is deliberately designed for the purpose of inducing anxiety and instability in our country.

It has come at a time when we are still celebrating Kirani’s Olympic Gold Medal and planning for his heroic homecoming. It has come at a time when God is openly blessing our Nation in a special way, and our duty is to give Him thanks.

In the circumstances, this latest Motion is a blatant act of disobedience and dishonour; it is highly unpatriotic, reckless, self-serving and disrespectful of the people of Grenada.
This second Motion in three months is unmistakably inspired by the NNP. It is not only intended to deny Grenadians their joy and peace, but it is also motivated by spite and a determination to pre-empt any improvement in our economic and financial fortunes.

Their assessment is that if the NDC administration increases the rate of implementation of its projects and other economic activities then that would make it extremely difficult for them to win the elections. They have therefore decided to strike now!

My dear citizens and patriots of Grenada, instability is the biggest enemy of economic development, followed by corruption. So when the NNP is not in a position to practice corruption, they peddle destabilisation. Both are anti-people, anti-development and anti-Grenada.

I ask you, to pay careful attention to the following, which were all known to the NNP, directly or indirectly, when it decided to have this ‘mischief Motion’ presented:
(I). At the very hour that the Motion was filed, Government had already signed for a grant of US$  8.5 million from the Government of the People’s Republic of China

(II). The Government of China had also signed for the reconstruction of the National Athletics Stadium, with work to commence shortly, as the actual designs are virtually complete

(III). The award of a contract to build the farm roads is now a matter of weeks to signing, with work to commence shortly thereafter by the successful bidder

(IV). My imminent visit to Qatar holds very strong prospects for economic assistance to and investment in Grenada. This visit is at the kind invitation of His Highness the Emir.

(V). The signing of a Cooperation Agreement with Trinidad and Tobago, for joint development and exploitation of our hydro-carbon resources, scheduled for the first week of September

(VI). The winter cruise season, which will bring significant earnings to vendors, taxi drivers and other service providers, is only weeks away from commencement.

The question must therefore be asked, in whose interest therefore is this Motion served? Definitely, it cannot be in the best interest of the people of Grenada.
This Motion, for which the NNP must be fixed with constructive ownership, is planted shamelessly in the name of greed, money and power.

A total of 8 votes are needed for such a Motion to be passed. The whole Nation is therefore looking to see whether and who in the Parliament would join with the NNP to assist them in accomplishing their goal.

We must not forget that after the 2008 general elections, the NNP declared that this Government would not last six months in Office. Recall also attempts by the NNP to bring down the then Nicholas Brathwaite-led NDC government through the use of money, as was disclosed to the Nation by a sitting Member of Parliament at that time.

Interestingly, we must also remind ourselves of the pronouncement by the Leader of the Opposition, in New York, just days before the second Motion was filed that there will be elections in Grenada before December, 2012.

The basis of his prediction was knowledge of the filing of the Motion and an expectation of its passage in Parliament. Notice well the consistency with which the NNP has pursued its political objectives when in Opposition.

My Dear Citizens, While individuals may backslide from their spiritual calling and turn away from service to the people, our National Anthem calls upon every citizen of Grenada to be “Ever conscious of God” in all that we do. All generations of Grenadians are challenged to be faithful, to trust and to honour God.

There may be men who think that they are more important than others and that their egos and ambitions take precedence over the welfare of the people. There may also be men who think that Grenada is theirs to rule for life. All such persons, obviously driven by spite and greed, may come together and act in concert, but they too will experience their political demise at the hands of their constituents and the electorate in the fullness of time.

The people of Grenada will not be kind to those who place themselves above the ordinary man; nor to those who are driven by power for themselves while demonstrating that the rest of us do not matter. All they need from you is your vote!

Who would have thought that in the midst of our celebrations of Olympic Gold that a few NNP politicians and conscripts would want to displace Kirani from center stage? Who would have thought that a temporary economic setback, requiring all of us to work harder and produce more, would be seized upon to make a grab for power?

