Mentally challenged pleads guilty

27-year old Gabriel Alleyne of Mt. Parnassus, St. George, will know his fate on January 18, 2019, when he appears for sentencing in connection to the June 24, 2017 death of Laura Land, St. David resident, 49-year-old Anthony Alexander.

Gabriel Alleyne – is facing a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for the death of Anthony Alexander

The mentally challenged man pleaded guilty to an indictable Non-Capital Murder charge last week Friday, before Guyanese-born, High Court Judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford, at the St. George’s No. 1 High Court.

The accused who is the son of a prominent religious leader, reportedly used his bare hands to strangle Alexander while the two were inmates at the Rathdune Unit at the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital in St. George’s.

Alexander, who was admitted to the mental institution approximately three (3) weeks before his death, reportedly died as a result of Asphyxia by Strangulation.

His feet were restrained to a bed when killed by Alleyne.

Three days after the incident, police laid the indictable charge against Alleyne, who was represented by female Attorney-at-Law, Pauline Hannibal to assist him in the court matter.

The female attorney informed the court of her client’s decision to enter a plea, instead of going to trial when the matter came up in court last week.

Alleyne’s guilty plea comes approximately one-year after Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill committed him to stand trial in the High Court for the indictable offence following a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the matter at the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court.

Alleyne who now faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment for murder, was sent to the Rathdune Unit for evaluation after stabbing his 58-year-old mother in their home at Mt. Parnassus on June 14, 2017.

It is reported that Alleyne, the son of Pastor Ricardo Alleyne, started to act strange, looked at his mother and called her a sorcerer and also accused her of performing sorcery, before proceeding to stab her in the chest.

He was admitted to the Rathdune Unit of the mental institution for medical observation and evaluation to determine if he was culpable to face charges for his action.He was subsequently slapped with a wounding charge in connection to the incident and the matter is still pending in court.

Alleyne’s father was accompanied in court by a woman believed to be his mother, to witness last week Friday’s court proceedings.

Justice Gilford has remanded Alleyne to the Richmond Hill prison for sentencing and also requested that all submissions and the Social Inquiry Report to be handed in by January 10, 2019.

Headache – the mass murderer!!!

The one called Headache Layne is a nasty Coardite who is a mass murderer as ruled by a duly functioning court about 30 years ago.

Headache should not throw stones at anybody in this country because no amount of water can ever wash him clean of all the blood over his body so many years after the killing of Comrade Bishop and the other patriots on the fort.

As a revolutionary I did not have to wait on a court to find he and the other murderers guilty of killing the most outstanding leader of the Grenada Revolution and the nation’s finest son in the past 100 years.

Headache convicted himself when he admitted while in prison that he was the one who ordered the soldiers to go on the fort where our Commander-in-Chief was after the people defied the guns pointed at them and freed Comrade Bish from house arrest.

The mass murderers lied to the people by having their surrogates tell the nation that Comrade Bishop was well and at home at Mt. Wheldale when the Leader was under house arrest.

A comrade soldier who was trusted by those of us who were opposed to the Gangsters who were power hungry sent word out that Comrade Bish was not eating because he was afraid of being poisoned by the haters.

Mr. Editor, I fully endorse the question you asked Headache – what did Comrade Bishop do that he and the other mass murderers had to execute him?

Headache survived the October 1983 US invasion of our country and was lucky to get a trial before a judge and jury unlike Comrade Bishop and the others including Sister Jackie who was pregnant and lined up like common criminals and executed.

Headache, why didn’t you detain Comrade Bish and the other patriots and give them a similar trial that you all were lucky to get?

Layne is opening up a lot of nasty things that happened during the days of the revo which he as a commander should know something about.

Headache, please tell us who really killed the Stanislaus brothers as the people in St. Patrick know that Duck and Ayube and them did not do the shooting.

Headache, did the army of which you were a commander killed the men and then covered it up? Take up the bible and tell us what you know about these killings.

