Two Guyanese Fined for Cocaine

Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill has imposed hefty fines on two Guyanese nationals who were caught by police with cocaine in separate incidents on the island.

Derrick Patterson – caught outside a popular spot in the south of the island

The two are Derrick Patterson – a brother of Guyana’s Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson and the other is 71-year old Haniff Bacchus, a retired construction worker of Georgetown.

The 47-year-old Patterson was last week Thursday fined EC$75, 000 for the offence of Cocaine Trafficking and Bacchus was fined $50, 000 for possession of cocaine.

The sentence was handed down on Patterson by the Chief Magistrate after he pleaded guilty to trafficking in 2.325 kilograms of Cocaine.

Patterson, who is employed as a Valuation Surveyor, was apprehended by Members of the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), just after 9.00 pm on May 2, after the illegal substance was found inside the vehicle he occupied, while at the Umbrella’s Car Park in Morne Rouge, Grand Anse.

Police recovered the drugs, which carries an estimated street value of $232, 500.00 inside a plastic bag on the floor, in front of the left front passenger seat of a vehicle registration number PAD981, which the Guyanese man rented for use while on island.

Guyanese Attorney-at-Law Darshan Ramdhanny, who represented the suspect, urged the court to impose a non-custodial sentence because Patterson had expressed considerable remorse for engaging in such a “stupid act.”

Attorney Ramdhanny informed the court that the accused who were imprisoned for close to 1-month is an outstanding member of the Guyanese society, as well as the owner and manager of a construction firm, a security firm and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a prominent Church in the South American country.

“He is a man of positive good character (and) he realises that he has done perhaps the silliest thing in his life,” the attorney told the Chief Magistrate as he pleaded his client’s case.

The lawyer also pointed to Patterson’s previous clean police record in making a plea on his behalf.

Haniff Bacchus – nabbed at the airport with the illegal drug

Information revealed at last week’s sentence hearing indicated that the father of 4, received US$1, 000 from another individual to collect the illegal substance from another individual on the island.

“His task was to collect the substance from another individual, park the car and leave it open so that the other individual could come and collect it,” Attorney Ramdhanny told the court as he outlined the degree of his client’s culpability in the case.

The police swooped down on Patterson, while he sat in the rental at the Umbrella’s car park, waiting for the individual to pick up the cocaine.

The court held the view that persons caught with large quantities of drugs should be sent to prison as a penalty.

However, Chief Magistrate Gill considered the application put before her by the seasoned attorney and imposed a non-custodial sentence to be paid forthwith and in default serve 3 years imprisonment.

In addition to the US$1, 000, which he was allegedly paid to make the transaction, US$900.00 was also found in the possession of Patterson.

The Chief Magistrate also ordered all the monies found on the convicted man be forfeited to the state.

Patterson reportedly came to Grenada for a short visit accompanied by 2 of his friends and was due to depart on May 4, some 2 days after he was caught with the cocaine.

In the case of Bacchus, he was caught trying to leave the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) at Point Salines with the illegal drugs.

The fine that was imposed on him by the Chief Magistrate meant that he escaped a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment and or a fine of 3 times the value of the EC$342, 727.23 worth of cocaine that was found in his possession.

The retired Construction Worker was slapped with a Drug Trafficking charge after he was nabbed at the airport with 3 kilograms of cocaine on May 5.

At his sentence hearing last week Thursday, the fine of $50, 000 was imposed on him by Chief Magistrate Gill and he was still held at the Richmond Hill as the money was not paid.

The elderly man, who has restricted mobility and uses a wheelchair to navigate around, pleaded guilty to the cocaine offence on May 18.

Assisting him in the matter was Attorney-at-Law Derrick Sylvester, who advanced an interesting argument before the court that based on Bacchus’ multiplicity of medical complaints, ranging from HIV to Diabetes and even severe heart complications, he should be considered for a light sentence.

The attorney went through the medical records of the elderly man, who has been living with HIV virus for the last 10 years and urged the court to impose a non-custodial sentence, noting that a sentence of imprisonment could prove to be very challenging for the staff at the Richmond Hill Prison.