Who would have thought that at the precise time that new and positive signs of improvement are before us, that NNP politicians would mis-direct themselves to sabotage the people’s welfare?
The NNP leader and his followers in the Parliament must all stand before the people guilty of being unpatriotic; guilty of inducing instability to Grenada; guilty of not wanting to see the people of Grenada prosper; guilty of robbing the peace and joy of the people. Their rejection by the people is assured.

While they are busy devising schemes and plots to gain power, we are busy on the road to ‘Producing our way to Prosperity’.

I call upon every responsible citizen to think carefully and to act responsibly surrounding this latest NNP mischief. There is no reason for panic or anxiety.

Government will not shirk its responsibility, nor would it be cheated out of its term in Office. Our resolve is to respect our democracy and the Constitution of Grenada. We will maintain the course while keeping your best interests uppermost in our minds.

I wish to make my position abundantly clear, the interests of the people must come before that of the NDC party and Government at all times. You therefore have my unconditional assurance that Government will continue to listen to your voices in determining the time frame for important national decisions as we go forward together as one people.

Chinese housing project completed

Just over three hundred low-income families would soon take ownership of housing units that have been provided by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

The keys to the housing units totaling 353 that are located at Mt. Gay and Frequente, St. George’s, and at Soubise, St. Andrew’s were officially handed over last week Friday at the Mt. Gay project site by Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, Li Jinzao who headed a Chinese delegation on a visit to St. George’s.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and the Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Li Jinzao engaged in the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon

Speaking through an interpreter, Jinzao labelled the project as a very fine example of the productive cooperation between China and Grenada.

He described the bilateral relationship existing between the two countries as being very positive in recent years, and is optimistic the joint efforts of co-operation between Beijing and St. George’s could be strengthened.

While in Grenada, the members of the Chinese delegation engaged in bilateral talks with Finance Minister Nazim Burke and other Cabinet Ministers.

Although not going into specific details about the talks, the Chinese Vice Minister said both sides committed themselves to ensuring that the restoration of the National Athletic and Football Stadium is done properly, and to bring on stream  the second phase of the low-income housing project.

A section of the low-income housing units at Mt. Gay

“We need to make sure that these are high quality projects,” Jinzao said, adding that Beijing places great importance on the quality of projects to be undertaken.

The Chinese diplomat disclosed that other projects to be undertaken by his government in Grenada would only take place after completion of the second phase of the housing project and the restoration of the stadium.

Local officials have confirmed that the policy of China is to do only one project at a time in a country that it gives development aid assistance.

Jinzao gave assurances that Grenada will be getting a much greater and beautiful athletics and football stadium than elsewhere in the Caribbean when the project is completed.

“We look forward to Grenada winning more Gold Medals after the completion (of the stadium),” he remarked.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who joined the Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce in the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon said the gift of the housing units is an indication of the harmonious relationship existing between Grenada and China.

Prime Minister Thomas stated that his ruling Congress government is committed to ensuring that the housing stock in the country is adequately addressed.

He spoke of the Ministry of Housing being engaged in a number of initiatives that are geared at assisting vulnerable Grenadians.

The Grenadian Leader said he is aware that the number of applications that have been submitted for the housing units have far exceeded what is available.

He promised that his government would ensure that a very transparent selection process is undertaken in order to ensure that the units are presented to families who meet the stipulated criteria.

Prime Minister Thomas admonished those who would be the recipients of the housing units to be grateful, and to ensure that a  high degree of integrity is maintained in all of the three communities.

Relations between St. George’s and Beijing were restored when the government of former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell dumped Taiwan in 2005 in favour of a  more lucrative package offered by China in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Prime Minister Thomas reiterated his administration’s commitment to maintaining the one-China policy as advocated by the Chinese on the Mainland.

He noted that since diplomatic relations were re-established in January 2005, the technical cooperation activities between the two countries have been progressing smoothly in several areas.

The provision of the housing units would enhance the country’s housing stock, which was substantially depleted in September 2004 as a result of the onslaught of Hurricane Ivan.

