De Thing Now Start

Thomas “Foopy” Morain

Thomas “Foopy” Morain

The countdown for Spice Mas 2K13 has begun with the selection of 16 Soca artistes and nine calypsonians to compete on the big stage in less than two weeks.

Both semi-finals were held at the St Andrew Bus Terminus in Grenville last week Friday and Sunday night.

Ketura “Ketura” George

Ketura “Ketura” George

The judges have announced the top performers to compete against the defending Soca Monarch, Marcus “Lava Man” James, Calypso King, Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey and Groovy Soca champion Finber “Shortpree” Andrews.

One of the top performers who will be posing a challenge to “Lava Man” is young soca sensation Jalon “Boyzie” Olive.

Nashanda “Nashanda” Charles

Nashanda “Nashanda” Charles

“Boyzie” had patrons in a frenzy with rags and flags in the air with his selection “All Aboard,” topping the list for the second time this season.

“Lava Man” faces his 2012 closest rivals “Boyzie” who placed second with a mere one point and Shem “Terror Kid” Bernard who placed third with a score of 219 (23 points behind “Boyzie”) in that competition.

Jerry “Pappa Jerry” Baptiste

Jerry “Pappa Jerry” Baptiste

The SMC/LIME Soca Monarch finalists are as follows: Jalon “Boyzie” Olive, Shem “Terror Kid” Bernard, Elimus “Inspector” Gilbert, Findley “Scholar “Jeffrey, Randy Isaac, Digaan Henry & Nyelon Williams Lil Natty & Thunda, Kelon & Kelson Ogiste Luni Spark & Electrify, Jevaungh “Lil Vaughn” John, Nekoyan “Nekoyan” Bain, Laura “Laura Lisa” Richardson, Kennedy “Kennedy” Mapp, Asim “Sylum” Bernard, Gordson “Soca Banton” Agard, Sheldon Douglas, Dave “Boogie B” Peters. Standby for the night is Kelvin “Otis” Celestine.

A total of 19 Calypsonians took to the stage on Sunday evening to try and secure a place in the finals on Dimanche Gras night to compete against seven-time calypso champion and defending Calypso King, Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey.

After impressing the judges at the St Andrew Bus Terminus, nine artistes including his closest competitors in 2012 – “Randy Isaac” who missed the crown by 12 points and third place winner and top female performer, Keturah George who was two points behind “Randy Isaac”.

The nine finalists are: Sean “Sour Serpent” Niles, Randy Isaac, Jerry “Pappa Jerry” Baptiste, Nashanda “Nashanda” Charles, Ketura “Ketura” George, Sheldon Douglas, Phelon “Smallies” Blacket, Thomas “Foopy” Morain, Kelly “Rootsman Kelly” Clyne. Standby for the night is Jermaine “Superstar” Simon.

A total of 22 semi-finalists were also selected for the Groovy Soca Monarch competition on Thursday night during the final staging of Carnival City at Fun City in the south of the island.

The semi-finalists are as follows: Kelvin “Otis” Celestine, Sheldon Douglas, Shem “Terror Kid” Bernard, Randy Isaac, Clint “Super Flying Flint” John, Wrenroy “Blaka Dan” Ogiste, Jeffrey “Scholar” Finley, Jerry “Papa Jerry” Baptiste, Laura “Laura Lisa” Richardson, Teddon “Teddy Rhymes” Mark, Kanell “Kanell” St. Clair, Gordson “Soca Banton” Agard, Bernard “Barney” Williams, Devon Flanders, Elwin “Elo” Mark, Valene “Valene” Nedd, Kellon & Kelson Ogiste “Luni Spark & Electrify”, Kellon “Luni Spark” Ogiste, Rashard “Rashard” Isaac, Chevon “Coxilus” Cox, Nekoyan “Nekoyan” Bain and Jermaine “Super Star” Simon (Carriacou Monarch).

The line up to challenge defending champion Finber “Shortpree” Andrews includes second and third place winners – “Randy Isaac” who fell 22 points behind “Shortpree” and “Scholar”, six points behind “Randy Isaac”.

The finals of all three competitions will take place at the National Stadium between August 9 and 11 at the National Stadium.


Former Female Police Officer Gives Detail of Her Rape

A policewoman who recently resigned from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has given an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper in which she alleged that she was taken to a house that is rented for senior police officers and raped.

This story was first reported by THE NEW TODAY last week.

In this issue, the paper gives a graphic detail of the alleged rape of the WPC who had asked the officer for a ride from the Gouyave Police Station to Grenville in order to take up duties.

She also identified two other senior police officers who engaged in repeated sexual abuses against her.

That (name of senior police officer withheld) is the one who actually had sex with me, hold me down and stripped me naked. I was kind of didn’t know how to handle the situation. I was kind of afraid. I was fearful as to what will happen around that time I had just passed out (from Police Training School).