Attorney Sylvester cited several points of law including section “5-131, Sentences and Orders on Conviction (of the) ARCHBOLD CRIMINAL PLEADING EVIDENCE AND PRACTICE (2012), SWEET & MAXWELL, THOMPSON REUTERS,” which states that “an offender’s serious medical condition may enable a court, as an act of mercy in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case rather than by virtue of any general principle, to impose a lesser sentence than would otherwise be appropriate.”

To support his argument, the criminal defense attorney called to the stand, Officer in Charge of Operations at the Richmond Hill Prison, Superintendent Rupert Neckles to give testimony about the challenges that were already being faced at the prison.

According to the prison officer, inmates had to assist the 71-year-old to move around the facility, as well as to and from the holding cell, which was assigned to him.

Additionally, the prison officer said, based on Bacchus’ medical condition, he had to be transported to the St. George’s General Hospital twice for treatment since he was placed on remand at the institution by the court.

“The medical staff at the prison foresee some serious challenges if the Guyanese national was to stay there,” the head of prison operations told the court.

Attorney Sylvester acknowledged that a case like this one would normally attract a custodial sentence but based on the peculiar circumstances urged the court to allow Bacchus to pay a fine and not spend the rest of his twilight years behind bars.

The Chief Magistrate eventually imposed the fine to be paid forthwith, with a default sentence of 3 years imprisonment.

She also expressed appreciation to Attorney Sylvester for his well-researched submissions.

Bacchus, who was vacationing on the island found himself in trouble with the law, after a detailed search of his Jet 3 ultra powered wheelchair revealed a false 8 x 12 inch compartment, where the illegal drugs was found individually wrapped in 4 rectangular packages.

The individual packages weighed 2.55, 2.56, 1.18 and 1.21 lbs, respectively.

According to the evidence presented to the court, police began to suspect the senior citizen when he insisted that he must be allowed to board the plane with his special wheelchair instead of the regular wheelchair, which he was given after he was informed that he would have to check his power chair in as a piece of luggage as he could not board the aircraft with it.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that at the time of his arrest, Bacchus, who came from England and stayed on the island for approximately 3 days, was preparing to board an Air Canada flight number AC1733, outbound to Canada to visit family members.

A prayer for my nation

Father hear my prayer!

I want to say a prayer to the Lord for my Nation Oh Father! Oh Father!

I want to prayer for the PM to turn back to GOD Because with lack of guidance a Nation falls, But victory is won through many advisors

Living conditions are so terrible for the citizens of this country.
Youth are qualified but yet there is nothing for them to do.
Lord you know the Devil always have work for idle hands

Stop our land from being sold to foreigners from right under our feet.
Lord we are seeing lots of action but no progress
Remove the sin of Political Correctness which is substituted for Spiritual Correctness

Lord, remove the Leaders, Teachers and Influences who have taken our Nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique to its present direction.

Raise up a new Media
Remove those who have tried to shape our Nation in their own image rather than yours
Father, bless our Leaders who love and follow you
And by loving you, love your people and respecting our Country.
Depose and dismiss those who don’t or won’t.

Please remove Tyrants and Godless men and women from heads of Government all around the world.
Father defeat the strongholds of the Principalities and Powers over this present darkness.
Bring in the Kingdom of Light.

Release us by the Blood of Jesus into the ineffable freedom of the Son of God.
Thank you for giving us our lives in Christ
We stand with you to reign with Christ until all your enemies are under your feet.

Defeat the Demonic Hordes once and for all.
Bring the world to your Throne of Mercy and love
Destroy evil wherever you find it



Local clubs excelled

The Leos and Lions Clubs in Grenada excelled in Zone 3C (comprising of Clubs in Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, including Union Island), as well as in Sub District 60B, comprising of Clubs in 13 countries, starting from the Cayman Islands in the North, all the way to Grenada in the South.

Leo Athenia Thomas receiving award from Region Chairman

Awards were given at the recently held Zone and District Meetings in Union Island and Antigua, respectively.

Awards for the Zone were presented by Zone Chairman Lion Loriann Lewis from Grenada and those for the District were presented by District Governor, Lion Sherwin Greenidge from Barbados.

