Grenfin tops at National Swimming Championship

It was 6 days of intense competition at the Good Hope Swimming Pool where over 100 swimmers competed in the 2019 GASA POWERADE National Swimming Championships from February 16th – 17th and 21st to 24th. The swimmers from the two major clubs, Grenfin and Sailfish, competed in 104 events over a period of 6 days, which was spread over two weekends. At the end of the competition GRENFIN emerged the 2019 National Champions with a total of 2101 points followed by Sailfish which amassed a total of 1504 points. The National Championship served as the first opportunity in 2019 for … Continue reading

Delay in De Bourg’s Appeal

A review of the Finton De Bourg trial has left a bitter taste in the mouth of his newly appointed attorney, Jerry Edwin who is unhappy with the make-up of the 9-member jury panel that convicted the controversial businessman/ banker on November 10, 2016, on six (6) counts of Fraud. The charges against De Bourg, a former executive member of the ruling New National Party (NNP) related to the collapsed Capital Bank International in which depositors lost millions of dollars. Edwin, a U.S-attorney-at-Law, has been retained by De Bourg to appeal the 23-year sentence that was handed down to him … Continue reading

Oleg Khomenko – the rich Ukranian investor

A multi-millionaire from Ukraine is threatening to change the physical landscape in the well-to-do area of True Blue in southern Grenada with four massive construction projects earmarked for the area. THE NEW TODAY was told that the investor known as Oleg Khomenko met last week Thursday night with about 35 residents of the area at the True Blue resorts to brief them on the scope of the projects that he would be undertaking in their area. According to a well-placed source, among the residents who showed up at the meeting to ask questions and get a briefing was leading hotelier … Continue reading


The Spice Isle was rocked by two stabbing incidents last weekend with one resulting in the death of a 35-year-old painter from La Mode in St. George’s. Dead is Floyd Olive who met his unfortunate demise after being stabbed on the left side of the chest with a knife which punctured his heart following a stabbing incident on Saturday at the popular Temptations entertainment club in the neighbourhood. The other stabbing incident took place in St. Andrew resulting in two persons being hospitalised and receiving treatment for their injuries. Information surrounding the circumstances of the La Mode fatal stabbing is … Continue reading

Ten Compelling Reasons to Make a Will

(1).To give funeral directions; (2).Your personal representative can exercise authority immediately upon your death and not have to wait until the High Court issues a grant of probate or letters of administration to deal with urgent matters; (3). To ensure that the person who manages your estate as your personal representative is the person whom you would have entrusted such a task to, and not leave it to be determined by law; (4). For unincorporated sole entrepreneurs, to provide a fair degree of ease in the carrying on of the day to day affairs of your business until your estate … Continue reading


Government and non-state actors in Grenada who are stakeholders in anti-human trafficking efforts, are being exposed to training over the next two days which is intended to enhance the local capacity to identify human trafficking and to address it. The training is organised by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) with funding from the ACP-EU Migration Action and is intended to develop a cadre of persons who can identify the warning signs that indicate the occurrence of human trafficking. Delivering remarks on behalf of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, … Continue reading

Celebrated Chess Grandmaster Visits Grenada

Chess enthusiasts in Grenada will have an historic opportunity this week to play celebrated British Grandmaster Nigel Short MBE in an exhibition match. Grandmaster Short , who was once ranked number 3 in the world (1988-1989), intends to engage, simultaneously, a maximum of 25 players in the exhibition match which takes place on Thursday evening, February 28th, at the newly opened Grenada Olympic House in Morne Rouge, on which occasion a Grenada Chess Association (GCA) will also be launched. Thursday evening’s activities begin at 5.00 p.m. and the event is open to all Chess players and persons interested in being … Continue reading

Maduro crossed the line!!!

The news that a U.S media outfit was detained in Venezuela on Monday during an interview with the country’s President Nicolas Maduro is rather unfortunate. THE NEW TODAY is categorically stating from the onset that Mr. Maduro has crossed the line where democracy is concerned and should be treated as a leader who is lacking in common decency and is prepared to use repressive means against those who hold differing views. Why would you allow someone into your home and then detain him? Doesn’t this remind us of the brutal slaying of the dissident Saudi journalist who entered his country’s … Continue reading


Opposite Real Value Supermarket in Grand Anse, there is a road that leads down to the beach. If ever you followed that road and went down to the beach, then the only place you ought to be is CUMIN-UP. Here’s my story: I decided it was a really hot day so I ventured down to the beach to take a much needed dip. That being done, the next item was to get myself a cold beer and relax a bit before heading homewards. Looking around, I observed a few folks sitting around tables pretty close to the beach. They all … Continue reading

All sides of the Revo!!!

Our true history needs to be told for the HEALING to begin. We avoid future mistakes only when we dissect the past and learn from our shortcomings. As we approach the anniversary of the March 13th Revolution, I want to ask all Grenadians to cast aside political leanings or personal feelings and take an unbiased look at what really happened…..the good, the bad and the ugly, during those four and a half years of the Revolution. In hindsight, we can now see the political power play, the jockeying for position, with ambition and ego running rampant, as the interests of … Continue reading