I used to be in the Station (Gouyave) with the other WPC’s and them. Me and (the Senior Police Officer who was named), to be honest with you, we never had a relationship. In the way he came onto me, I looked at him as somebody who I could trust … maybe somebody who I could have related certain things to.

One time he told me that he liked me and I am a nice girl etc. He told me that he knew that we could not have a relationship but he liked me.

Around that time, even though he said that, he never made no sexual advances to me until the particular night. I had to work in Grenville… that was before they sent me down to the court. I had to work on Petty Investigation and I had that weekend off. I got the Saturday and Sunday off and I had to take up work on the Monday morning.

I had to leave Gouyave and reach to Grenville for 8 o’clock the morning dressed in uniform and the scarcity of buses … that mean three buses I would have to take. I have to take a bus from Gouyave to Sauteurs, Sauteurs to Hermitage to get dressed and Hermitage to Grenville and it would mean that I could reach late because sometimes the buses do not pass on time.

It so happen that I sit down and think about it. I decided to pass by the station. It had a WPC on duty on the diary. I say, Miss (name withheld), you don’t know any transport that will be going up Grenville area tonight, look girl I have to take up work for 8 o’clock in the morning and I don’t know what to do.

I say, “I need a ride or else I will reach to work late in the morning and I didn’t want Mr (name of officer withheld) to be on my back… you know you just pass out and you want to make sure that you do everything perfect. You didn’t want nobody write you up or charge you. When you pass out that is one of the things they do – is charge and that kind of thing.

So she say, girl, I don’t know of any transport that going up dey. I didn’t know what to do.. that was stressing me out because I want to make sure that I reach to work on time.

A few minutes after she called me back, “Miss (name withheld) look at Mr (Name withheld of senior police officer) outside dey, I hear that he going up Grenville side”. I say, “For real”. She say, “Girl, yes, why you don’t go and ask him, find out if he going there for real. If he going there then that is a plus for you.


I ran outside, I saw him standing by his van and I say, Sir, I understand that you going up Grenville side. Ah say, would I be able to get a ride please because I have to take work early the next morning and I don’t think that I would be able to make it. I understand that you going up that side and I want to know if it will be possible to have a ride please.


He (the senior officer) smile and he say, Ok, Miss (name of WPC), no problem.


According to the WPC, the senior officer indicated to her that he had to pass home first to collect something before proceeding to Grenville.


He asked me to give him about 10 minutes and to wait for him near to the Gas Station in Gouyave.


She said that shortly after getting into the vehicle, the senior officer indicted to her that he had to make a stop off at the police house at Loretto to collect something.


She said: “On the way up, he said, Miss (name withheld) just give me a few minutes, I just have to pass in the house dey and collect something. I say, OK, Sir no problem because I was excited I getting the ride because my mind rest now because I wouldn’t be reaching to work late.


She spoke of the senior officer getting out of the van and going inside the house and coming back out within a matter of two to three minutes.


The van was parked up right in front of the house at Loretto.


She said: “So he came back outside the building now and he came and tell me, Miss (Name withheld), you will have to come inside. Ah say, “Come inside, why I have to come inside? He say, “well look, ah have some clothes dey to iron. Ah say, “iron”. Ah say, “Mr. … (name withheld) you never tell me that you had to iron and I didn’t feel comfortable to come inside dey. He had me in an uncomfortable position now. I didn’t want to go inside dey in the event that when coming back out and some vehicle pass and splash their light on me and next thing you know my name in jump up already.


“Ah say Mr… (name withheld) ah go stay in the van and wait because I didn’t feel comfortable to come inside dey. So he said, well Miss …(name withheld), I have a few pieces of clothes to iron and it go take a little time. So I say, “Why you didn’t tell me that before.


According to the WPC, her superior tried to convince her to come inside.


She said, “He came and he pulled me out of the van, he didn’t do it like with force but her make sure that he held my hand and he sort of pulled me out to try to get me to come inside the house.


She spoke of the officer eventually getting her inside the house.


“So I say, Mr… (name withheld) why you must do that… ah didn’t know that he had his motives. Ah say, if you had told me that (you had to iron), I would have say, you could go ahead and iron and I could have waited and when you ready, we could have just go straight”.


“He keep saying, “don’t worry, how you getting on so. Is only me and you that dey here, nobody won’t see, nobody won’t know anything.


She said the intent of the soothing words was clearly aimed at getting her not to worry about anything.


She said that the officer was taking his time to iron each piece of clothes.


“The man taking his time, he delaying. The man take about half-an-hour on one piece of clothes. He taking his time, he was ironing his police uniform.. Ah dey, ah grinding.


She said that after he pleased himself and was finished ironing, she asked him for them to leave the building and to take her to Grenville as the time had reached nearly 10.00 p.m.