Was one of the other convicted murderers involved as the leader of the squad who killed the Stanislaus boys and then the army of which you were a big boy then covered up this gruesome killing?

Headache, give me a truthful answer. I have more questions to ask but will await your response since you seem to be in a fighting mood these days.

Finally, this country’s court system will become the laughing stock of the world if by some stroke of luck this convicted murderer is allowed to be admitted as a lawyer.

Headache wants to defend criminals now in court but he murdered Comrade Bish whom he and the other nasty RMC men condemned as a common criminal.

This mass murderer and killer with so many convictions on his sheet is such a sick maniac.

Bishop Loyalist

Labour Senator calls for empathy to Scotia Bank workers

Labour representative in the Senate, Andre Lewis is at odds with statements made by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who welcomed the move by Republic Financial Holdings limited to acquire the shares of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

The position of the Grenadian Prime Minister differed from that of his Antiguan counterpart, Gaston Browne who served notice of his intention not to support the takeover of Scotiabank operations in the Eastern Caribbean by the Trinidad company.

Speaking at a sitting of the Upper House at the Parliament Building at Mt. Wheldale, St. George, Sen. Lewis said it is becoming a recurring decimal for him to be speaking to workers about possible job losses and government should show a little more concern to the workers as they are the ones who stand to be affected by the Scotiabank issue.

“I am aware that the Government of Grenada through our Prime Minister has welcomed the takeover or the buying over of Scotia by Republic. I am aware that other people in the country have seen this as a positive move – that’s when you look at numbers – but human beings are who we are here to serve and it’s not about numbers and what is printed (as) at the end of the day, it has to be translated into something”, he said.

“I would have preferred to have heard a response from the government which empathises with the possible fallout that will come on these workers. It has become too much of a routine exercise to me to be visiting work places to be speaking to workers about job losses”, he added.

According to Sen. Lewis, the approach taken by Prime Minister Browne of Antigua and Barbuda where the process to buy over Scotiabank was delayed should be the directive taken by Grenada instead.

He said that the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) of which he serves as the President General met with the local Soctiabank workers on the subject matter.

“So, in Antigua for instance we have Prime Minister Gaston Browne saying hold on Republic, hold on Scotia, mash breaks, not so fast. At the end of the day, it may happen but what it demonstrates is this Prime Minister’s understanding, likewise in Guyana, of the implications for the worker who has a family, for the worker whose family after being informed that in six months time, someone who has made a career in banking does not know what will happen to them and this child will have to be psychologically prepared and that’s the discussion that we had with the workers.. I have been doing that too regular colleagues.

“…I would like to hear the government … make pronouncements on this issue rather than welcoming it because when you buy over and you merge and that’s the argument … it is Republic, it is regional right, but, I’ve also heard the argument that Republic may be positioning itself for take-over by another entity and these are quality jobs, these are quality jobs.

“We do not want to have a state of people depending on the state. We want to ensure that our policies and our policymakers can speak out and find ways and means of encouraging investors and existing investors to hold on to jobs rather than appearing to encourage it.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) is said to be looking closely at the Scotiabank matter and its implications for the banking sector in the sub-regional grouping.

I Shed a Tear, Some Tears

By C. Adams

I shed a tear for this little, ‘Island of Conflict’
A name derived from its tumultuous pass.
For, after so many years of struggles and gains
Will suffer once more from the current industrial impasse.
For though the political climate of the 70’s no longer exists
When batons, bullets and heavy manners reigned
The country will undergo some economic loss
And the workers pocket will feel the pain.

I shed a tear because after Uncle Gairy
Helped liberate the working class, catapulting our progress
With a guaranteed government pension and gratuity
The isms and schisms of politics turned development to regress.
And those who meant well for this little nation
Impregnated with the ideology of forward ever and our sovereignty
Made some economic and judicial decisions
Paving the way for some to retire comfortably while others go home in poverty.