The Leo Club of St. Andrew’s was awarded the Most Outstanding Leo Club in the Zone and District.

Leo President, Athenia Thomas also copped the title of Most Outstanding Club President of the Zone and District.

Leo Terrisha Walcott of the Leo Club of St. Andrew’s was the Secretary of the Year for the District, while Leo Camilly Henry of the Leo Club of St. George’s was the Secretary of the year for the Zone.

Leo Camilly Henry was also awarded for her contribution to the Region Scoop Magazine – a monthly bulletin which highlights the work of the Clubs in Region 3, comprising of Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Barbados and St. Lucia.

Leo Terrisha Walcott receiving award from Region Chairman

The Lions Club of St. George’s was awarded for exceeding the District Governor’s goals of three new members per Club for the year, with the Club having added four members for the year.

The Lions Club of St. George’s was also awarded Most Outstanding Club of the Zone, with Club President Hyacinth Jeremiah copping the title of the Most Outstanding Club President.

Lion Hyacinth who is also the Region Chairman for Region 3 was awarded the Region Chairman of the year.

Gov’t is ready to help young offenders erase minor criminal records

Grenada has taken a major step forward in erasing the criminal record of persons committing minor offences in the country.

Members of the rehabilitation of Offenders Boards that will be responsible for facilitating the process of expungement

A five-member Rehabilitation of Offenders Board has been set up under the Chairmanship of Attorney General, Sir Lawrence Joseph to facilitate the process since the Parliament passed the Bill on November 1, 2017.

The board is also made up of representatives from the Criminal Records Office (CRO) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), the Prime Minister’s Ministry, Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Sir Lawrence told reporters at a press conference at the Ministerial Complex that the board was set up to receive applications from convicted persons who are desirous of having some of their offences declared to be spent and expunged from the records of RGPF.

He said that certain conditions must be adhered to in order to enable the process to take place since the act excludes some criminal offences for consideration.

According to Sir Lawrence, among the persons who will not be considered are those with convictions for murder, voluntary manslaughter, rape, robbery with violence, arson, any indictable offence carrying a penalty including imprisonment for a term of 15 years, a sentence of imprisonment for life, as well as a term exceeding five years.

The Attorney-General explained that under the act the period of the rehabilitation for an offender whose sentence has been spent varies depending on whether they are an adult or a juvenile.

He said: “A fine or other non-custodial sentence subject to rehabilitation under this act, the period of rehabilitation of adults is four years and for juveniles two years. For a sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, the period for rehabilitation for an adult is six years and period of rehabilitation for a child is three years. A sentence of imprisonment for the term of six months or more but not exceeding five years, an adult will have to remain rehabilitated for 10 years and for a child its five years”.

The government’s principal legal advisor pointed out that the act seeks to expunge the records of youngsters with minor infractions of the laws.

“There are several people, who are in their youth especially, committing minor offences – for example, obscene language or you might smoke a ‘spliff’ and with these offences, even though you have been sentenced for a month in jail or two months in jail, these offences remain on the records and if someone wants to get a visa to go the United States of America or they want to pursue some scholarship to go to England or some other country, these records inhibit them from obtaining their necessary desire…”, he said.

“…As a consequence, this act now comes into play…they do not have to put those offences which were expunged from the record on the application. If they have been convicted for some offences, those records cannot come before the court as previous offences”, he added.

Interested persons can begin to take advantage of the initiative by paying $50 for the application forms at the Ministry of Legal Affairs on H.A. Blaize Street, district revenue offices around the island, and all police stations.

Government looking for suitable accommodation to house High Court sittings

Attorney-General, Dr. Lawrence Joseph has confirmed that an unhealthy air condition system coupled with radiation leaks at the Cable & Wireless Building on The Carenage have brought a premature halt to high court sittings at the moment.

Attorney General, Sir Lawrence Joseph

Speaking to reporters in St. George’s, Dr. Joseph announced that the Bureau of Standards was called in to look at the situation and it was discovered that the building is adversely affected by Radiation.

He said that the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is looking for a temporary building to house the court for the next few weeks.