“He say, don’t worry, how you like to worry yourself so. He say, Is me and you alone that is here, nobody don’t hearing.


She said the officer then told me that he wanted to show her around the house but she said to him that she had already seen the house and wanted to go.


“I say I see the house already, let us just go. He kept saying, how you getting on so, let me just show you how the verandah build. He was making all kinds of excuses because he just wanted to brush me.


According to the WPC, the senior officer them moved in the direction of the bed and proceeded to lay down on it. He then took off his top as if to indicate that he was not busy to leave the house.


“Ah say to myself, what the ass is that? I am not trying to make excuse but I thought the very fact that I had to walk out of this house… I didn’t want anybody to see me coming out of there. It was just easier for me to jump into the van and come out from there instead of people seeing me.


“Anyhow when the man go and lie down on the bed, he ain’t studying me. He got up from the bed, he hold onto me… he embraced me with his arm and he started kissing me up and thing.


“Ah say, Mr… (name withheld) I didn’t come here for that. I didn’t scream. I am being honest with you the reason I didn’t scream is because I thought…. I didn’t want the embarrassment. I am the kind of person, I don’t like to be in embarrassing situations whereby my name has to be called or being looked about in a negative way.


She spoke of the senior officer holding her and pushing her down onto the bed.


“When I was on the bed he came over me and he jammed me with his two feet so I couldn’t get up. So I lie down and he came over me and you know men are usually stronger than women. When he jammed me with his two feet now he hold me with his two hands and kissing me up and trying to love me up.. He was able to remove my top. I was crying but I was not screaming.. Like I tell you I was trying to save the embarrassment. I didn’t want anybody hear… and the same time I was afraid and I didn’t want him to do that (have sex with me).


‘I was trying to tell him don’t do that. I say, Mr…. (name withheld) stop, why you doing that? I say, I didn’t come here for that all I did was just ask you for a ride. I say let’s go, why you doing that?


“He say, why you getting on so. It is only me and you hear… you know how I feel about you. Nobody didn’t have to know anything and that is all he kept saying.


She said that while all this was going on, he struggled with her and was able to remove her top and bras with some degree of force.


“I fighting up with him but I can’t make it with him. I struggling but I getting weak. When he removed my bra he sucked my breast, he play with it. Ah don’t lying to you that is exactly what happened. He manged to play up with the breast, suck it and do whatever.


She said when the officer realized that he succeeded in getting off the top and bras, he then moved to pull off her jeans pants.


She said that he struggled to take off the pants until one of the back pockets got damaged, it was partly ripped off.


“He ripped it off…. and I was giving trouble so the jeans pocket rip and only a little piece was hanging.


When he remove my pants from me, I still dey fighting.


Sensing that he was near to completing his mission, the officer then removed his own pants and put in onto the side of the bed.


She spoke of him then taking out a condom from a back pocket in the pants and trying to put in onto his penis.


“He came and he hold me back (down) again. With that hold, he was able to take off my panty. He hold me down on the bed so I can’t move. I try to get up but he hold me down. When he trying to put up the condom on his penis, ah dey and I giving trouble again. I don’t have to play no saint… it is not like I never had sex before. I had sex before because I had past boyfriends. Ah mean if somebody say no (to sex), you just can’t hold down somebody.


“Ah dey and I trying to run, he pushing me down on the bed. He chucking me down so I can’t move. When he roll up the condom and he finish, he forcefully put in the penis in me. I didn’t give him no consent..


She said it was a horrifying experience with the senior police officer.


“I am the kind of girl if I have sex right now… in five minutes time if I have to go to have sex again is problems because I always tight and because of that I never like sex. I always find it hurting. Everybody different. I don’t care for sex. I could live without boyfriend because I find the thing does hurt. Ah don’t like it.


The former WPC said that although the senior cop got the condom on, he was experiencing problems in entering into her vagina because it had tightened up.


“He was struggling to put it in. I cry and I cry I tell him this thing hurting me…stop please … this thing hurting.. what you doing. Ah dey and I crying and he don’t study me.. all he want to know is that he put the penis inside.


“Ah say, Mr… (name withheld) stop please. Ah begging, stop please ah don’t want to do that but he ain’t studying me.


She spoke of the senior officer then doing everything possible to get her vagina wet including playing with her breast and sucking on it.


“He did everything to get me wet because he realise that the penis was struggling to go inside. He realize that I was tight. He did everything within his powers to get me wet until eventually ah reach a point that I was so wet that he forcefully put it inside but it was still hurting.


“Ah say that this thing hurting…stop.


The resigned WPC stated that the officer had sex with her for about 10-15 minutes while he held down her hands to make sure that she could not move.


She said she kept struggling with him and along the line he lost his erection and the penis got “dead”.


“During that time I kept giving him trouble because I want him to get off me. I was giving so much trouble that he lost his erection so he got mad. So he start to quarrel with me… look at what you cause… look at what you cause.