I shed some tears for the unfairness of it all.
When many teachers dug garbage bin to make teaching aid
Spent from their pocket to make classroom magic
And without choice became Jack of All Trade.
Running many Fairs to do Government work
Now some can pay-off their mortgage with pension and a lump sum of money
Take a Caribbean cruise whilst their retired colleagues try to make ends meet,
Searching for work or continuing with Fairs around the country.

I shed a tear for those who do not understand
Some parents, the well offs and the arrogants
Who do not appreciate that the struggle is also for their children
And that for equality and justice, we must maintain our stance.
To expose the hypocrisy of the politicians
Who interprets the law differently when in and out of power
Giving them the boldness to agitate workers to industrial actions
Forgetting, when in power, that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Soon there will be tears of joy; for this too shall come to pass
When the parties who created this industrial quagmire
Would realize that the workers are torn between two masters
Obligation to the union who protects their rights
And the employer with the power to hire and fire.
When the youths’ reactions remind them of our past
And they would quickly turn to the Creator
Shedding arrogance, deceit, ignorance, and pride
For only He can provide true wisdom and the mandate to deliver.

Kirk Seetahal is back with Digicel

Under fire from the public for the 2017 Panorama fiasco, the recently resigned Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal is now back with his previous employer, Telecommunications giant, Digicel.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Seetahal has taken up a position as Marketing Consultant with the Irish-based company.

Seetahal left his job as Marketing Manager at Digicel in 2015 to assume the post of CEO of SMC but quit in August in the face of much criticisms from the public over the Panorama issue.

Fingers were pointed at him for the failure of SMC to have a stage in place for the nation’s panmen to perform during last year’s panorama which led to a cancellation of the competition.

Seetahal shrugged of the criticisms, saying that he often took decisions from a Board of Directors.

The then SMC boss was at the centre of more controversy when reigning calypso monarch “Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey used the Panorama debacle in 2017 to poke fun at him in one of his winning songs in the calypso competition.

Seetahal responded by threatening to take legal action and announced that he was seeking legal advice on the controversy.

Seetahal is believed to have gotten the backing of influential persons within the ruling New National Party (NNP) government to remain on the job for another year and not resign immediately after the Panorama controversy.

However, he resigned from the position with SMC two weeks after the hosting of SpiceMas 2018 and the position still remains vacant.

A government-ordered inquiry into the 2017 Panorama issue has seemingly been abandoned by the Keith Mitchell-led government despite assurances from Culture Minister, Nolan Cox that he intends to complete the process.

A sick and bold-faced nastiness

After praying for many days and hours, I have finally decided to write a letter as a family member of the late Hyacinth Brizan who was murdered by the PRA on the morning of March 13, 1979 during the armed illegal overthrow of Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

Our family has never gotten justice for the murder of our loved ones by the PRA and it is hurting to read what this clown and murderer Ewart Layne is now writing in a local paper when he and the others shut down all independent newspapers in our country during 1979 to 1983.

This Layne fellah is a sick and bold-faced nastiness who is being allowed to take advantage of the very democracy that he took away from many Grenadians when the PRA ruled Grenada with an iron-fist.

Mr. Layne, our family has never received any form of justice for the acts that you and the other henchmen committed on March 13, 1979. Do you understand that? Do not mistake our silence as acceptance and support for you in the society.

If you and the other Apostles did not pick up guns to take power in this country our cousin would not have been killed on March 13, 1979. An innocent man who was an employee of Sir Eric’s government was shot and killed in cold blood by the Apostles. Where is the justice for us?

Mr. Layne, how can we ever forget that a murder took place in which one of our most loved family members was killed like a common criminal by the guns of the PRA of which you were a leading Commander?

I wonder if Mr. Layne understand that our cousin was the breadwinner for his family and you all deprived them of bread and milk on the table for years. Do you know how they survived all these years?

I have always heard lawyers saying time and time that there is no statue of limitations for crimes like murder.

Why is Mr. Nelson, the DPP not getting the police to investigate the murder of cousin Hyacinth to see which of the apostles killed him on the morning of March 13, 1979? Why no Coroner’s Inquiry into the killing? Mr. Layne as a Commander should be able to say something to the Coroner on this murder. Don’t you think so Mr. Layne?