“…A decision has been taken to close operations of the courts for the week and … to look at other accommodation to have the court sit for a short period, maybe three weeks, four weeks or whatever, until a final determination is made with regards to where the courts will sit eventually”, he added.

The Attorney-General disclosed but without giving details that a building has been identified by government to house the courts for a few years until a permanent Legal Complex is constructed.

“I don’t think it’s wise for me to call it (the name of the building) now because no form of arrangement has been made but a particular building has been identified with regards to housing all the courts – that’s for the medium term…two years, three years, four years but ultimately government has a long-term plan with regards to establishing a Legal Complex to house courts and registry and so forth,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY has been reliable informed that the Mitchell government has set its eyes on South City Plaza at Grand Anse that is owned by imprisoned businessman, Finton DeBourg.

Dr. Joseph told reporters that a decision will also have to be made by government on the Lime building in light of a year-to-year lease agreement with Cable & Wireless for its use.

The Court of Appeal is currently sitting in Grenada and was forced to use the newly renovated Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property Office) CAIPO Building on Upper Lucas Street, St. George’s to hear matters.

Face the facts!!!

A recent spike in gun-related violence in the country has resulted in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) calling on the public for assistance in terms of information to help control the situation.

With only five months gone in 2018, the island has seen an over 300 percent increase in crimes committed by firearms and with most of them being illegal weapons.

The police are cognisant of the fact that the presence of the firearms could be linked to the illegal drug trade in Grenada and neighbouring countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

THE NEW TODAY was told by a major underworld figure many years ago that drug men cannot run a successful business without cover from the cops themselves.

This newspaper is not suggesting that RGPF is full of bad apples and that many of their members are on the payroll of the drug men.

The police have arrested some of their own who were caught in the illegal trade as recently as a few weeks ago when a low-level police officer was intercepted by members of the Drug Squad with a large quantity of ganja that was taken off a boat that came into the Grenville port from Carriacou.

The problem for the law enforcement officers is compounded by a special relationship that is known to exist between the drug men and politicians in the country and seemingly growing on an increasing scale.

It is sad when some people would seek to praise the drug baron who was executed in Telescope two weeks ago as a “Community Leader” and someone who gave generously to villagers.

This is often the modus operandi of these so-called gangsters who seek to maintain their sphere of influence by sharing some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor in the community.

The execution of the so-called “Community Leader” in Telescope is bringing directly to the fore the special relationship this alleged drug man had with members of the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Another newspaper carried a photograph of the “Community Leader” in its weekend edition adorned in the colours of the “Green Machine” as President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey now likes to refer to the NNP in which he now has a special political relationship.

This man was a “hoodlum” as far as RGPF is concerned but was seen as an untouchable as he had managed to forge a strong political association with powerful figures within the ruling party.

THE NEW TODAY has been aware for some time now that a lot of drug money has been making its way into the political process by the growing relationship between persons associated with illegal drugs and guns and the politicians.

With that being established, the hierarchy of the police force should understand quite clearly that they have to reign in the politicians if they want to control the flow of illegal firearms and drugs in the country.

However, are the lawmen in a position to lecture the political directorate of the NNP on this very sensitive matter? This newspaper has grave doubts.

It is very questionable that even the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) would have had a file on this so-called “Community Leader” from Telescope and the source of his income for obvious political reasons.

It might boil down to one trying to bite off the hands that feed him/her.

This is the kind of dangerous relationship that the politicians and moreso the NNP has been able to cultivate over the years with many shady characters to help build the “Green Machine” and to maintain its political stranglehold on the country.

Telescope is not the only area in the country with a so-called “Community Leader” that runs a thriving drug business and gets protection from armed thugs surrounding the drug barons similar to the garrisons in Jamaica.

These hoodlums provide the cash money for politicians to buy sugar, rice and other “poor people” food to control villages and get their votes every five years in national elections.

The politicians are also openly encouraging the illegal activities taking place in some of the “hot spot areas” in the country where the illegal guns and drugs can be found.

Some of the politicians can be seen going around with as part of their entourage the very elements in the society who have been charged by the police for illegal activities including guns.

Which police officer dare confront these politicians now in power to stop this practice?

It is time to face the facts – the presence of guns and drugs can be traced back to the special relationship existing between these so-called “Community Leaders” and the political directorate.

