Funds allocated to the new Ministry of Climate Resilience

The Grenada Parliament has taken steps to ensure that there is funding for the newly created Ministry of Climate Resilience, the Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, Disaster Management and Information. The Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) which won all 15 seats in the March 13 general election has passed the Appropriation (2018) Amendment Bill (2018) to provide the necessary funding for the ministry headed by Senator Simon Stiell. The bill seeks to re-allocate some of the EC$1.1 allocated in the 2018 budget for the period January 1to December 31 from the different ministries to the new ministry. This re-allocation of $17.4 … Continue reading

Man Buried by Gravel

One man was reportedly killed Wednesday when he was covered up by falling gravel from a pit in the Mt Rush area. THE NEW TODAY understands that the pit is located near to a site where the National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has some water tanks. The man has been identified as Steve Marcel who is from Paradise in St. Andrew. Marcel was living in the Darbeau area with his female companion.A source said that Marcel often visited the pit on early mornings to get gravel to sell for some building contractors. Neighbours got worried when he was not … Continue reading

Forum for Financing and Development

Dear Mr. Editor/News Director, I write to you in my capacity as Chairman of the Grenada Jubilee Committee and Coordinator Jubilee Caribbean. In April, I went to attend a side event at the UN to attempt to get the Call of Jubilee Caribbean known to many of the bodies meeting at the Forum for Financing and Development. The call of Jubilee Caribbean came out of a March Workshop held in Grenada to discuss the vulnerability to natural disasters of small island developing states and their debt burden. The Call of Jubilee Caribbean urged the Governments of the Caribbean and the … Continue reading

Focus for senatorial debate on Grenada second CCJ/Referendum

Grenadians are again faced with a one-sided House of Representatives and an expeditious manoeuvring to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Despite the politically-dominated configuration of the Senate and regrettably with it having a gross bias to the governing party, in accordance with section 24 of the constitution of Grenada, the merit of the Senate must be appreciated in terms of it having to provide a sober and technical approach to the various debates on the legislative and financial policies of the government, as well as to provide oversight scrutiny … Continue reading

Top Cop to Pay $98, 000 in Damages

The Court of Appeal has maintained a High Court ruling against Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Michael Francios, who was ordered to pay a sum of $98, 000 to Ryan Richards following a motor vehicle accident almost a decade ago. The 34-year-old man was struck by a motor vehicle on January 18, 2008, driven by ACP Francios, as he alighted from his omnibus, which was parked on the right side of the Westerhall/Petite Bacaye main road. Female high court judge, Justice Madam Justice Margaret Mohammed ordered the top cop to pay the money for pain and suffering to the victim … Continue reading

Protect Your Children!

“Janet, come here!” called her mother. “Go by Uncle X and tell him to lend me his hoe.” Eight year old Janet ran off to Uncle X. Does Mother really know if Uncle X can be trusted? Maybe or maybe not. Uncle X appears to be a very pleasant man. He offers Janet sweets, gives her money, and at times invites her to sit and watch TV or play online games at his house. Janet is from a poor family so she is happy to accept Uncle X’s offers and invitations. Her Mom does not object because X is Janet’s … Continue reading

Problems with Intra-Regional Travel feature at CDB Meeting

The thorny issue of air transportation in the region was featured highly at the 48th annual Board of Directors meeting of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) held in Grenada last week. Addressing the opening ceremony last Wednesday at the Grenada Trade Centre, host Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell made another call for the boiling issue of regional air travel to be addressed by the Governors and for there to be a reduction in cost of travel throughout the region. “I have long advocated that we urgently need to reduce the cost of intra-regional air travel. I echo my call made … Continue reading

Bishop Harvey – Child Sexual Abuse is unacceptable

Grenada’s Roman Catholic Bishop, Trinidad-born Clyde Harvey has expressed grave concerns over the rampant occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse in the country. Making an appearance on a local radio station, Bishop Harvey said he is hopeful that Catholics are not involved but are exuding better morals than what is being displayed very often in the country with sexual abuse of children. However, he said that while he holds out hope, he will not be fooled into thinking that members of the Catholic church are not involved in this depraved act. According to Bishop Harvey, who this month is officially celebrating … Continue reading

National Ozone Unit Hands Over Climate Smart A/C Units

Thirty (30) energy efficient and ozone-friendly air conditioning (AC) units were handed over to be used by beneficiaries from the public and private sector in Grenada as an initiative of the “Cool Contribution fighting Climate Change” (C4) project. The ceremony took place in the presence of Minister of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation, Gregory Bowen at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens. Among the officials present were Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Patricia Clarke, Head of the GIZ Programmes in Grenada, Dieter Rothenberger, and the head of the National Ozone Unit (NOU), Leslie Smith. … Continue reading

“Jughead” placed on $20, 000 bail for rape and sexual assault

Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill has granted bail in the sum of $20, 000 to alleged sex offender Wendell “Jug Head” Ledlow, 50, who is facing indictable charges of Rape and Indecent Assault. Ledlow, who is a painter by profession, was denied bail when he made his first court appearance on May 15, before the Chief Magistrate, who sits at the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court. The Williamson Road, St. George’s resident found himself in trouble with the law after allegedly raping a 72-year-old disabled woman at her Cemetery Hill, St. George’s residence on May 13. THE NEW TODAY understands … Continue reading