This was the first phase of the housing project that has been promised by the PRC, which, in 2005, gave a commitment to provide Grenada with 2,000 housing units.

The official agreement was signed in 2009, and construction began one year later. It was completed earlier this year.

NNP raises electoral concerns

The opposition New National Party (NNP) has accused Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of demonstrating a lack of interest in some machines that were allegedly stolen recently at the St. Paul’s Office of the Parliamentary Electoral Office.

Speaking at a press conference called by the NNP on Monday, St. Mark’s Member of Parliament, Clarice Modeste-Curwen said that the issue has been raised in Parliament on several times but the Prime Minister has not responded to it in a very positive manner.

She told reporters that PM Thomas has prided himself as the most democratic individual in the world and as such, he is duty-bound to respond in a positive way to the complaint.

“The Prime Minister needs to do something, but I look at his whole attitude when we raise it in Parliament, he’s like nothing is wrong … his whole attitude is like we in a play pen, we just playing”, said Modeste-Curwen.

St. Mark’s Member of Parliament, Clarice Modeste-Curwen and Chairman of NNP, former Deputy Prime Minister, Gregory Bowen

“…We have raised the concern, the action rests squarely in the courts of the Prime Minister. He really needs to look at what needs to be done in the interest of this country”, she added.

According to the female MP, the opposition is concerned over what they believe is the “silence that covers the issue of the stolen machine”.

The NNP officials attending the press conference told reporters that the party has written to Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson as well as to the Office of the Governor General, Sir Carlyle Glean on the issue but is yet to receive a response.

Attorney-at-Law and Opposition Senator, Dwight Horsford said that the manner in which the issue is being treated is disconcerting.
Horsford stressed that the issue is not only of grave concern but one of national importance as the unknown whereabouts of the machines could result in the interference of voters’ information.
As general elections loom nearer (2013), the opposition spokesman said all political parties in the country need to know that there is a level playing field.

NNP’s Caretaker for the Town of St George, Nicholas Steele, commented on a recent trip to St Lucia to observe the functioning of their electronic voter machines.

According to Steele, a businessman by profession, there are no problems being encountered there like what is taking place with the Grenada system.

He said the NNP visiting team discovered that the missing voter machine can affect the integrity of the system and that those concerns have been expressed to foreign embassies including the British High Commission and the Organisation of American States (OAS), all of whom have vested interest in the country’s electoral process.

The NNP is also said to be concerned that despite the Electoral Office’s promise to facilitate disabled and elderly citizens to register to vote, this has not been done.

The party claimed that if a snap general election is called that only 50% of the population is registered to vote.

The Opposition also alleged that copies of the updated voter registration lists have not been given to them by the Electoral Office for perusal and called for this to be rectified soon.

Supervisor of Elections, Judy Benoit has confirmed the robbery of two computer Central Processing Units, two scanners and two cameras from the St. Paul’s Office.

Benoit said the lost of the equipment was restricted to the offices that deal with voter registration and that would not interfere with the staging of free and fair elections since the theft only slowed down voter registration in the North East and South East Constituencies but not the rest of the country.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was called in to investigate the matter.

Carnival and Olympics gone – What next

The Carnival Celebrations this year got entangled in Court House proceedings – to decide which show could take place at which venue on the same night – and a whole lot of bad publicity preceded the events.

But the Kirani James Olympic Gold the week before clearly saved the occasion, and even added to the festivities – as it gave a lot of our people something very special to celebrate about for another four years.

Yet when I saw the Informer Page 3 of last week, the number and variety of weapons I saw displayed by the Police – as having been confiscated from persons who were stopped and searched, on their way to various shows the two or three weeks before the Carnival Monday/Tuesday – these were very frightening, and the Police Commissioner and his Team of Law enforcement officers must be highly commended, for their foresight in mounting those searches.

And the absence of any major violent incidents around the two main days and nights – must have been as a result thereof.