“So I say, “What ah did. All ah tell you was just stop. What I do?


She said the officer then replied to her: “Look how you cause me to go dead


According to the officer, she thought that this was the end of her ordeal but what transpired next was just the beginning of the sexual encounter.


“When I think this is where thing end, that is when thing just start. After that the man hold me down. The man may be suck my vagina for nearly half-an-hour. I don’t have to lie… he do that.


“He suck me, he suck me. He sucked me until when.. the only time he stop is when he realize that he please himself and he was satisfied, He did it”.


Sanctions for misbehaved children

The Ministry of Education will be keeping a watchful eye on students during the Carnival season.

Minister of Education Anthony Boatswain who made the declaration during the annual awards presentation of the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Fund last week Friday said that sanctions will be imposed on students who do not conduct themselves modestly.

Minister Boatswain announced that the Ministry of Education will be looking to see how the children display themselves for carnival.

“Don’t believe you could go out there on Carnival Day, display immorality and the next day you come in the classroom as a lamb. No, we will seek you out and the appropriate sanction will be imposed,” he warned.

The senior government minister advised the nation’s children to be careful of their conduct during the Carnival Celebrations and to be selective of the friends they keep.

He indicated that there are some children who feel energized when they are part of a group which causes them to act or do stupid things.

Minister Boatswain also had a message for parents, reminding them that if they permit their children to get involved in immoral acts they are just as guilty as the younger ones.

“Please, you (the parents) have total control of your children up to the age of 18. So if they behave bad it’s a reflection of you and therefore, you will also have to stand part of the consequences,” he said.

The Education Minister pointed out that there is a belief that the Carnival Celebrations is a time “to get on wild and wassy.”

Carnival in the Spice Isle climaxes on August 12 and 13 with the j’ouvert and street parade of the costume bands.


Sale of passport legislation being taken back to Parliament

The controversial Grenada Citizenship by Investment Bill, 2013 returns to Parliament today (Friday) as the cash-strapped New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell looks for funds to build its new economy for the island.

Addressing the media during the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing on Tuesday, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nicholas Steele said that the original draft legislation was amended, passed and approved by Cabinet and it should be ready for passage at the next sitting of Parliament.

The Bill seeks to make provisions for persons looking to acquire residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following investment in Grenada.

The Mitchell government agreed to re-introduce the “Citizenship by Investment Programme” after its overwhelming 15-0 landslide victory in the February 19 General Elections.

There was controversy surrounding the country’s suspended Economic Citizenship Programme under a previous Mitchell government, which placed the country in a very concerned state after several people of questionable, and criminal backgrounds were found to have Grenadian citizenship through the programme.

Minister Steele did not disclose what the exact amendments to the draft legislation are, but said that the past concerns were addressed and approved by Cabinet.

In the delivery of the 2013 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure (Holding Budget), Prime Minister Mitchell in his capacity as Minister for Finance announced that the new programme will be tailored to Grenada’s needs and the island will take great care to attract clean and credible investors.

The draft legislation tabled by Dr. Mitchell was presented in the House of Representatives on June 28, where it received its first reading.

The programme will allow investors from throughout the world to buy Grenadian citizenship as part of Government’s commitment to building a New Economy.

The administration had estimated to earn revenue of $27 million from this programme in 2013.

A former Mitchell government was chastised and forced to abandon its controversial Economic Citizenship programme in 2001 following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

The programme was suspended due to fears that local passports could mistakenly be sold to terrorists.

It is widely believed that the selling of the passports was instrumental in Canada imposing visa restrictions on Grenadian nationals and subsequently the country being internationally blacklisted until 2002.

Under the previous Economic Citizenship programme, full Grenadian citizenship for a family of five (spouses, plus 3 children under 25) could be gotten for a sum of US$50,000, of which US$39,060 went to the Grenadian government and US$11,000 to an agent handling processing and administrative work.

There were no residency requirements, except the need to reside in Grenada for six years to be eligible to vote and hold public office.


Carbon Travel Tax – Who benefits?

By David Jessop


London, England –Two United Nations specialist agencies, the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), may this year separately agree a basis on which all carriers by sea and air will limit their carbon emissions.

Aviation is reported to be contributing around two per cent of global carbon emissions, and maritime transport more than three per cent.

At issue, is whether such reductions should result from a form of taxation involving licensing with revenue flowing to governments, or whether the industries themselves should take measures to mitigate their emissions.

Up to now, when it comes to aviation, Australia, United Kingdom, European Union, and other nations have been trying to achieve reductions by imposing solutions on aviation in a piecemeal manner.

In the case of Europe, this involved the inclusion of aviation into the EU’s wider emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS) as of January 1, 2013.

Under the regulation, all airlines entering EU airspace have to purchase or trade licences to emit above an agreed amount of carbon dioxide.

