Prime Minister meets with Integrity Commission Investigation team

Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell has met with the investigations team at the Office of the Integrity Commission. Dr. Mitchell, as the Minister responsible for the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB), was called to meet with the investigations team as part of the information gathering process. Prior to being called for an interview, Dr. Mitchell had indicated his willingness to meet with investigators looking into the operations of the MNIB. Several other persons are expected to meet with the investigations team at the Office of the Integrity Commission. These interviews will continue after the Christmas season. … Continue reading

Layne: “Brutal, savage and prolific convicted mass murderer”

Over the last few weeks, I have read with disdain the ranting of what one would be excused for believing is a deranged and deeply disturbed megalomaniac. There is no evidence yet that this is the case, therefore we are left to conclude that Grenada’s most brutal, savage and prolific convicted mass murderer is either deluded, has visions of self importance or grandeur, or simply thinks in his warped little mind that his past is forgotten or did not exist. Or maybe his Soviet indoctrination has so badly warped his perception of reality that he believes he is, or will … Continue reading

Save Camerhogne Park Committee looks toward 2019

Despite not being able to achieve some of the things that it would have liked to accomplish this year, the Save Camerhogne Park Committee still described 2018 as a “good year” but is now promising to continue the fight in the new year. The committee was formally incorporated in 2018 as a duly registered organisation. According to Chairman of the group, Jude Bernard, the incorporation provided an opportunity for the committee to start raising funds and to exercise its rights as a duly recognised non-profit organisation on the island. “Looking back at the year, it was a good year and … Continue reading

Flow files legal action to have LTE license revoked from Digicel

Minister of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities and Energy, Gregory Bowen has broken his silence on a looming battle between the two major telecommunications companies on the island, FLOW Liberty Global and its competitor, Digicel over the granting of Long Term Evolution (LTE) license. Speaking at a recent sitting of Parliament, Minister Bowen who is considered as the Number Two man in the Grenada government said that Lime is crying foul and believes that favouritism was shown to Digicel over it. He told legislators that FLOW Liberty Global has filed legal action against the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) and possibly … Continue reading

GFA President tight-lipped on financial issues

The Grenada Football Association (GFA), the governing body of football in Grenada, may have found its feet in financial hot water with the international governing body of association football (FIFA), over monies gone unaccounted for. Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that the Queens Park-based GFA, has in recent times been unable to give account for how its annual grant of US$250, 000, received through FIFA’s Financial Assistance Programme, has been utilised. In an effort to shed some light on the issue, THE NEW TODAY contacted GFA President Cheney Joseph, who flatly denied that the association was having difficulties giving … Continue reading

Shooting incident on the weekend

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the wounding of a forty-six year old man as a result of a gun play incident on Sunday. Warded at the General Hospital is Anthony Sylvester, popularly known as Iron Monkey, a resident of Ka-Fe Beau, St. George after receiving a single gunshot wound to his right shoulder. Information is rather sketchy as to the circumstances surrounding the incident. However, THE NEW TODAY was informed that the incident resulted from an alleged drug deal that went sour and started on the Carenage in St. George. A police official … Continue reading

Is a Lesbian Lifestyle Alright With God?

A man said: “I cannot stand to see two men kissing intimately! But two women kissing intimately is alright with me. That doesn’t look too bad.” That is the view of some persons – men and women alike. What is the view of our Creator, the only true God? ( Genesis 1:1; John 17:3) At Romans 1:26 God states: “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.” Therefore, God is saying that women who are attracted romantically to each other is doing what … Continue reading

Minister Oliver Joseph hopeful that goodwill will prevail in pension negotiations with public sector trade unions and staff associations

Chairman of the Government’s Pension Engagement Committee (PEC), Honourable Oliver Joseph is hopeful that there can be an amicable settlement to ongoing pension negotiations with public sector trade unions and staff associations. Speaking at Wednesday’s sitting of Parliament Minister Joseph expressed the hope that the spirit of the Christmas season will extend to the negotiating table and the two sides can reach agreement on pension reform. Minister Joseph said Government has honoured its commitment to restore pension, paying more than $7 million to 56 workers earlier this year. He added that there must now be a genuine commitment to pension … Continue reading

ALBA-TCP summit begins in Havana

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other leaders were in Cuba to attend the Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA). The Alba was created 14 years ago on December 14, 2004, by the deceased presidents of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and of Cuba, Fidel Castro, describing it as an alternative to the Free Trade Area for the Americas (FTAA). On December 12, 2018, before the opening, the Cuban head of State received the participants of the meeting, at the venue of the Protocol Hall Cubanacan of Havana. Attending the meeting are the Secretary-General of the integration … Continue reading

The Solid Waste investigation!!!

Another state-run entity is now the subject of alleged wrongdoing. THE NEW TODAY can inform the nation that it has officially written to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, Dr. Bert Brathwaite to bring to his attention some troubling information in our possession. We are duty bound to inform the nation that Dr. Brathwaite has confirmed receipt of our letter and indicated that an investigation will be carried out into alleged wrongdoing with the funds of this state body. The allegation is that the Credit Card of the Solid Waste Authority was … Continue reading