The people are not fools and would be afraid to give sensitive information to a police force that is not totally trusted on matters of drugs and illegal firearms given the persons involved in the business.

Brandon Charles fined $20, 000 for drugs

A Grenadian-born New York resident was on Monday fined $20, 000 to be paid forthwith or face in default a prison sentence of two (2) years after pleading guilty to a charge of Conspiracy to Import 6 pounds of marijuana into the country.

New York resident Branford Charles, who accepted full responsibility for the drugs found in barrel at AmeriJet warehouse

The sentence was handed down by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill on 44-year-old Branford Charles, who is originally from Bonair, St. Mark but has been living in New York since migrating there at the age of 18.

Charles, who holds a multiplicity of jobs in the United States, along with 26-year-old Disc Jockey, Brian ‘Jabba’ Charles of Woodlands and member of The Progress Party, Basil Williams, were all apprehended by police in connection with the illegal substance, which was found concealed in a package inside a barrel that was in the process of being cleared at the AmeriJet warehouse at Frequente, St. George.

The 6 pounds of marijuana, carries an estimated street value of $34, 000.

Williams and Jabba were apprehended on May 3 and May 4, respectively, while Charles was apprehended when visiting them at the South St. George Police Station on May 5.

The trio were initially slapped with charges of Conspiracy to Traffic a Controlled Drug and Conspiracy to Import a Controlled Drug, however, only the charge of Conspiracy to Import a Controlled Drug was read out to them when they appeared in court on Monday.

“Jabba” and Williams pleaded not guilty to the offence, which was accepted by the Police Prosecution led by Corporal 764 Boris George, who discontinued the charges against them.

The two stayed back in court to hear the outcome of the case against the other co-accused.

Police Prosecution dismisses drug charges against Brian “Jabba” Charles

Criminal defense attorney, Derrick Sylvester, who represented Charles in the matter, objected to the Police Prosecution repeating evidence that was given by “Jabba” and Williams during police interrogation, as the matter against them was dismissed.

This point of law was upheld by the Chief Magistrate, who did not allow Cpl George to unveil some key evidence in the case.

It was revealed that Charles, a father of 3 who frequents the island at least three times a year, had the barrel shipped to Grenada on someone else’s name as he was not sure he would arrive in time to do the processing of the documentation at Customs himself.

There are unconfirmed reports that the barrel was shipped from New York in the name of Williams but “Jabba” was the one who went to get the paperwork done to get it cleared.

Attorney Sylvester argued that “the extent of his (Charles) participation in the offence was minimal” and apologised for the offence on his behalf.

Police Prosecution dismisses drug charges against Basil Williams

With a smile on his face the drug accused stood up in the dock and apologised to the court for his actions.

In considering the aggravating and mitigating factors in the case, Charles who has one previous conviction dating back to 2011 for Causing Harm, was treated by the Chief Magistrate as a person who has no record of convictions.

The accused managed to escape the maximum sentence which is a fine of $250, 000 or 3 times the value of the drugs and or a maximum of 7 years imprisonment.

Accompanied by a police escort, Charles walked calmly out of the court without handcuffs, following the sentence hearing.

He is expected to remain in police custody or sent to the Richmond Hill prison until the $20, 000 fine is paid in full.

RGPF needs help in solving shooting incidents

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is requesting the assistance of the General Public in wrapping up investigations into the four unresolved gun violence cases that have recently plagued the country.

Head of Crimes, ACP Trevor Modeste and Officer in Charge of the CID, Supt Earl Dunbar updated the media on where the force is in terms of solving recent shooting incidents

Eight gun-related incidents have occurred on the island in two months forcing the police force to express concern over this unprecedented record over the years.

Although a number of arrests and charges have been laid with the arrest of some persons, Head of Crimes, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Trevor Modeste and Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Superintendent Earl Dunbar told reporters at a press briefing last Wednesday that the lawmen are yet to solve four of the gun incidents.

The unsolved cases are the March shooting at Belmont, St. George where one man lost his life, the April shooting in Victoria, St Mark, where two persons were injured with one bullet, another shooting at Mt. Parnassus, St. George, where one person was injured and the recent execution in Telescope, St. Andrew where a political activist of the ruling party lost his life.