However, so far, this has had no effect, partly because the price at which carbon is traded has collapsed, but more recently because the scheme has been suspended for a year, awaiting the outcome of ICAO’s global discussions on limiting aviation emissions.

What this now means is that in September, when ICAO’s 191-member triennial general assembly meets in Montreal, governments attending are expected to consider the type of mechanism that can best be applied globally to aviation.

If no decision is taken at that time and the matter is delayed until the next ICAO assembly in 2016, then an international confrontation is expected over how best to address aviation emissions.

This is because the EU, having manipulated the carbon market, is likely to unilaterally reintroduce aviation into its emissions trading scheme, with nations including China and the US possibly then going as far as an action at the WTO against the EU.

That said, however, some recent developments may offer a way out of the potential for gridlock.

In June, airline members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) meeting in Cape Town adopted a resolution at their annual general meeting on an ‘Aviation Carbon-Neutral Growth Strategy’.

This provides a set of principles that IATA hopes governments meeting at ICAO will adopt.




In outline, IATA members are proposing a scheme that will fill the gap until new technology in the form of sustainable low-carbon alternative fuels or changes in operations and aviation infrastructure come to pass. Instead of developing a global scheme like the EU-ETS that generates revenue for governments, airlines are suggesting a system that would deliver real emissions reductions post 2020, the date by which aviation globally is required to cut emissions.

All of which is breaking new ground, as aviation is, it seems, the first industry to propose a global cap on its carbon emissions. Irrespective, the idea may prove controversial with those governments who see environmental taxation as a revenue-raising measure.

A similar situation is developing in respect of maritime transport which includes cruise ships.

Although the European Commission was supposed to include maritime emissions in the EU-ETS at the start of 2013, it announced last October it would give the IMO more time. But more recently, as an interim measure, it has now proposed monitoring greenhouse-gas emissions from all ships calling at EU ports as a first step towards a licensing system to reduce shipping emissions.

For its part, the IMO is now developing a similar approach aimed at delivering emissions reductions. However, many in the shipping industry want this linked to fuel consumption rather than a system based on emissions trading.

As for the cruise ships, they, like the airlines, are looking at ways to mitigate their emissions, not least because the US and Canada have introduced a North American Emissions Control Area, a zone extending to 200 miles offshore but much narrower where it touches The Bahamas and Cuba’s economic zones, and consequently, more favourable to home porting in South Florida.

The consequence is that for the time being cruise companies are relocating as far south as possible while at the same time investigating ways of developing new sea-borne technology that aims to scrub carbon dioxide from engine exhausts.

Whatever the final solution is for aviation or maritime transport, anything that makes travel from, to, or in the Caribbean more expensive should be of concern.

Not only does it touch the ability of citizens to travel in and beyond the region, but it affects the competitiveness of tourism, the industry that contributes most to the region’s development.

Although the amount the new measures may increase the price tickets by may not be large, taken together with other charges levied by governments, shipping lines, and cruise ship companies they combine to act as a disincentive.

Despite the growing recognition across the region about the challenge posed of adding further to the cost of Caribbean travel, it is hard to identify any awareness in the region of the changes that governments may agree at ICAO or the IMO.

What this points to is the absence of any joined-up Caribbean policy that links tourism, climate change, taxation, with aviation and maritime emissions; or any sense that these issues are related.

What has so far not happened – and in a different Caribbean this would be a role for Cariforum – is any calculation or impact study based on an in-depth locally led consultation with interested parties as to how these factors fit together and the range of likely economic outcomes.

Instead, the probability is that government, attracted by the tax revenue, will see any measure that brings fresh income as the answer, without any thought about the likely long-term impact on competitiveness or visitor arrivals, let alone the impact of Caribbean citizens’ ability to travel at low cost within their own region.


(David Jessop is director of the Caribbean Council)


Do more for the victims and their families

Many people are observing that prisoners, who would have committed heinous crimes against person or persons, are being treated with greater interest and fairness than the victims and the victim’s family.

In recent times, we have witnessed Organisation such as Human Rights Watch etc., becoming more embolden and forcibly ensuring that prisoners who are doers of serious crimes are given maximum privileges and special consideration in preference over those they have committed the crimes against.

As a result of such cozy and protective treatment to those prisoners, the would-be criminals, may be encouraged to commit similar acts against other citizens believing that they are justified in committing such crimes.

This certainly would have a negative effect on Society by way of causing lack of confidence in the Institution, which is supposed to protect us from those who would break the law.

We therefore need to ponder here and think of the implications such situations could have on the Security of our Nation.

Let me therefore call on the Human Rights Bodies to broaden their reach of fairness, which should include the victims and the victim’s families in bringing justice to all.

In conclusion, I am advising the families of victims to form themselves into a National Body, for the purpose of better representing their interest under the law in times of distress.

Let us make our society more civilised.


