Hoyte Ollivierre Charged for Cocaine

The law has caught up once again with forty-nine year-old Joseph Hoyte Ollivierre was among four persons who were taken into custody last week Wednesday by members of the Drug Squad, under the command of Superintendent Roderiques James after 10 kilos of cocaine were recovered on-board a motor vessel, “M/V RoRo”. The vessel, owned by Ollivierre, was intercepted outside the waters of Grand Mal Bay, by the Grenada Coast Guard. According to a police report all four occupants were detained after a search of the vessel led to the discovery of the cocaine with an estimated street value of EC$1 … Continue reading

Nigel Murray faces more drug charges

Nigel Murray, who is currently serving a 12-year prison term at Her Majesty’s Prison after being found guilty of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug, has yet another drug related matter before the High Court. Murray, who is in the process of appealing both his sentence and conviction to the Court of Appeal, is also jointly charged with another suspect whose name was not disclosed during Tuesday’s sitting of the St. George’s High Court with possession of approximately 65 pounds of marijuana. Only Murray appeared before Justice Price-Findlay at the St. George’s High Court on Tuesday and the matter … Continue reading

Statement of the OECS Bar Association on the passing of Nicole Sylvester, a former President, on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Last Thursday evening (July 2nd) the legal fraternity throughout the OECS and wider region was thrown into a state of deep mourning with the devastating news of the sudden and unexpected passing of prominent Vincentian Attorney, Nicole Sylvester, at the youthful age of 51. Ms Sylvester is a former President of both the St Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) and OECS Bars. She served as Secretary of the OECS Bar before her elevation to President in 2006. A go-getter, creative thinker, and excellent organiser, Ms Sylvester was the brainchild behind the OECS Law Fair (now Law Conference) which was launched … Continue reading

WANTED: One Authentic Homegrown University

Let’s examine the facts and be brutally honest about it. We do not have a Grenada University nor a St George’s University in our country since the definitive “St George’s” is a misnomer.  What we have is an American university indoctrinating our people with pedagogy based on U.S. ethnocentric culture values. T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), our highest tertiary institution, is a dysfunctional anachronism modeling products for the demands of “Big Brother”.  Forty (40) years after independence it is neocolonialism re branded. But do not misconstrue this as advocacy for closing down St George’s University (SGU) and “throwing away … Continue reading

Grenadians caught in Keith’s Vice

Brothers and sisters may God save us from the Mitchell’s vice!  The Chinese on the left, the IMF on the right; we are “between the rock and a hard place”. While Grenadians are being taxed into poverty only Mitchell and his goons are living lavishly.  Keith from the word go never cared about the suffering of Grenadians.  He has made his millions and now he has thrown the people to the wolves. The Chinese are the “Greeks bearing gifts”.  In their keenness to spot an opportunity to enhance their global dominance, have recognised Mitchell’s insatiable greed for money and political … Continue reading

Spice Concoction terminates arrangement with Lil Natty and Thunder

The Management of Spice Concoction wishes to inform the general public that the entertainment duo known as Lil Natty and Thunder is no longer associated with the Spice Concoction brand. We were forced to terminate our arrangements with Dingaan Henry and Myelon Williams due to violation of verbal and written agreements with the duo. “Spice Concoction is an Entertainment & Event Management Company with the main objective of providing high level leadership and management services to persons involved in the creative industries and we take our terms and condition with our clients very seriously, so when there is blatant violation … Continue reading

Congratulation to King James

The National Democratic Congress would like to recognise the athletics prowess demonstrated by our Olympian Kirani James during his sixth international appearance for the 2015 outdoor season in the 400m at the Paris Diamond League. It takes a true champion to compete in such short interval and produce this remarkable performance. Although you did not win the event on Saturday you should take comfort in the words of this unknown author when he/she posit, “Losing is a learning experience, strength does not come from winning at everything, your greatest struggles develop your greatest strengths.” On the other hand, you should … Continue reading

Lost In translation

Everyone knows by now that the IMF does not write plain English and much of what they say has to be translated for us to understand what they are really trying to say and what is the message hidden between the lines. The language contained in the Press Release No. 15/304 of 29 June 2015 after the Second Review Under the ECF Arrangement for Grenada is no different. Outside of the celebrations by the government of Grenada and its cohorts on the receipt of a measly US $2.8 million, one has to take time off to interpret the language contained … Continue reading

KCM will fall!!!

After almost three years in office, I am convinced that the NNP came back to self-destruct because they had no plans about how they were going to govern the country. Even the great spin doctors could not help them. I am quite certain that when the next general election comes around, the NNP will only secure one seat and that will be Keith Mitchell seat in the North-west. I am predicting that Keith Mitchell will be the lone opposition voice in the Parliament. We must be mindful that he has lost a tremendous amount of support within the same constituency. … Continue reading

Grenlec Welcomes More Renewable Energy

In continuation of Grenlec’s commitment to accelerating the use of renewable energy sources in Grenada, Grenlec has announced the launch of Phase 3 of its Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme. The first of its kind in the Caribbean, the programme is designed to encourage home and business owners to invest in their own renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar, to produce electricity and connect to the nation’s electrical grid. “We’re excited to have more of our customers join us in installing renewable energy systems to help achieve our nation’s goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020,” says Collin … Continue reading