New French Chef at Secret Harbour

The owners of the Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel Restaurant & Marina, have hired a famed French Master Chef in an effort to refine its presentation and the dining experience offered at the restaurant. Chef Bruno Deligne arrived on the island approximately one (1) month ago to take up his duties as Head Chef at the Lance Aux Epines-based restaurant on the southern end of the island. Approximately three (3) weeks after his arrival, members of the media got an opportunity to meet Chef Bruno first-hand and savor his cooking. Following a carefully prepared full three-course meal of shrimp, salmon and … Continue reading

Reaction to repeal of International Companies Act

The countries of the European Union (EU) have received a heavy broadside from Grenada government ministers who are peeved at having to make amendments in Parliament to the island’s International Companies Act. The Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) is not happy with the pressure being exerted by the EU’s Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) that is threatening to blacklist the island as a non-cooporative country with harmful tax measures. The administration was forced to take legislation to Parliament to repeal the International Companies Act CAP 152 as it has been deemed by the EU as being unfair … Continue reading

Mosquito spraying at Silver Sands!!!

Crime in Trinidad has increased exponentially. Murder is the new sport. Another gruesome murder today, leading the relentless murder toll to climb to 509, threatening to break the 2008 record of 550 murders, leaving 2017 at 494. Thus far, January has been the bloodiest month of the year at 40 killings. Why? Oh Why? Even though the government allocates billions of dollars towards crime, this has made no impression. Murder continues to hamper the economic prospect of the city, affecting tourism as countries have issued advisories warning their citizens about our little island. Immigrants from Venezuela, Columbia and Cuba are … Continue reading

Suspended Police Officer on Sexual Related Charge

In May 2018, police officer Denson Charles was placed on $30,000 bail after being charged with “Death by Dangerous Driving”. Charles was taken into custody following an accident on the road that led to the death of Insurance Executive Trevor Renwick in April 2018 along the Grand Anse Valley main road. Less than eight months, the police officer is again in trouble with the law on a sex-related charge. The 34-year-old Constable has been slapped with a charge of “Cultivating an Online Relationship with a minor for a Sexual Explicit Act”. THE NEW TODAY was informed that the charge was … Continue reading

Christmas donations to Richmond Home

Residents at the Richmond Home for the Aged spent a much happier Christmas due to the donation of some much-needed supplies by two charitable citizens. The goodies were provided a few days before Christmas Day by Gillean Paul of GP Promotions and Roy Coutain, a regular donor to the institution. In speaking at the handing over ceremony, Paul said she is driven to give the things out of a desire to share her blessings. “…When God blessing you with something, you have to always give back something, so it would be very selfish for me to be getting something whole … Continue reading

Small decrease in Corporate and Personal Income Tax

The ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has taken a decision to provide some relief to individuals and businesses liable to pay income tax by reducing their payable amount by 2%. The motion to make this possible was tabled in the last sitting of the House of Representatives for the year at Parliament Building at Mt. Wheldale, St. George by the Leader of Government Business in the House, Works Minister Gregory Bowen. The senior government minister told legislators that the schedule about the tax reduction has already been made public by the PM Mitchell … Continue reading

The Nicaragua Government has gone too far

The English-speaking Caribbean has just emerged from a season manifesting the spirit, intrinsic to Christmas, of ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all’. Not even the no-confidence vote that was carried against the APNU-AFC coalition government in Guyana on Friday, December 21 disrupted the festive celebrations of the period. Bitterness, felt by faithful supporters of the main political party, the Peoples’ National Congress (PNC), was contained in sterile argument about whether the Constitution was correctly interpreted, and, therefore, the possibility of overturning the vote. In the coming weeks, that argument might be tested in the Court, which is the appropriate … Continue reading

Government engages church leaders on pension negotiations and industrial climate

Government has been actively engaging church leaders, allowing them an opportunity to share their views on the pension reform negotiations, the industrial climate following recent action taken by teachers and some public officers and the decision by the Cabinet to withhold salaries for the days not worked. On Wednesday (December 19, 2018), Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell met with leaders of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and on Thursday, a similar meeting was held with the leaders of several other denominations including Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Pentecostal. Dr. Mitchell expressed that his Government sees pension as … Continue reading

Mikey Live gives back for Christmas

The Mikey Live, go to programme on Facebook has teamed up with its viewers to bring christmas cheers to four needy families from the parishes of St. David and St. George. The families were selected by the Mikey Live Helping Hands Foundation and were blessed for the Christmas season with enough food items to carry them into the new year. The Mikey Live Helping Hands Foundation is approximately one year old and comprises of Canadian, American and Grenadian viewers of the Mikey Live Programme. Speaking to Head of the Organisation, Mikey Hutchinson last Thursday, he told THE NEW TODAY newspaper … Continue reading

Why is it so hard to amend Caribbean constitutions?

On Tuesday, November 6, the citizens of Antigua/Barbuda and Grenada soundly rejected the entreaties of local and regional elites to vote “yes” in separate referenda to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their highest appellate court. This outcome should have come as no surprise to those familiar not only with Commonwealth Caribbean constitutional amending procedures but with the difficulty in amending constitutions in most democratic countries. When the ill-fated West Indies Federation was established in 1958 by a British Order in Council, a single West Indies Supreme … Continue reading