Martin Redhead


For a party that promised all kinds of pie in the sky deals during its past thirteen years, most of which never materialized, and to be allowed back in the driver’s seat now fooling us again sure is stupid on our part.

But it takes only an immature and impatient section of our population to have been fooled so easily once again.

During the last election campaign the NNP in its vintage form promised the sky and to bring water in a basket to Grenadians, particularly our youths who fell for it again.

Some of us who studied the NNP leader over the years would have known that this man speaks with a forked tongue, he has a history of saying whatever he thinks must be said to suit the occasion, but saying and doing the opposite when facing the reality of the situation.

Let us examine some of the things the man said that we now can identify as lies.




The NNP leader claims to have a PH.D in Statistics and Mathematics, if that is so how come he and the Youth Minister could not figure out that over six thousand young people were unemployed.

Before the elections they had a plan for the same young people who were their priority. However the man seems to believe that giving his reject boys and girls jobs as advisors and to chair state boards for thousands of dollars a month, would do wonders for the youth.

Imagine all these people are collecting pensions and in most cases more than one pension, yet every time the man opens his mouth he talks about the youth and the aged, maybe he is now starting to mix up his rejects as youths.

They called out the young people in Grenville to make a fool of them, filling out a set of forms, then they now setting the bar so high with passport and all sorts of other hurdles that already lots of the same young people getting fed up.

And to make matters worse, they increase the youth age to 38! Can you imagine? And to top it off God alone knows what will happen to the additional hundreds of young people graduating from Secondary School and TAMCC in July 2013 who will be joining the existing six thousand.




The forked tongue man ranted and raved all over the place when NDC sealed the deal with T&T on our boundaries delimitation. The man said it was the worst deal we could have got, it was a sell out and gave the impression that he would, upon assuming office, re-negotiate a new deal.

Now the man needs money so bad that he in bed with the T&T girl and she boys to try and strike oil ASAP, now he have the Trinis coming up to cement a deal on the basis of the same bad deal of the boundaries he vowed to change.

The problem is that he found himself in such a mess now, that he can’t take a chance to waste time renegotiating. NNP needs the oil money to be able to deliver.




The man, while in opposition, accused the NDC government of exorbitant travel – now every Monday morning he and the crew are on the plane and when they return it is with empty hands.

The man now in government feels he is saving the taxpayers millions by hiring old NNP rejects like the woman who owns four houses, receives two pensions, has a part time job in the south and gives her thousand of dollars each month.

How on earth could this be in the interest of the tax payers when this woman did absolutely nothing of substance that can be boasted of in a big way.

How is cutting back on waste equated with having all this huge contingent of SSU and plain clothes police all around him when he travels, as if somebody studying to do him something?

How is NNP saving the state money by paying two Commissioners of Police and two Commissioners of Prisons? How is NNP saving the taxpayers money when all the material on most of the road projects started under the NDC government has been removed, and the material now being stolen from places like Radix and elsewhere by some of their own supporters?

How is traveling to the USVI with a contingent of over seven persons to a minor conference saving tax payers money in this time? How is having a policeman stationed at the Lowther’s Lane entrance on mornings to supervise traffic into the Botanical Gardens saving us money? Was that ever necessary with the previous Prime Minister?




The forked tongue NNP leader continues to call for unity and reconciliation, he continues to call for people to make sacrifices when at the same time, he and his hatchet man in the Ministry of Finance, continue to victimize people whom they know or perceive not to be their supporters.

While the man saying unity and sacrifice in one breath he combining a list of who they need to purge from the system at the same time. How could he expect the children and loved ones of those he disposing of now to ever unite with him and his NNP?

How could he ever hope to achieve unity when the same bunch of greedy people who don’t want to see no one else but themselves and their NNP supporters live and prosper, are the ones now sticking to him like flies in honey, hoping to start the ball rolling again like the last time around even though they know there is no money.


Patriotic Grenadian



NNP false promises and bold face lies

We will deliver lies and false promises. Is Political Correctness a case of giving hope or spreading lies!

* CCC work will start by the beginning of July.

* Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent home

* There is a lot of activity on the docks

* We have a plan to rescue Grenada

* We have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the Treasury

* Busmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to town

* We will restructure the National Debt

* We will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools.

These utterances all comes on the heels of the Slogan “We will deliver”. This millstone around the neck of the Prime Minister has led him and others to launch a bold faced campaign to “mamaguy” Grenadians.

So much has been said about CCC. That project cannot start as the Quarry in Mt Hartman and the Asphalt Plant in Perseverance needs million dollar repairs. Even Humphrey gone quiet as he is waiting to get his back pay from the last contract and a chance to get some much needed dues for his union. The word is that that is not likely to happen. Ask the boy from Concord if that will happen?

