Grenada and Germany team-up to fight climate change

As a small island state, Grenada is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts including storms, floods, and droughts. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is supporting action in Grenada in the development and implementation of a comprehensive climate change adaptation strategy. In the presence of representatives of national and international institutions, the programme was officially inaugurated on April 18 by the Minister for Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Roland Bhola. Key stakeholders met April 22 to discuss and decide on essential activities for the next 12 months. Due to climate change, … Continue reading

Only 80% earmarked for Capbank depositors

A total of $500,000.00 has been budgeted by government to pay for small depositors of Capital Bank International Ltd (CapBank) but depositors will only receive 80% of their savings. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Keith Mitchell made the announcement as he delivered the 2013 budget to Parliament just over a week ago. “This Budget provides $500,000.00 to address the smallest depositors of Capital Bank. By smallest depositors, I am referring to depositors with savings accounts of $500.00 or less and net of accrued interest and any outstanding loans to Capital Bank”, Dr. Mitchell told Parliament. He said that … Continue reading

Let there be hope

From the very outset the theme of the 2013 Budget Presentation was going to lead us down a blind alley. “Restoring Hope” reminds me of the former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas saying “Help is on the way”. But then of course this is not surprising since the same technocrats who prepared the Tillman Thomas pronouncements are the ones who prepared this 2013 Budget presentation. The ordinary dictionary meaning of hope is ‘a chance that something good will happen; to want and expect something to happen or be true’. Our diet has changed from a bowl of transparency and tea in … Continue reading


It has taken no time at all, for Mitchell to put pepper in the eyes of his newly-acquired puppets who stood against him hardly five years ago. Everyone knows that Peter David, Chester Humphrey and Karl Hood are now in bed with Keith Mitchell. In each case, they had declared that they had specific problems with the party to which they then belonged, the NDC. After posturing in the Parliament for months, in the case of Karl Hood and for years in the case of Peter David, they both quit the Government that they had helped to establish. In Chester’s … Continue reading

EC$200 million to be borrowed

One of the first moves undertaken by the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell after presenting the 2013 budget is to make moves to borrow EC$200 million in an effort to try and give a boost to the island’s ailing economy. The NNP-dominated House of Representatives passed the 2013 Budget Loan Authorisation Act, which gives authority to the Minister of Finance to raise the funds. The bill, which was passed in the House last week Thursday gives the Minister of Finance the go-ahead to borrow specified amounts of money from various sources to reduce … Continue reading

We have the billion dollars budget

Although late in coming – but within the time frame in our Constitution – the Minister of Finance and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, presented the 2013 Budget in the Lower House of Parliament last week Tuesday. And by the time this is published locally, the Estimates of Expenditure for 2013 will have passed through both Houses of Parliament to become Law; and it is certain to be approved as presented, because the Government controls the majority in both Houses, so no chance of any amendment. The theme for the Budget as presented is – “Restoring Hope, Building the New … Continue reading

Britons’ shameful moment

The lady was dead. Margaret Thatcher, who dominated British political life and the transformation of a sick economy to a vibrant partner in Europe, was no more. In the words of the Bishop of London at her funeral service: “Lying here, she is one of us, subject to the common destiny of all human beings”. Common decency should have demanded respectful silence among those who may have been her most bitter political opponents. Regard for leaving Britain a better place than she found it when she took up the cudgels in 1979 should have encouraged expressions of praise and gratitude. … Continue reading

Steele lays out the foreign policy road map

New Foreign Affairs Minister, Nicholas Steele has stressed the need for respect to be shown to Ambassadors and Honorary Counsels when they are recalled following a change of government in Grenada. Steele made the statement as part of his contribution to the debate on the 2013 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure in which his New National Party (NNP) controls all fifteen seats in the House of Representatives. In his maiden speech to Parliament following the February 19 General Elections, Steele said although persons serving the country abroad as diplomats have been recalled some weeks after the NNP victory at the … Continue reading

“Flogging” Principal now House Speaker

The plight of the poor and vulnerable doubled with memories of her childhood days occupied the contribution made by Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas, in her contribution to the 2013 Budget debate. The Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North-West touched on the plight of children within her constituency who are affected by lack of resources in her maiden address to Parliament as first timer. Minister Thomas said that the lack of resources is simple inhibiting children some times from attending school as they are unable to afford a proper meal. She recounted her own life experience to drive home the … Continue reading

Sand mining returning to Grenada

Grenada’s two months old New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell will turn to beach sand mining on the island in an effort to boost the local construction industry. This was disclosed last week Thursday by Works Minister, Gregory Bowen in his contribution to the debate on the 2013 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure. According to Bowen, sand mining activities will return in at least three locations on mainland Grenada and one for Carriacou and Petite Martinique for better accessibility to consumers. “The ministry has already engaged our counterparts – agriculture and environment to work with … Continue reading