Since that fantastic world-beating Golden London run, our Gouyave boy has won two more 400m races in Europe – to keep the winning Red/Green/Gold Flag flying; but our people are getting restless, that after three weeks they have yet to see our Golden Champion on the Streets in Grenada – hope he would not be too much longer in coming.

In the two or three weeks before the Olympics in London – we had about three brutal killings and one suicide in these Spice Isles; since that Golden run by Kirani, and the excitement that followed the victory here in Grenada and especially in his hometown of Gouyave, the lawlessness seemed to have given the stage to our Hero Island-wide, and everywhere I passed it was all cheers and high fives.

As a few visitors on holiday for the Carnival in Gouyave remarked, they never knew there were so many people in Grenada – and it seemed all of them came to Gouyave, on that Monday night the Sixth August, Twenty Twelve.

And having safely returned to Grenada after my sojourn in London during the Olympics – on Sunday 19th August, a DJ and Carnival Band in full costumes came all the way from St. Andrew’s to Gouyave, and paraded from the Lance to the Cuthbert Peters Park, and back up the Lance before making their way home to Grenville.

And what really touched me, when I asked a small group by the park what was the occasion – they all answered as though in one voice – “we come to celebrate Kirani’s victory”.  On “Kirani Street” in Gouyave the people really and truly appreciated the very thoughtful gesture.

So now we have our Olympic Champion and World Record Holder for the 400m, for the next four years or so while we wait for the 2016 games in Rio, and Kirani continues to parade his skills in various places worldwide, and complete his studies at the University in Alabama in the U.S.A.

But while the name “Grenada” will be on everyone’s lips, once the Olympic Champion name is mentioned – the people and the conditions and state of affairs in our Tri-Island State for the next Ten Months, these will be tottering in political limbo, and at the mercy of fate and sheer hopefulness if we lucky.

And that remains so – because those in control of the seats of power are not as concerned about the good and welfare of the very people who put them in control, and whose business they are supposed to be taking care of – as they are worried about not getting another term in occupation of those seats.

And the madness about that state of affairs, is not because of the strength and good standing of the lot who are in opposition in Parliament – but because of the greed and deceitful hunger for power, by so many who have a very different agenda to please their masters.

These power seekers did a very good job in fooling our people, that they were concerned about repairing the damages inflicted by the longstanding lot of thirteen years in control.

But here we are, four years after the people fell for the nice sounding promises, and the apparent solid plans and intentions to bring changes and improvement to our people’s lives – and so very sad to say, nothing of the sort has taken place, or even in sight of so doing.  Instead it all looks very hopeless.

Looking at and listening to the happenings taking place among those eleven M.P’s, and their very close associates who must be well taken care of, it leaves one to wonder why the official opposition has to even bother to make any comments or suggestions.

Because the way things are at a standstill, people are bawling for much-needed relief and assistance up and down the country – and none seems to be anywhere on the financial horizon surrounding the Tri-Island State; all the official opposition has to do, is sit back and wait for the political suicide to take its very obvious and natural course, and then we are back to where we came from four to five years ago.

Another school year is about to begin, and while the results from the financially stable schools are very creditable, and even one or two from the traditional popular ones are also in the limelight – a whole lot of children who have passed Common Entrance, as well as hundreds who have been attending schools away from their home parishes for a year or so, they will be up against serious odds to meet the bus fares and books and a snack during their long hours from home.

And that is because their parents and guardians are not working, and just cannot make the required financial ends meet to enable them to support the young ones.

And instead of their M.P’s who are members of the Government in control of state power – coming up with programs or plans to help them overcome the financial burdens – they are busy filing motions of no-confidence in the five or six Government Ministers who are still holding the reins of power, while those break-away Ex-ministers continue to draw their M.P. salaries and doing nothing to show for same.

And the very people who voted to put them in Parliament, cannot even get a day work on the roads to care for their children and send them to school.

Something has to be wrong with that state of affairs, and whether or not those enjoying the M.P’s salaries – and doing nothing in return for the pay cheques they are cashing every month – have any bold-faced intention to offer themselves as Candidates at the next elections, whenever they are called – they should be helping families in their constituencies to try and make financial ends meet in these trying times.

