Grenada-IMF agreement: Reading between the lines

By Arthur Kallick On March 14, 2014, Ms Aliona Cebotari, IMF Mission Chief for Grenada issued a statement to the effect that an agreement was concluded with the Fund subject to a final approval of the agreement by its executive board. Since the electoral victory of the NNP In 2013, the new administration has been in engagement with the IMF so as to mobilise support for its Home Grown Structural Adjustment Program. The release describes as ‘ambitious’ the program to correct the country’s imbalance and lift sustainable growth and the public financial management reforms. My curiosity was aroused with the … Continue reading

The Ashley Line comes to Grenada

Grenadians looking for a luxury upgrade of their home furnishings now have a one-stop shopping Centre at Courts Grenada Limited (Unicomer) with its world class product line, Ashley. The company launched its new product line, “The Ashley Gallery” last week Friday evening at its flagship store on Young Street, St George’s. Unicomer Caribbean recently entered a partnership with one of America’s No.1 Furniture Manufactures, “Ashley Furniture” to create exclusive galleries across selected Court stores in the region. The new partnership creates a unique furniture gallery within Court’s Grenada Limited store and other selected stores across the Caribbean. Ashley creates a … Continue reading

Unfair criticisms

As the Chairman of the Re-branding Committee for Grenada and Chair of Ogilvy’s Caribbean arm, I feel obliged to reply to Mr Catling’s comments on the recent Ministry of Tourism rebranding of our tourism offering. I managed to track down Mr Catling before his letter appeared which made for an interesting conversation. He admitted that he had written the letter without actually having seen the new identity, which one would think, puts him at something of a disadvantage when passing comment on it in a public forum. I also discovered that Mr Catling has no experience in branding or rebranding … Continue reading

Déjà vu and Lessons of Dependency

It looks like déjà vu all over again for Caribbean countries as Petrocaribe affiliates worry over the tumultuous events unfolding in Venezuela. But “those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it”. And it seems we never learn our lessons. The current Caribbean crisis is rooted in a chronic dependency syndrome fostered by centuries of human bondage and mass social engineering. Dependency was institutionalised in the system of slavery, trade protectionism, and development policies of mendicancy and charity perpetuated by colonialism and neocolonialism. Through these mechanisations dependency became a stigma ingrained in the Caribbean psyche. History has punished us … Continue reading

Dr Mitchell: There is no alternative

While admitting that the measures adopted by his one-year old government to stabilise the local economy are tough, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has said there was no other alternative that could have been taken to address the severe economic and financial situation facing the country. With Grenada having a sluggish economy, the one-year old New National Party (NNP) administration at the start of the New Year introduced a series of austerity measures as part of a Structural Adjustment Program (SAP). Appearing on a recent edition of the “Beyond The Headlines” programme run by the Grenada Broadcasting Network, the Grenadian … Continue reading

Oh what a disappointment!!!

A registered sex offender comes into Grenada under the watch of officials of our Ministry of the Interior to include our much improved Immigration Officers. I don’t know what this tells you – but I know it tells me that we either do not have the capacity/capability to perform much needed due diligence – or we are so desperate for INVESTMENT, that we are prepared to turn a blind eye in our effort to turn our ailing economy around and DELIVER the many “empty” promises made to the unsuspecting people during the 2013 election campaign. Every law abiding and decent … Continue reading

The costly mistakes!!!

Because of circumstances I was not able to listen to the early part of the discussion but I will like to state emphatically that the Prime Minister in order to make him and his administration not look bad in the eyes of Grenadians in particular, admitted that he, his party and his administration made mistakes not only as other administrations in Grenada, but also the private sector, the Trade Unions, etc. and in like manner persons and administrations in the developed countries. I would like to point out two areas just for what they are worth.   (1). He and … Continue reading

Re-thinking Caribbean Tourism again

Most of the Caribbean tourism groups have claimed the recent change in the Air Passenger Duty (APD) as ‘a complete victory’ for the Caribbean. The ‘victory’ is hardly ‘complete’, if it is a ‘victory’ at all. Essentially, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has eliminated bands C and D from the APD application. There are now only two bands, A and B. Band A covers Europe and Band B now covers all long-haul flights. This new policy will take effect from 15 April 2015. Flights to the Caribbean from Britain will fall into Band B and this means … Continue reading

The finance looks brighter

The good news a couple weeks ago, that the Government had been rescued by the IMF and some other Financial Institutions to the tune of some One Hundred Millions U.S. Dollars in grants and loans seems to have made a whole lot of difference to the Economic road ahead. It has been well known for some considerable time now, that the state of the economy and the availability of funding for all kinds of public projects and public servants’ salaries have been giving serious causes for concern, to those in control of the reins of power. But since the welcome … Continue reading

NDC calls CBI an incest scheme

Former Education Minister, Senator Franka Bernadine has launched a scathing attack on the sale of passport programme initiated by the one-year old ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell. Addressing a public meeting of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) held at Grand Roy, St. John’s last week Wednesday night, Sen. Bernadine labeled the operation of the self-styled Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme as based on an “incestuous relationship” involving the main players. She told the large gathering that all of the persons designed as “local agents” are associated in one way with the … Continue reading