The Dr. Sandiford scenario!!!

It appears that a new person is acting in the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance which is headed by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell. There has been no official announcement from government but from all indications Dr. Wayne Sandiford, who landed a US$10, 000.00 a month contract to do the job is no longer sitting in the prized chair in the ministry from the first working day in the new year. THE NEW TODAY notes that when Dr. Sandiford was appointed to the post on contract there was much fanfare as he took leave from St. … Continue reading

Steele’s Auto Supplies Co. Ltd. launches Jeep brand

The Jeep brand of vehicle is the newest addition to the fleet of vehicles run by the family-owned Steele’s Auto Supplies Co. Ltd., which will celebrate 49 years in the vehicle dealership business this year. The company opened for the first time in February 17, 1969 under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Derick Steele with the Toyota brand of vehicles and later expanded with the Suzuki and Kia brands. Steele’s Auto introduced to the public last week Thursday, the 2017 models of the multiple-award winning luxury SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd., the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, … Continue reading

The Chinese (invade) invest in Grenada

The Grenadian government is still packed with Maurice Bishop sympathisers. So, wanting to get into bed with a massive communist state does not surprise me. Bishop, like many students, was full of Marxist ideals, he was turned by the Russians when he studied in London and introduced to the Cubans, then sent back to Grenada to await his calling. Bishop was no stranger to Eastern Europe and was no stranger to Cuba, he spoke Spanish with a Cuban accent. The Cubans were the USSR’s nominee in the Caribbean, as they were in Africa. The Russians wanted to take over the … Continue reading

DPP Nelson continues PI hearing against Insp. Clev Antoine

The highly anticipated court matter into allegations of sexual assault against suspended Inspector of Police, Clevroy Antoine, which commenced prior to the Christmas holiday, at the No. 2 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s, will continue on January 19, 2018. THE NEW TODAY understands that the complainant, Grenadian-born Canadian citizen, Eleanor Peterkin-Walters was the only witness called upon to give evidence, when the closed-door matter commenced on December 20, before presiding Magistrate Tahira Gellineau. The 55-year-old middle rank officer, who has served the RGPF in various capacities for more than 30 years, is being prosecuted on two summary charges of sexual … Continue reading

Party switching – a healthy political and democratic process

Politics is ripe these days, the fruit some green, some yellow and shades in-between will inevitably fall to the ground with fresh saplings springing to life. Regardless of color, richness of soil and shade from the hardier older growth – will determine the quality and sweetness of the fruit. A few pods, scattered by fierce winds and torrential rains to less chaotic ground, quality and sweetness flow in abundance. I see politics in those terms. My attention turns to vicious comments from many of our citizenry who wittingly or unwittingly do so toward people who exercise their constitutional right to … Continue reading

2018 will test CARICOM’s collective resolve

In 2018, unless Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries eschew their tendency to pursue narrow ‘national interests’ in the conduct of their international relations, each of them individually and all of them collectively will be buffeted by larger and more powerful countries and regions. The CARICOM states that accede or succumb to lures or demands of bigger countries may secure short-term economic gains, but in the longer-term they will severely compromise their independence and sovereignty. Events toward the end of 2017 demonstrated that both the United States and the European Union have no qualms about using a big stick to get their … Continue reading

Doc, please help to heal the nation!!!

The Youth of Grenada deserve a future with good jobs and having self-respect, dignity and a positive image of self and of our country. Your cruel, cruel back-stabbing which you do to your own people while giving the favoured few the golden chest of huge wealth – epic hypocrisy! Mr. PM, please reach out and let all of us help to shape Grenada that we, each of us – can be very proud to call it our homeland, our country, our Grenada. Under your leadership, it has been like a battle zone. An olive branch would go far towards healing … Continue reading

HOT POLITICAL ISSUE – Relocation of the Grand Anse Jetty

The relocation of the Grand Anse jetty is turning into a hot political issue with general elections on the horizon between candidates of the two major political parties – Health Minister Nicholas Steele for the ruling New National Party (NNP) and ex-Senator Raymond Roberts of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). Roberts has condemned the move by the Keith Mitchell-led NNP government to relocate the jetty from its present location and to proceed with a development project nearby. The jetty, which is situated close to the Coconut Beach Restaurant along the beach, has become an eyesore and poses a … Continue reading

Mixed performance by government on fiscal responsibility

The Richard Duncan-led Fiscal Responsibility Committee set up by the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell under the dictates of the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) has presented its first report for public scrutiny. The committee was put in place based on act of Parliament to monitor the fiscal performance of government in the wake of its so-called homegrown 3-year Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to deal with a severe fiscal situation including high debts. In its 40-page report, the group praised the efforts of the Mitchell-led government to significantly bring down the island’s debt … Continue reading

Local winner in Campari Trinidad carnival promotion

Cherrelle Bain is the Grenada winner of the Campari promotional campaign – Win a Trip to Trinidad Carnival 2018. The campaign, which ended on December 15, will see winners from six Caribbean territories jetting off to Trinidad for Carnival 2018 with all expenses paid for by the brand. Cherrelle joins other winners from Bahamas, St Lucia, Belize and Trinidad & Tobago who will make up the Campari contingent for carnival activities in Trinidad & Tobago Distributed by Brydens & Minors in Grenada, Campari consumers entered the promotion for the chance to receive the Campari Carnival experience, two Tribe Rogue costumes, … Continue reading