Instead of helping the needy, however, they have the nerve to be carrying on about how they plan to make appropriate changes in the remainder of the wasted term.

If any number of voters in any constituency are blindfolded and crazy enough – to even help most of those defaulters to barely save their deposits, in any future elections after what they have suffered since the last one – then they deserved what they are getting now, and even more.

The joy and celebrations and euphoria over our Kirani James Olympic victory, have definitely came about at an appropriate time to help ease the pressure and tension – but that is only a passing and short-lived relief.

There could be a number of Investors in the major sporting nations, who have been very impressed by Kirani’s performance at the Olympics – and may feel and see the need to seize the opportunity to get involved in Grenada at this time, so that by the date of the next Olympics in Rio, their investment could be further boosted on the world sporting stage as sponsors in the Champion’s homeland.  But in the current political climate I cannot see this happening anytime soon.

To show their concern and goodwill for Grenada and its people – those still in control should take the bull by the horns and have the Governor-General dissolve Parliament within the next Ninety days and schedule General Elections before Christmas this year.

Whether two, three or four groups wish to contest that Election – so be it, but at least the people would have their constitutional right to choose the group they feel more comfortable with, and potential investors will have a united Government to deal with – as they travel on the Champion’s journey to the “Next Gold” in 2016.

Stevedore Dies At St. George’s Port

David Wayne Roberts – tragically lost his life while on the job

A mid-morning freak accident on Tuesday on board a vessel docked at the St. George’s Port has claimed the life of a stevedore.

The stevedore, David Wayne Roberts, alias “Baggies” was at the time engaged in offloading a shipment of cement from the Motor Vessel Sabina A which came into Port St. George since August 9 when the accident took place.

A statement issued by the Grenada Ports Authority says Roberts who is a resident of Fontenoy, St. George’s was a member of the team responsible for discharging the cargo off the ship. At the time of the accident he was stationed in the hatch of the boat.

According to the statement, Minister with the responsibility for the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) Nazim Burke, on the advice of the Director of Maritime Affairs, has appointed Ian Noel, a US Coast Guard Certified Marine Causality Investigator to determine the cause of the incident.

Officers of the Royal Grenada Police Force are also conducting an investigation into the incident.

Although information of the incident is scanty, THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that a two-ton beam aboard the vessel which is a Vincentian registered boat collapsed while the cement was being pulled out by a crane.

The vessel on which Wayne Roberts lost his life, while colleagues look on

A source told this newspaper the ball of the crane bounced the overhead beam on the hatch causing it to dislodge.

The beam fell on to the head of the 44-year old Roberts who it is estimated was about 25 feet below.

The stevedore fell on his back on top of bags of cement, and was partly covered in cement dust from the head to the feet.

The body was examined by the District Medical Officer, Dr. Susan Lambert who pronounced him dead at around 11:15 a,m.

This is reportedly the first waterfront casualty at Port St. George since 1958.
Family members view the incident as being carelessness, but are appreciative of the investigation that is launched by the GPA.

However, they are calling for the investigation to be thorough.
One family member would like to see that health and safety at the port now takes top priority on conclusion of the investigation.

The family member believes proper system needs to be put in place to cover the other workers to avoid another tragedy.

Roberts has been employed with the Grenada Ports Authority and a member of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union for over ten years.

Another winner with LIME

Lime Worker presenting phone to lucky customer

The Sports Timeline Treasure Hunt took place on the LIME Grenada Facebook Page with fans competing for a chance to win the much coveted Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.

At the end of the competition, Neville Noel was declared the Grand Prize winner. He received his prize at the LIME Bruce Street Store from representative, Cherry-Ann Thomas.

Two other runners-up, Chrislyn Wilson and Ronelle Criss were also presented with gift vouchers from Samsung, valued between $400 and $1,000.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes packed with features such as high definition display, photo/music share features, smart alert that highlights your missed calls or messages, pop up play, social tag, and more.

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII is available at all LIME stores.