Over 1700 persons have been sent home or lost the opportunity to get a little bread from the government. Ask the persons who worked at the Out Reach offices, housing and community development officers. Ask the environmental wardens, beach cleaners in Carriacou and the participants in the Youth Upliftment Programme.

The dock is a ghost town. Except for a few cement boats, there is nothing to shout about. The two projects that are holding up construction were in train before February 19th, Sandals and the NIS Office Complex.

Revenue from the Customs is down by almost $10 million. School books that have to be replaced have not been “delivered” so parents will have to” band their belly” to meet this expense.

Even the Cadet Corps are now facing the wrath of the Prime Minister. This is the best youth programme that this country has seen for the last 20 years.

The sense of discipline, respect for authority and life skills that are taught far outweighs the flimsy political character of the New and Old Imani programme.

The Cadet Corp is facing an uncertain future thanks to the Prime Minister. The plan is to starve the programme to death by saying, ‘We don’t have money”.

Our own Dr. Brian Francis, Lecturer in Economics at Cave Hill, Barbados, has said that the NNP administration has no plan to address seriously the problems facing the country. The sad thing is that many Grenadians believe the “tomfoolery”.

The Investors who were lined up before the elections have gone into hiding. Where are they? We ask Dr. Mitchell. Most large investments require government guarantees and who will accept a guarantee from a government of a country that cannot pay its country’s debt?

Further, the NNP administration is giving the impression that restructuring a country’s debt is a walk around Tanteen Playing field. It is not quite that easy. The last country to get a Comprehensive Debt Restructuring was West Germany in the 1950’s.

False hope, empty promises or bold faced lies. To each, his own.


Arthur Kallick

Putting the Revo behind us

In the June 21st 2013 edition of New Today there appeared an article by Tennyson Joseph entitled “A healing begins”. He reported that over 400 Caribbean scholars and researchers from the Caribbean and the diaspora assembled in Grenada in June 2013 for the 34th Caribbean Studies Association annual conference.

He claims that it provided an opportunity for at least three generations of Caribbean academics to reflect on the Grenada Revolution, breaking a 30 year silence. Despite this “silence”, he claims that there has been a “hodgepodge of deliberate and unplanned potpourri of misinformation, propaganda and emotive responses masquerading as analyses of the Grenada revolutionary experience.”

(One wonders how something can be both deliberate and unplanned.)

Well this is not my perception. The silence has been from all those tortured during the revolution (who have not died as a result) and from all those imprisoned without trial for daring to criticise the revolution, and from all those who suffered in various ways.

The only voices we have heard are from supporters of the revolution. Quite recently Selwyn Strachan has been going very public about teaching the young of the wonders of the revolution. I fully expect that he attended this conference.

If it was a conference of Caribbean academics you can be sure that it was a conference of leftists. The writer, Tennyson Joseph is obviously one, being a political scientist at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus.

They met not to reflect on the revolution but to promote it. Everyone present was for the revolution. The other side was not there.

Joseph claims that all delegates “left Grenada with a sense that, finally, a period of genuine regional healing had begun.” There is no healing. All Grenadians under 30 (the majority) know nothing of the revolution. For older ones it’s a case of the passing of time and of putting it behind them.


Fabian Gilbert


Professionals or house slaves

During the past years, particularly during the period 1995 to 2008 we have witnessed the complete partisan polarisation of our public service in ways we could never have imagined.

Most of us would have seen black movies about slavery and are familiar with the term house slave, a house slave is one who gets the privilege of working in the comforts of massa’s house and therefore is entitled to a little more than the other slaves.

It is sad that we have persons in the service today behaving in like manner. One such example is a big boy in the Ministry of Finance – this man has shown his political bias so openly and vulgarly that one has to question his integrity and professionalism.

It is well known that this goodly gentleman was the person served in the Ministry of Finance during all the shameful and harmful transactions of the past NNP, transactions that cost this nation millions of dollars for which we have nothing to show and lots to pay back.

One could recall such matters as the Call Center deal, the Grynberg oil deal, the Marketing Board deal, the Garden Group deal, the St. Mark’s poultry farm deal, the Capital Bank deal, the First Bank deal, the Emerging Technologies deal, SGL Holdings, the Levera hotel, Four Seasons hotel, the Trinidad petroleum fund to name a few – all deals that have failed.

With a record like that, only NDC and a man like Tillman Thomas would have allowed such an individual to stay on in such a sensitive position in our financial department after 2008.

This man who should be so thankful to God for what God allowed in his case, he should never now have the nerve to join with his Master from the west in victimising poor people all in the disguise of financial restructuring.

It was said in certain circles while many NDC supporters were calling for the head of this man that he was indispensable simply because of his level of professionalism, and that agencies like the World Bank, the IMF and others recommended him for the job and so that was the reason he could not be moved.

Whether this was true or not, these agencies were not aware of his political bias and had no knowledge of how he behaves at home on the job, they were not aware of what was going on between him and particular members of his staff.