No lying Mr. Layne, just tell us the truth. If you don’t know then you don’t know but if you know then don’t keep it away from us. Please Mr. Layne, I beg you.

Mr. Layne, if you know anything about the murder of our loved ones especially who shot and killed him, it is still not too late to give us the information.

Mr. Layne, you have already convicted yourself as a man who committed treason in your own book in which you told not only we in Grenada but the rest of the world that you were one of the apostles who took part in the armed and illegal overthrow of Sir Eric’s government.

This man has openly admitted that he was among those soldiers who took up arms and helped to overthrow an elected government in which people were shot and killed. Isn’t that also treason Mr. Layne?

Don’t you also believe that someone should also be tried for the murder of the policeman at the radio station on the morning of March 13, 1979?

Remember, Mr. Pysadee was lawfully on duty when he was shot and killed at the radio station by the Apostles and you have told us that you are one of the apostles. I am not saying that you personally did the killing as I was not there as a witness to the murder.

What crime did Mr. Pysadee commit that the PRA shot and killed him in cold blood as a common criminal? The policeman had a family too and many of them had to grieve for him.

As far as I am concerned, this convicted criminal called Joseph Ewart Layne and several others should be put on trial again for the crime of Treason for overthrowing an elected government.

Mr. Layne, please don’t ever forget that you did not actually pull the trigger to kill Bishop and the others on the fort but you were convicted of committing mass murders in our country on October 19, 1983. The upholder is always worst than the thief.

Mr. Layne, your so-called glorious revolution failed and you should be made to pay for the consequences of your actions by putting you on trial again for treason but a lot of the guys who were released from “The Hill” are now opportunistically supporting the government.

Even Chester Humphrey should be put on trial for Treason for illegally shipping arms and ammunition into the island to help overthrow Sir Eric who is the Father of our Independence.
Chester Humphrey missed it when the Americans arrested him and tried to deport him back to the U.S to face trial after he ran away while on bail and came back to Grenada.

The same Chester is now promoted for helping NNP in the election by appointing him to the third most important position in the country that is President of the Senate.

Uncle Tilly surrounded himself with some of the 1979-83 henchmen and looked what happened to him. Dr. Keith is doing the same and he should also take note because God don’t like ugly.

Finally, Mr. Layne, please shut up and go down on your knees every day and give thanks and praise to the likes of Nicholas Brathwaite, Francis Alexis, Joan Purcell, Tillman Thomas and Phinsley St. Louis and the others in the NDC government for letting you off the hook because the gallows were already prepared to hang you all after the convictions for mass murder.

Uncle Hyacinth, Mr. Pysadee and many others who perished at the hands of the PRA during 1979 to 1983 I am so angry with Mr. Layne for opening up old wounds in this country because he has already caused so many pain and suffering to thousands of Grenadians by the crimes committed against people in the country.

Christian Solider

Trickery and tomfoolery!!!

The impasse between the Keith Mitchell-led government and public sector workers including teachers has overshadowed discussions in the country on the status of Grenada’s oil and gas involving the Russian outfit known as Global Petroleum Group (GPG).

On the eve of the March 13 general election, Prime Minister Mitchell told the nation at a massive rally of the ruling New National Party (NNP) on the Pearl’s airstrip in St. Andrew that there was now the prospects of a lot of “money, money, money” flowing as the findings of the Russians in our waters were “exciting” for the future development of the country.

Yet, eight months later, the Prime Minister was dead silent on the issue of oil and gas in presenting the 2019 budget in Parliament.

Many government watchers could not believe that not even one sentence came from the lips of Dr. Mitchell during his lengthy presentation of the budget in his capacity as Minister of Finance on the GPG findings and the new so-called revenue stream that can transform the Grenadian economy overnight from oil and gas.

