RGPF promises a safe Spicemas 2017

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) intends to follow its motto of “protect and serve” as it puts plans in place for the 2017 Carnival Season. The plans of RGPF were outlined in a press conference hosted Tuesday by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jessmon Prince at police headquarters at Fort George. ACP Prince unveiled plans for greater law enforcement efforts and an increase in stops and searches of persons attending major shows during the carnival festival. He said that patrons can expect “assertive policing” at every event to assure members of the public that the police force is prepared … Continue reading

Disciplinary Action for IMANIS

Minister of Youth, Roland Bhola has announced that 35 trainees have been suspended from the Imani programme based on complaints from the public. Speaking in Parliament, Minister Bhola said the suspensions are not indefinitely but were done as a form of disciplinary action against these Imanis. He announced that a Complaints desk has been set up at the Ministry of Youth to handle complaints and concerns from the public about any trainee. He said the government agreed to this course of action in light of the utterances from the public on those call-in radio programmes about the behavior of some … Continue reading

Minister Thomas: No pregnant residents at Bacolet centre

Minister of Social Development and Housing, Delma Thomas has dismissed claims in some quarters of there being pregnant female residents at the newly opened Grand Bacolet Juvenile and Rehabilitation Centre. The female government minister told a sitting of Parliament that the centre which came into operation in 2016 is there to offer treatment and rehabilitation for troubled teens and has been doing just that. “People are saying that there are inmates there who are pregnant. Mr. Speaker that is to just create a problem, create an issue to say that we are not really protecting but we are in fact … Continue reading

Urbanisation as a new economic frontier

In 1994 when the Willie Redhead Foundation (tWRF) was established, it had as its mantra: “For the development and renewal of Urban St. George”. Over the years as the foundation began to evolve the mantra was changed to: “For the Preservation & Renewal of the National Heritage of Grenada”. Despite tWRF ‘s extended vision the main focus remained the conservation and enhancement of our Capital City. This is so-because the foundation is convinced – despite unfavourable challenges, of the enormous economic and cultural potential that the City on a Hill possesses, just waiting to be explored. This potential, sad to … Continue reading

‘Disquiet and confusion’ over NNP candidate selection

The New National Party’s choices of general election candidates in almost half of the seats that are being contested is causing ripples among politicians and members, WIC News understands. After the debacle involving Terry Forrester – who sources have described as simply the first of many hoping to speak out – there are rumours of “confusion” among NNP members and a trend emerging of discontent. And one supporter, who agreed to speak if only identified as a friend of a prominent party member, said: “People aren’t really sure what to make of the choices and decisions. And do not understand … Continue reading

Delay in Albert Alexis sentencing

The High Court has adjourned until next month the sentencing of 62-year-old Albert Alexis for the May 2015 stabbing death of 31-year-old Alston Henry of Mt. Pleasance in St. Andrew. The sentence was scheduled for last week Thursday on the non-capital murder charge but was put back until August 28 by the presiding judge, Guyana-born Madam Justice Paula Gilford. When the matter came up at the No.2 High Court on The Carenage last week, the female judge indicated that she was occupied with other pressing matters and took a decision to adjourn the matter to Monday. During the scheduled hearing, … Continue reading

Co-op Bank maintains highest customer service rating among local commercial banks

For a second consecutive year, the Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd., (Co-op Bank) is maintaining the highest customer service rating among commercial banks on the island, with an overall rating of 86% for 2017. However, this year’s figure represents a 4% drop compared to last year’s figure of 90%. This information was disclosed by bank officials during a press conference at Venus Bar and Restaurant in Grand Anse last week Thursday. Commenting on the rating, the bank’s Executive Manager in Charge of Corporate Banking, Floyd C. Dowden said, “We are still in the high 80’s, which we consider exceptional”, and that … Continue reading

Sir Royston: Government needs to make education in Hospitality a priority

The island’s most decorated hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin who is Managing Director of Spice Island Beach Resort has called on government to make it a priority to search for funds to offer Tourism and Hospitality as a degree at St. George’s University (SGU). Sir Royston who was delivering the feature address at T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) graduation ceremony at the National Stadium last week is of the belief that the Hospitality Department is the direction Grenada should move towards since it depends heavily on Tourism. He called for the introduction of a Hospitality Degree Programme by the year 2020 … Continue reading

Strange deaths this election season!!!

The Grenada Christian Political Party asks the question – why are there so many strange and questionable deaths occurring in this election season and election year? It seems to be a trend. The talk on the street is that every election season a certain political party and politicians dive deep into the underworld, obeah, witchcraft and Satanism to become successful at the polls. It is said that they indulge in bathing in blood and all other sorts of dark practices to achieve their goals. One of this practice is human sacrifice or what we commonly call, selling of souls to … Continue reading

Biography of Fr. Clyde Harvey – the new Catholic Bishop

Bishop-elect Fr. Clyde Martin Harvey was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad on November 9, 1948, the son of Lyndon Inniss and Beryl Harvey. He attended Moulton Hall Methodist School and Belmont Boys’ Intermediate RC School, winning a college exhibition to St. Mary’s College in 1960. There he was an all-round student, representing the college in basketball and public speaking. When the first group of college prefects was chosen, Clyde Harvey was one of them. Later, along with Michael Mansoor and Neil Rolingson he was one of the ‘last of the Greeks’ – the last three students to study Greek … Continue reading