NDC calls for Independent Commission to Investigate Illegal Selling of Diplomatic Passports

Several international media outlets have reported the widely circulated allegation that the Grenadian government is selling our diplomatic passports. The sale of diplomatic passports by the Government of any country is illegal and represents a scandal of the highest degree. Our diplomatic passports are meant for Grenadian diplomats, not for random individuals from other countries who are not providing any service to Grenada but are willing to pay for a diplomatic passport. It is alleged that a Pakistani national who is not in the service of Grenada is the holder of a Grenada diplomatic passport which was granted to him … Continue reading

Rootsman Kelly: Defending in 2018 will be his last in the Independence competition

Calypso monarch Kelly “Rootsman Kelly” Clyne has announced that after defending his 2017 Independence Calypso Monarch title, he will be bowing out of that competition for good. In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday, the Rootsman said that “win or lose this will be my last year for the competition” because he will like “to give someone else the chance to win.” Fourteen Calypsonians are in the running to try and dethrone Clyne as the defending monarch in the competition to be held on January 27 at the Sauteurs Bus Terminal in St. Patrick. The reigning monarch … Continue reading

Sleeping habits!!!

We all have days when we feel overwhelmed and may miss out on adequate sleep. Skipping a few hours sleep may not be life-threatening, but this should not become your norm. It’s important to get some shut eyes because sleep is essential for proper daily body function. It boosts your immune system, repairs muscle and tissue damage, improves memory and helps your brain function at its best. Amazingly, sleep is also linked to your weight as studies show that even with healthy eating and exercise, if you don’t get the recommended hours of sleep you may have trouble losing or … Continue reading

Why I can’t vote for Boatswain

Anthony Boatswain has been a disaster and an embarrassment as a MP and a Minister. Since Boatswain became the MP in 1999, St. Patrick’s has become the poorest and most corrupt parish in Grenada. During his tenure, it has become the norm that only NNP supporters are considered for government jobs, Imani placements, scholarships, vouchers, contracts, road work and safety net programmes. The office of the Parliamentary Representative, funded by taxpayers’ money, is used as his party office, thereby excluding constituents who are not his party supporters. Aside from a few pieces of concrete roads, the infrastructure of the constituency … Continue reading

Let us pray!!!

For the country we love, Grenadians go to the polls in a matter of weeks. The people are murmuring because they are not happy. Common sense tells that we are limping towards a major milestone. The Government we elect in 2018 will take us to fifty years as an Independent nation. By any honest account, the hopes and dreams of the founding fathers have not been sufficiently realised. We have not mastered the mountains of government, education, culture or the economy. And things are set to get worse! The fiscal algebra has been fixed a second time, but worsening poverty, … Continue reading

Debate needed on National Debt!!!

A lawsuit filed in the local courts last Friday should lead to a healthy debate among the two main political parties on the island – The New National Party (NNP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) – on the precarious state of the nation given the massive national debt. Some persons might choose to slam the lawsuit filed by former President of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP), Lincoln St. Louis as frivolous and vexatious but the issues raised are relevant to this generation and succeeding ones. THE NEW TODAY is not about to venture into any speculation as to … Continue reading

Power at our fingertips

An election is swiftly approaching our tri-island state, many of us are eager to vote for the party we believe will move Grenada forward and or keep it where it is. We are fortunate here, we can democratically exercise our right to vote. As a young woman, I am excited to adhere to the call of voting. My ancestors fought relentlessly for that right. Over the past year, I decided to carefully analyse the state of conversations regarding politics in Grenada. Though sometimes annoying, I listen to radio programmes like ‘Plead Your Cause’ which in my opinion gives listeners a … Continue reading

First Murder in 2018

The Tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique recorded its first homicide for year on Monday, with the early morning death of former police officer, Curtis Calliste, from Rose Hill in St. Patrick, who was described as being a mentally unstable individual. THE NEW TODAY understands that Calliste was found lying motionless on the floor inside his place of residence with multiple stab wounds inflicted on his body. According to a release from the Community Relations Department (CRD), of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), a 31-year-old, whose name was withheld and is also known to be mentally challenged, … Continue reading


By J. K. Roberts Social and moral decadence is universally evident in Grenada, and this is not limited to the horrible criminal and violent acts. Most depressing is that the institutions of authority, including religious persons, have been compromising on essential principles and caressing the young people into a false sense of rights, virtues, hope and prosperity. This indecorous state of affairs may be explained as being characteristic of the ongoing Spiritual warfare for the ‘soul of man’, in which unrighteousness and vulgarity are being facilitated by political policies and practices, by the penetration of foreign cultures and accommodation to … Continue reading

January 2018 Assizes opens with139 matters

The January Assizes opened on Tuesday at the St. George’s No. 2 High Court with 139 matters on the Cause List, a reduction of 18 matters, compared to the October 2017 Assizes, which listed 157 matters. Once again, sexual crimes continue to dominate the list with a total of 55 cases down for adjudication between the two criminal courts on the island – High Court No. 5, presided over by Trinidad-born Justice Shiraf Aziz and No. 2 High Court by Guyanese born female justice, Paula Gilford. The October 2017 Assizes saw a total of 62 sexual offences listed. In an … Continue reading