They were not aware of the seemingly pact of allegiance made between this man and his master in the NNP, while the NDC and Nazim thought that this man was so professional all this man did was honkered down, wait out the time while doing everything possible to embarrass the NDC government and ensure it failed.

This is now plain for all to see, his opportunity to strike has come and he is surely using it well. There are those of us who believe that this man was just playing a game all along and was not interested in seeing Grenada succeed under any other government but that of the NNP.

Let us take a look at some simple facts and judge for ourselves. How can this man be called a professional when during the 4 1/2 years of the NDC the man was almost invisible on the airwaves and television when it came to speaking about the nation’s finances?

How come since after February 2013, the same man is all over the media? How professional is he when in 2007 just before the elections, he sanctioned the renewal of contracts for scores of his partisan friends, but refused to do the same since 2012 in an effort to keep out persons he perceived to be the enemy?

How professional is he when he refused to carry out the directives of the then Cabinet, and even refused to follow through on a warning letter from the then Cabinet Secretary? Is not Cabinet higher than any person in the service?

How professional is this man that while he was so taken up with doing his master’s dirty work, the country was on the way to loosing funding, funding to the tune of over one million dollars with two projects on the sister isle of Carriacou, (namely the Top Hill Senior Citizens home and the Hospital renovation)?

These projects were both approved by the funding agency that financed them, Consultants were chosen, drawings done, contracts awarded, but to date these projects cannot start because of neglect of responsibilities made by this man.

It is now believed that the funding has been withdrawn because the projects will not be able to be completed by the end of the time stipulated.

What kind of professional would not be eager to get projects started and ensure that funding made available is being used to bring benefits to our nation?

Is this their way of creating jobs for the young people of the sister isle? Was this not a missed opportunity to fulfill the one thousand jobs in the 100 days promise? Is this not a clear case of burning down the house to kill a mouse? Why wasn’t the focus on keeping the funding in place?

Shouldn’t that have been the first thing to do after winning an election, or was it more important to get rid of the perceived enemy?

This man’s excuse like most others is that he was just carrying out orders, but I would like to point out that this man is no ordinary civil servant, This man is also a man of the flock and has a duty according to the word of God to be fair and do the right thing in every instance.

This man is a preacher and every time he opens his mouth to speak at some public function he invokes God. One would expect that a man with such a background would bring his Godly influence and experience to bear on any instructions given him, and would not just tow the line like many others.

This man and others like Carl Hood is among persons who are making it so much more difficult for the unsaved to believe in the church and it’s message of love and oneness.

I wonder how this man would feel on a Sunday morning when he is up on his pulpit and see people like myself and others who he would have victimised, sitting in the pews staring at him.

Will he be able to preach? Will he be able to call on us to give to his church? Will he be able to shake our hands after the service and say God bless you with all honesty? I don’t think so.

As a person who knows better I hold no animosity against this man, nor do I wish him any harm or illwill, I simply feel that I should put this out so that Grenadians can understand what our dear little country has been going through and will continue to go through.

The difficulties we face both politically and financially, it is men like these who do not have dignity and conviction in what they preach, men who for the sake of a dollar will sell their mother to enjoy a certain status and position.

These are men who believe that money and power is everything and that nothing else matters, these are the kinds of people who are doing irrepairable damage to our dear country. It is said that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent, there is no other place this is true as here in his case.

The NNP leader pledged no politics of hate and spite this time around, but we all know that is just ole talk. We all know that this man speaks from both sides of his frilled mouth.

We are all witnessing the sending home of thousands of our people by the NNP while they are busy replacing those workers with their party supporters and activists.

The questions that must now be asked are: How does the NNP expect to unite the country by putting so many people out of a bread? How do they expect these same people to come on board and work to build the country under NNP? How do they expect to change the perceptions of those whom they are now victimising? How do they expect to attract the best minds to solve the problems of the State?

Also, is this not going to be another cycle of eat a food governance and whenever the NNP falls the cycle will continue with whoever comes,?

This is just another example of the NNP leader and lies to our people about no job victimisation. The NNP is making the very mistakes that brought them down in 2008, they have just picked up from where they left off in July 2008. Same ole hogwash in the media while they do their dirty work behind closed doors.

What I want to tell the Prime Minister is that God has given him a second chance, a chance to redeem himself, a chance to right the wrongs of the past, don’t blow it, God is not asleep and it may not require an election to remove him and his NNP, God is in charge and knows when enough is enough, so don’t gloat too much about this second chance.

You made promises, you asked for forgiveness, yet you are not willing to forgive yourself. If after all the things you have done, you have been given a second chance, don’t you believe that people like the Commissioner and others deserve one too?

Forgiveness is a process not an act, your man in the Ministry of Finance should know this and be the first one willing to teach you our goodly Doctor.

Astute Patriot