The two senior police officers conceded that there could be a possible link in the hike of gun violence in the country to the illegal drug trade.

According to ACP Modeste, the guns are seemingly coming into the island from as far away as the United States.

He said: “Based on the weapons that we have recovered, the guns come from as far as the United States, they come from St. Vincent, they come from Venezuela, they come from all around and it is possible that it is due to the drug trade or the importation through barrels. Yes, they have been linked to other crimes committed in other countries”.

ACP Modeste suggested that there could also be a “copy-cat” effect happening in Grenada with the gun crimes that are being committed on some of the other neighbouring islands.

“What you have to understand is that there is a trickling effect and also in criminalistics, you have something you call Copy Cat Syndrome where something happens in another country or something happen in an area, criminals will copy. If you look at some of the incidents, you can definitely see the likeness of similar cases in other Caribbean Islands…”, he said.

“If you look at the demographics in regards to persons carrying out those violent crimes and the action of those persons carrying out violent crimes and the investigating of those persons carrying out violent crimes, you will see that it is similar to the crimes that are committed in other countries. And you can see that it was prevalent in other countries but it was not happening here and you can see a nexus also, you can see that they are linked with the other Caribbean Islands,” he added.

Supt Dunbar dismissed the notion held in some quarters that the persons involved in the unsolved gun crimes are non-nationals.

He said: “So far the persons that were detained regarding those investigations are locals. There is nothing to suggest or indicate thus far that the crimes committed involved non-nationals and hence the reason we are continuing with investigations.

“We are looking at all of the information that we have received and once we have exhausted those information, then maybe we might think otherwise but currently I do not think it is safe for us to say that it involves non-nationals…”, he added.

Supt Dunbar made another appeal to the public “to help us in solving these four particular crimes where we believe that there is still information out there that can assist us in solving those crimes”.

The RGPF has so far for 2018, confiscated four firearms from the community.

Boyzie plans to capture his fifth consecutive soca title

Four times Soca Monarch, Jalon “Boyzie” Olive has sounded a warning to those who are seeking to take away the crown from him that they can expect a tough fight.

Boyzie who recently captured the OECS Soca Monarch Title for the second consecutive year told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that he is going for his fifth crown for Spicemas 2018 in August.

Boyzie – has no intention of disappointing his fans for the 2018 season

The 24-year-old entertainer announced that his season will begin on Saturday with the holding of ‘Crave’, a soca show which will officially launch him into Spicemas 2018.

“2018 is the year man – this year we’re going for number five and we’re going real hard,” said Boyzie who indicated that for him 2018 is the year of “pure energy”.

“If you know me, you know my thing is just mas. 2018 – get ready for Bacchanal…”, he quipped.

The St. Patrick artiste disclosed that his top rendition is called “Possess” and sought to assure fans that he will not fail them on Soca Monarch night.

“Right now, the song cooking – we get the ingredients, so we just ready to put the pot on fire,” he remarked.

On Soca Monarch night when he is defending his title, Boyzie said that the strategy will be the same and to see everyone as “my competition” and has no intention of underestimating anyone of the artistes who will be competing on the stage.

“I work best under pressure because I don’t take anything lightly. I don’t take any competition lightly so I go through every year as a year of a different vibes and a different energy.

“I go to competition thinking that everybody is my competition. I don’t look at one man and say ok that is the competition because remember competition is on the night – one mistake you make and then you’re gone off. You can’t take any body lightly, you just have to go out and do what you do.

The top local soca star disclosed that he is working on collaborations with Groovy Soca Monarch Shondell “Dash” Amada and Terror D Governor and the songs will soon hit the airwaves.

Boyzie said that his fans can expect a number of other songs from him this year.

“I want to do about six songs this year. First song I’m dropping name, ‘I’m up in it’ – we wanna drop that one probably next week and I have a couple songs to drop after that but working with regional artistes. It’s just trying to expand…because we have a wider variety,” he remarked.

The reigning soca monarch admitted that the quality of songs that are now being turned out by Grenadian artistes are moving upwards and gave the local industry a “thumbs up.”

