Injustice: The neglect of duty (provision of proper roads)

As a taxpayer, I am yet again left totally bewildered by the Grenada government’s refusal to provide mandatory services. These inefficiencies have been brought to the attention of the government on various platforms. To date, taxpayers remain cheated. The stated concerns of the citizenry are given what seems to be the lowest priority, raising reasonable concerns as to how one’s taxes are being dispersed. Consequences of the government’s bad decisions as it pertains to roads: Damaged Property – ball joints, steering racks, rack ends, shocks and other vehicle parts are damaged by the uniquely undesirable decorations of potholes. As a … Continue reading

Jesus – the Icon of God

I am blown away by Charles Wesley’s description of the person of Jesus Christ. How different from the way the philosophers and writers refer to him. To them he is no more than just another man, a great teacher, a good person but just a man. The bible resents him as God incarnate. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14). Jesus Christ is nothing less that God Almighty, Eternal, Holy, and all-wise. Isaiah refers to him as … Continue reading

The little man has done enough

Thank goodness for free speech but I have to say at time reading some of the thing that fellow Grenadians have written about their country and their behaviour towards fellow Grenadians make me want to puke. It is the silly season here in Grenada, one can tell that a general election is eminent. One only need to read the weeklies with editorials based on who is supporting who as well as pages of comments from the so-called man in the street. The two main political parties are naturally at it with claims and counter claims. As a non-partisan, I have … Continue reading

Is the Account of the Rich Man and Lazarus Literal?

Many view the account of the “Rich Man and Lazarus” that Jesus related at Luke 16:19 – 31 as literal. They believe that the Rich man was actually blazing in fire and will be in it forever. Is that really so? Jesus said at John 3:13 that “no man hath ascended up to heaven.” In fact, 1 Corinthians 15:23 shows that Jesus was the FIRST to go to heaven from the earth. Abraham is mentioned in the account of the “Rich Man and Lazarus.” According to John 3:13 quoted above, and 1 Corinthians 15:23, Abraham was NOT in heaven when … Continue reading

Mc Queen brings toys for kids

More than 600 pieces of toys would be distributed to kids in Perdmontemps and surrounding areas at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony of Perdmontemps Sports and Cultural Club on Saturday (December 23). The annual event which is in its twelfth year is sponsored by Leslie Mc Queen, a native son residing in the United States. It will take place at the Foot of John Dick Hill from three in the afternoon. Mc Queen said that he takes great pleasure in giving back to the community where he was born and raised especially in these difficult economic times when toys … Continue reading

Christmas message from Terrance Forrester, Founder & Political Leader of the Grenada Progressive Movement

Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace and goodwill to men. My Fellow Grenadians with these words from the Holy Bible I bring you the best wishes for this holiday season. We have traversed a year of tough times and strife but in the face of great economic and social odds we have shown that we are a people of strength and grace. We must continue to hold steadfast, our belief that a better day is possible and deserved in our beautiful nation. It is through our collective efforts of generosity, empathy and responsibility that we will … Continue reading

Deliver the Golding Report on CARICOM

What has become of the Report of a Jamaican Commission that reviewed the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM)? It has been almost 9 months since the Commission’s Chairman, Bruce Golding, submitted the report to Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness on March 30. But, there has been silence ever since. Maybe, the report can be delivered by December 30 when the period of expectancy will have gone its full-term. The report is important. When Prime Minister Holness announced the formation of the Golding Commission in June 2016, he created a great deal of anticipation among supporters and detractors of CARICOM … Continue reading

Forrester launches election campaign

“A better quality of life for all and sustainable jobs”. This is the promise being put on the table by Founder and Political Leader of the newly formed Grenada Progressive Movement (GPM), Terrence Forrester during the official launch Monday night of his campaign to contest the South St. George constituency in the upcoming general election. The launch was held block-o style in the village of Monte Toute in Grand Anse, which is considered to be one of his strongholds in the constituency. Although the gathering was not large in numbers, Forrester, who founded the political organisation in June, after parting … Continue reading

Burke: Budget ‘has priorities wrong’

The 2018 budget has been described as “lacking” by leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) during his response in the Senate. Nazim Burke went as far as to say that the government was “not telling us the truth” on national debt figures, and accused them of playing down unemployment. His response came after the NDC launched a stinging attack on the budget. Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, who billed the economic forecast as ‘the mother of all budgets’, said during his presentation that the focus was on “safeguarding our gains and continuing our progress.” It included potential … Continue reading

Christmas message of Sen. Nazim Burke, Political, Leader of the National Democratic Congress

Happy Christmas Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique! The Christmas and New Year holidays are a joyous and prayerful time for most of us. Indeed, this is the favourite time of the year for many families, as we come together with our family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to exchange gifts, and ring in the New Year with hope for a better tomorrow. As Grenadians, we have a responsibility to open our hearts and homes to those in need – not just during this time of year, but each and every day. We … Continue reading