De Thing Now Start

The countdown for Spice Mas 2K13 has begun with the selection of 16 Soca artistes and nine calypsonians to compete on the big stage in less than two weeks. Both semi-finals were held at the St Andrew Bus Terminus in Grenville last week Friday and Sunday night. The judges have announced the top performers to compete against the defending Soca Monarch, Marcus “Lava Man” James, Calypso King, Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey and Groovy Soca champion Finber “Shortpree” Andrews. One of the top performers who will be posing a challenge to “Lava Man” is young soca sensation Jalon “Boyzie” Olive. “Boyzie” had … Continue reading

Former Female Police Officer Gives Detail of Her Rape

A policewoman who recently resigned from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has given an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper in which she alleged that she was taken to a house that is rented for senior police officers and raped. This story was first reported by THE NEW TODAY last week. In this issue, the paper gives a graphic detail of the alleged rape of the WPC who had asked the officer for a ride from the Gouyave Police Station to Grenville in order to take up duties. She also identified two other senior police officers who engaged … Continue reading

Sanctions for misbehaved children

The Ministry of Education will be keeping a watchful eye on students during the Carnival season. Minister of Education Anthony Boatswain who made the declaration during the annual awards presentation of the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Fund last week Friday said that sanctions will be imposed on students who do not conduct themselves modestly. Minister Boatswain announced that the Ministry of Education will be looking to see how the children display themselves for carnival. “Don’t believe you could go out there on Carnival Day, display immorality and the next day you come in the classroom as a lamb. No, we … Continue reading

Sale of passport legislation being taken back to Parliament

The controversial Grenada Citizenship by Investment Bill, 2013 returns to Parliament today (Friday) as the cash-strapped New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell looks for funds to build its new economy for the island. Addressing the media during the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing on Tuesday, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nicholas Steele said that the original draft legislation was amended, passed and approved by Cabinet and it should be ready for passage at the next sitting of Parliament. The Bill seeks to make provisions for persons looking to acquire residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following … Continue reading

Carbon Travel Tax – Who benefits?

By David Jessop   London, England –Two United Nations specialist agencies, the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), may this year separately agree a basis on which all carriers by sea and air will limit their carbon emissions. Aviation is reported to be contributing around two per cent of global carbon emissions, and maritime transport more than three per cent. At issue, is whether such reductions should result from a form of taxation involving licensing with revenue flowing to governments, or whether the industries themselves should take measures to mitigate their emissions. Up to now, … Continue reading

Do more for the victims and their families

Many people are observing that prisoners, who would have committed heinous crimes against person or persons, are being treated with greater interest and fairness than the victims and the victim’s family. In recent times, we have witnessed Organisation such as Human Rights Watch etc., becoming more embolden and forcibly ensuring that prisoners who are doers of serious crimes are given maximum privileges and special consideration in preference over those they have committed the crimes against. As a result of such cozy and protective treatment to those prisoners, the would-be criminals, may be encouraged to commit similar acts against other citizens … Continue reading


For a party that promised all kinds of pie in the sky deals during its past thirteen years, most of which never materialized, and to be allowed back in the driver’s seat now fooling us again sure is stupid on our part. But it takes only an immature and impatient section of our population to have been fooled so easily once again. During the last election campaign the NNP in its vintage form promised the sky and to bring water in a basket to Grenadians, particularly our youths who fell for it again. Some of us who studied the NNP … Continue reading

NNP false promises and bold face lies

We will deliver lies and false promises. Is Political Correctness a case of giving hope or spreading lies! * CCC work will start by the beginning of July. * Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent home * There is a lot of activity on the docks * We have a plan to rescue Grenada * We have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the Treasury * Busmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to town * We will restructure the National Debt * We will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools. These … Continue reading

Putting the Revo behind us

In the June 21st 2013 edition of New Today there appeared an article by Tennyson Joseph entitled “A healing begins”. He reported that over 400 Caribbean scholars and researchers from the Caribbean and the diaspora assembled in Grenada in June 2013 for the 34th Caribbean Studies Association annual conference. He claims that it provided an opportunity for at least three generations of Caribbean academics to reflect on the Grenada Revolution, breaking a 30 year silence. Despite this “silence”, he claims that there has been a “hodgepodge of deliberate and unplanned potpourri of misinformation, propaganda and emotive responses masquerading as analyses … Continue reading

Professionals or house slaves

During the past years, particularly during the period 1995 to 2008 we have witnessed the complete partisan polarisation of our public service in ways we could never have imagined. Most of us would have seen black movies about slavery and are familiar with the term house slave, a house slave is one who gets the privilege of working in the comforts of massa’s house and therefore is entitled to a little more than the other slaves. It is sad that we have persons in the service today behaving in like manner. One such example is a big boy in the … Continue reading