St George’s Baptist Church reaches out to families in St. Mark

Approximately 120 families in St. Mark benefited last week Saturday from a food hamper initiative of the St. George’s Baptist Church, valued at more than EC$10, 000. According to Pastor of the St. George’s Baptist Church, Stanford Simon, the event formed part of the 40th anniversary of the Church, which will climax in November. He said the initiative was made possible through collaboration between the church grouping and the Sunset City Food Festival Committee and donations made by members of the Baptist church, Roman Catholic Church, as well as grocery stories throughout the country. Pastor Simon disclosed that the food … Continue reading

US Charge d’Affairs says goodbye

“I hope that I would be remembered as being a person who was a friend of the Grenadian people, who was interested in the best interest of the Grenadian people and in advancing the US/Grenada relationship.” Those were the words uttered by Louis Chrishock, the US Charge d’Affaires to Grenada in his good-bye ceremony to the media. Chrishock left the island last Friday for the United States as his three-year term of Foreign Service in Grenada came to end. The American diplomat told reporters that his service in Grenada has been the most fun he has ever had in the … Continue reading

Farmers urged not to taint fruits and vegetables

A plea has been made to consumers in Grenada to purchase their garden produce from established and reliable sources amidst the discovery and confiscation of a crate of tainted avocados destined for neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago. The call was made by Praedial Larceny Operations Officer, Inspector of Police, Eric Peters, who is attached to the Ministry of Agriculture during a press conference last week Wednesday at the Ministerial Complex, located at the Botanical Gardens, Tanteen St. George. Insp. Peters said that members of the Praedial Larceny Task Force intercepted one individual at the Grenville port in St. Andrew last week … Continue reading

Refurbishment works commence at SDCSS

The faculty and staff of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School (SDCSS) can finally breathe a sigh of relief following the commencement of “temporary refurbishment of the School” which had been allowed to deteriorate significantly over the years. The school, like many other buildings on the island, took a heavy pounding from the high winds of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004. An entire section of the roof is still to be repaired resulting in severe deterioration of the structure from the elements and forcing teachers to hold class on the outside as the building was considered a safety hazard to … Continue reading

Consulate Service to be restored in New York

In the face of mounting pressure among some Grenadians in New York, the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration in St. George’s has been forced to make concessions on the closing of the Consulate Office in the Big Apple. According to Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, consular service will resume in New York “in the shortest possible time.” Modeste-Curwen told a local radio station that government has already identified someone to become the new Consul General, and was engaged in discussions with the US State Department on accreditation for the diplomat. A group calling itself, “Grenada For Change”, has … Continue reading

Sen Garraway urged to have decorum in the Senate

President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey has chastised Government Senator and Minister of State for Youth and Sports, Winston Garraway for not following the procedural rules of the Upper House of Parliament. Sen Garraway attempted to distract Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sen. Nazim Burke who was seeking clarification from the Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Simon Stiell who reported in his ministerial statement to the Senate that the unemployment figure in the country now stands at 28.9 percent. Sen Burke wanted to know what is the statistical or scientific basis government is relying on … Continue reading

A step towards prison reform in Grenada

The Grenada Human Rights Organisation (GHRO)  is seeking to generate support for prison reform on the island through an initiative being undertaken with assistance from the United States-based Global Alliance for Legal Aid (GALA). A delegation from both organisations along with a support team of volunteer barristers from the United Kingdom (UK) visited Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill, St. George last month to conduct a review of the conditions at the facility to see if they are in compliance with the United Nations (UN) guidelines for treatment of prisoners. GALA is a non-profit organisation that supports human rights advocates … Continue reading

Pakistani National given portion of Laura Estate for private business

Government has granted a portion of lands on the Laura Estate in St. David’s to a company for the commercial rearing of animals including cattle, goats and poultry. This was disclosed by Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Minister of State for Education, Simon Stiell who was responding to questions posed to him by Farmer’s Representative in the Upper House, Keith Clouden. Sen. Stiell said the company, which is called “Grenada Quality Meats”, received authorisation from Cabinet for the establishment of an agri-business on ten acres of lands at Laura Estate. He said the agreement provides a framework for … Continue reading

Simmons: Gov’t needs to talk to Cocoa and Nutmeg Associations

Former Government Minister Patrick Simmons has called on the Keith Mitchell Administration to have consultations with stakeholders before proceeding with the planned amalgamation of the cocoa and nutmeg associations. Simmons told a public meeting of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that took place last week Wednesday at Pearls, St. Andrew’s that if the liberalisation of these associations are to be materialised consultation should be held with the farmers informing them about how the process of liberalisation would take place. “They (government) should come clean and say exactly what is happening – too much of action behind the back … Continue reading

The IMF vision of debt and Obama’s boldness with Iran

The debt crisis in Greece and the historic accord to limit Iran’s nuclear capability thus lifting crippling sanctions will have global repercussions. US President Barack Obama has shown strong and courageous leadership on the Iran issue.  In doing so, he has fulfilled promises on another of two prickly problems that he inherited.  The first, of course, was establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than five decades of US government attempts to isolate the Caribbean island and bring down its Castro-led regime. The second is halting the threat that a radical Iran, with a nuclear capability, poses to global … Continue reading