“Soca in Grenada right now, the quality up…the vibes up, Jab Jab music gone international, Jab Jab music playing over. Look at Lil Natty and Thunda – right now Lil Natty and Thunda have the number one song, the number one soca song in the whole world. You can hear the jab jab vibe from it.

“Our thing is jab jab and jab jab is a chant “…and if he have mas over dey” everybody doing the chant. We’re just taking music and just bringing (it) to higher heights.

Boyzie said that alhough he would always like to be on top in the soca industry, he is cognizant of the fact that nothing lasts forever and is looking forward to doing something else.

He spoke of a desire to help mentor young and upcoming artistes with the intention to help them propel themselves and Grenada’s music further.

“My advice is always to stay humble because music is a humble thing. You can do one tune and just think that you reach…just stay humble in the game. If music is your passion, never give up on your goals and never give up on your dream. Put in the work and reap success after that…

“Everybody have a big goal – everybody have a big dream, everybody wants to be on top. My thing is just maintaining standards and just bringing up better artistes in the game. I mean artistes have to look up to you and say that you carry on a generation. So, my thing is just not being at the top, my thing is carrying on a generation to uplift the music, take music to a different level. Because I mean I will have my time, my time may be short, my time may be long, you never know.

“My thing right now is flying the flag as high and as far as I could, but I want to take some people with me. So right now, we’re doing some work with the younger artistes, especially in the neighbourhood. We have to have artistes to carry on the music so as much as I want to (be there)…. even if I don’t do it, somebody else has to do it.

Another Man Charged for Saigon Murder

Police have arrested and charged a sixth man for Non-Capital Murder in connection with the brutal chopping incident on May 19 that claimed the life of 30-year-old Mont Toute resident, Kendall Smith.

Robert Steven – caught on camera as he was escorted to court last week Friday

The latest person to be implicated in the gruesome killing is 26-year-old Maintenance Worker, Robert Stephen who is also from the same village as the deceased.

Five others were brought to court last week for the attack on Smith inside his shop in the notorious area called Saigon in Grand Anse.

Stephen appeared unrepresented last week Friday, before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court, where he was remanded to prison.

The five who were already passed in front the court on May 23 were Construction Workers Alpheus Thomas, 33, from Grand Anse Valley, Chevon Stephen, 19, of Woodlands, along with 23-year-old Janitor, Ronnie Thomas, as well as 33-year-old Fisherman, Micah Stephen of Grand Anse Housing Scheme and a 17-year old secondary school student, who is being treated as a juvenile.

THE NEW TODAY understands that police officers attached to the South St. George’ Police Station swooped down on the latest murder suspect early last week Thursday morning at his home in Mont Toute.

The six murder suspects are accused of using cutlasses and other sharpened instruments to inflict severe damage on Smith including 15 chop wounds in what appears to be a revenge attack.

The incident leading up to Smith’s death stemmed from another chopping incident which occurred a few days earlier in which the deceased left another man called “Timmy” hospitalised with severe chop wounds.

Kendall Smith – chopped to death

It is believed that Timmy is a close relative of some of the murder accused persons.

A villager who spoke to this newspaper on condition that he was not identified said that “Timmy” was considered as a “bad-john” and was known to be involved in several chopping incidents in the past.

“If a man did you something you could call Timmy and give him a money and tell him to chop that man for you and he would do it”, said the source.

“He (Timmy) was a sick youth. He was always in fight, chopping people. Look how he get chop up now”, he added.

Another resident told THE NEW TODAY that Smith had kept away from his shop after the incident with Timmy out of fear that he would be set upon by those close to the injured man.

He said that Smith came to the shop on the fatal night and was in the process of using a light from his cellphone to clean the floor of the blood that spilled from the chopping of Timmy.

“He was inside the shop very quiet and somebody would have seen when he went in there and alerted the boys who came from different directions to launch the attack on him”, he added.

Smith is said to have run out of the shop after getting a few chops but fell onto the ground a few distance away when some of the others moved in for the kill.

The murder suspects are all scheduled to reappear before the court on June 12 for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry into the murder charge.