“WRB, you are out of place”

In a blistering attack on a U.S company with controlling interest in Grenada’s sole electricity company, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has accused WRB Enterprises of interfering in the electoral process in the country. “I have a serious problem with that,” Dr. Mitchell told supporters of the ruling New National Party (NNP) at an election rally Sunday in Plains, St. Patrick. He warned WRB which is majority shareholder in Grenlec that it stands to face action from the NNP regime which is seeking a 5th term in office in the March 13 general election. “My friends, I want to issue … Continue reading

Grenlec has performed!!!

I am shocked to hear the attack on WRB and Grenlec by our Prime Minister at his rally on Sunday night. Why would Dr. Mitchell accuse WRB of interfering in Grenada’s electoral matters? And he had the gall to say that he would contact his friends in the U.S government to complain about WRB. Like Dr. Mitchell forget that the U.S government has the undistinguished record of being the biggest interfering in the internal affairs of countries around the world. Our Prime Minister might have had a lapsed in memory because he was the biggest beneficiary of U.S interference in … Continue reading

Is the NNP beatable in 2018?

Dey ask me dat question, so ah answering, “YES” boldly, as I have not been given the spirit of fear. Begin by recognising that 2018 is ‘The Year of the Young Voter’! Ponder this reality well! Secondly, where human beings are concerned, nothing is cast in stone. Opinions can change very quickly, whether due to abuse of power, disappointment, scandal, fear or revulsive behaviour. Furthermore, people might simply get to a point where they say, “Ah tired wit dat”! Elections are won and lost primarily on the basis of how some people feel and what some think. The results of … Continue reading

A step closer to Pension restoration

With general elections only days away, the Keith Mitchell-led government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with some Public Sector bodies to address the long-outstanding pension issue for public officers. THE NEW TODAY understands that a deal is in the making based on behind the scene manoeuvres involving the so-called “Project Grenada” component of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government. The MOU was signed with the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT), Royal Grenada Police Force Gazetted Officers & the Police Welfare Association, Her Majesty Prison Welfare Association and the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU). The agreement … Continue reading

Free election comes under the microscope

Supervisor of Elections, Alex Phillip has come under scrutiny from the Civil Society Grouping in Grenada. The group, headed by Judy Williams met with Phillip to discuss a number of concerns especially allegations of voter-padding on the sister isle of Carriacou & Petite Martinique with Vincentian nationals. Speculation is rife that Justices of the Peace are signing declarations to certify Vincentians to vote in the March 13 general election. After the meeting, Civil Society issued a statement in which it said that in respect of non-nationals who are presenting the declarations of J.P.’s, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections … Continue reading

Woburn resident fined $50, 000 for Cocaine

A 45-year-old man from Woburn, St. George, who was arrested last October in connection to the discovery of over $300, 000.00 worth of Cocaine, has been fined $50, 000 for the offence of ‘Trafficking a Controlled Drug.’ The fine was imposed on Dexter Myland, a father of five, who appeared for sentencing on the drug-related charge last week Thursday, before Chief Magistrate Her Honour Tamara Gill at the No.1 St. George’s Magistrate’s Court. Myland, who pleaded guilty to the offence, was represented by defense attorney, Peter David, who asked the court to impose a non-custodial sentence. David indicated to the … Continue reading

Firing-up a furnace in an igloo – The OAS

A new report has been produced on the Organisation of American States (OAS), a body that began with ideals appropriate to the geo-politics of the 1940’s. Those old ideals were enshrined in a Charter that now traps the Organization and immobilises it. Over time, the organisation has become contentious, unconstructive and increasingly irrelevant to the peoples it was ostensibly created to serve, not because of the actions of Caribbean countries but due to the desire by a few powerful countries to coerce the OAS into adopting positions aligned to their national foreign policy agendas. This latest report entitled, “Rebuilding Hemispheric … Continue reading

Republic Bank support UWI Open – Campus Students

“Higher learning not only benefits the student as individual, but Grenada as whole”, said Republic Bank’s Manager – Head Office, Mc Kie Griffith, as he addressed awardees of the Republic Bank Bursary Programme on February 14. His remarks were made at a brief presentation ceremony held at the Bank’s Melville Street Branch. Griffith reminded the students that “each is a key pillar towards national development” and encouraged them: “Do your best. Someone will recognise it someday.” The Republic Bank Bursary Programme provides financial assistance to Grenadian nationals pursuing studies through the UWI – Open Campus. For this semester, fifteen (15) … Continue reading

Clouden renews call for ganja decriminalisation

With Grenadians getting ready to vote on March 13 in general elections, Attorney-at-Law Anselm Clouden has renewed calls for the electorate to give support to only those candidates who favour the decriminalisation of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Clouden called on members of the public who subscribe to the view to use the election to give support to only those politicians who would give support in Parliament to make the herb legally accessible locally. His remarks came against the backdrop of the passing of the ‘Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill by … Continue reading

Springs woman on Money Laundering charges

A 22-year-old resident of Springs, St. George has been charged with the indictable offence of Stealing by Reason of Employment and Money Laundering the sum of $90,000.00 from her employer, Andre Patterson of Westerhall, St. David. Shenel Fortune made her first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court on St. John Street, St. George’s on February 15. Fortune who was represented in the court by Attorney-at-Law, Peter David was granted bail in sum of $75,000 with one surety on the conditions that she surrenders all travel documents and report to the Central Police … Continue reading