THE NEW TODAY expected Prime Minister Mitchell to loudly beat the oil drum in the budget in the face of fears that there could be a significant drop in revenue from the passport-selling scheme known as Citizenship by Investment (CBI) which is under serious threat of being wiped out due to pressure from the European Union, Canada and the United States as their worries grow concerning their national security interests from money-laundering and terrorism.

It was also the spectre of “money, money, money” from oil and gas found by the Russians that was waved in front of the leaders of those public sector unions into getting them to sign off on the so-called controversial topic of Restoration and Reformation of Gratuity and Pension payments in the country.

There were all smiles on the faces of many trade unionists and leading government officials as a deal was reportedly reached in the middle of the dark night when the rest of the country was asleep that virtually sealed the March 13 elections for PM Mitchell and his NNP Green Machine over Congress and its leader Nazim Burke.

Today, the powers-that-be have gone rather lukewarm on oil and gas while Guyana is keeping its people fully abreast of its own oil and gas find with reputable Western companies which can turn the South American republic into a major player in the energy sector in the English-speaking Caribbean.

The only thing that this nation has heard about in recent times was a statement made by Energy Minister Gregory Bowen at the recent annual convention of the ruling party when he seemingly embarrassed the Russians by announcing to party members and supporters that GPG did not have money to do what was expected of them and had to look towards China to find a company with the financial resources to get involved in the oil and gas exploration in our waters.

This is the same GPG that was sold to Grenadians as a gold mine that even provided the cash to help the Mitchell-led government to extricate itself from a controversial oil and gas agreement that it had signed way back in the 1995-1999 period with U.S oilman, Jack Grynberg.

Grenadians are now hearing all of a sudden that the Russians are cash-strapped and looking towards the Chinese to get involved in the oil and gas exploration in our waters.

Wasn’t it the same Russians that had come up with the finance to bail out Minister Bowen from a rather sticky situation when Grynberg had taken legal action against him personally and millions had to be found to pay lawyers in the United States to keep the American millionaire at bay?

Isn’t this the same GPG that provided in excess of five million U.S dollars to Grenada to finance the cost of an arbitration hearing involving Grynberg’s company to determine who really controlled Grenada’s potential oil and gas resources?

THE NEW TODAY is not happy with the secret manner in which PM Mitchell and Minister Bowen are continuously keeping information away from Grenadians about the oil and gas deposits in our waters.

Who are these Chinese and their track record? What role did the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) play in vetting them as a good and creditable company to come into our waters?

The country’s image took a beating internationally with its association with Chinese businessman, Charles Liu who is in legal troubles in the United States over a cancer treatment programme in which some of his countrymen complained that they were scammed of million dollars in the project.

The Grenadian people have a right to know who are the new players from China involved in our oil and gas business.

What is the deal between GPG and this unknown Chinese outfit? What impact will the GPG/Chinese deal have on the existing contractual arrangement between the Russian group and the Grenada Government?

Is the government fully on top and aware of the GPG/Chinese deal and is it in the best interest of the country?

The bottom line is what is in it for the people of Grenada who were promised to see “money, money, money” flowing into the local economy because of the successful oil and gas find by the Russians in our waters.

The evidence is there for all to see that Dr. Mitchell is constantly hiding things which should be in the public domain from the people of Grenada and therefore cannot be trusted on looking after the nation’s interest on oil and gas.

The public sector unions trusted the Prime Minister and his negotiating team on the 25% gratuity and pension payment issue leading up to the election as oil and gas money from the Russians were expected to pay for it but within weeks they soon learnt the hard way that they were outfoxed and left with an empty bag to hold.

The gentleman’s agreement was virtually thrown out the door on the grounds that the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) did not include the 25% figure that the unions claimed was put before them around the negotiating table by the Head of the Government Negotiating Team, Cabinet Secretary, Beryl Isaac.

This is really a government of trickery and tomfoolery that should never again be trusted as they have betrayed the Working Class in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Layne: Yes, I was disciplined by the NJM

Mr. George Worme
The Editor,
New Today

Dear Sir,


My name is Joseph Ewart Layne. I am responding to your editorial note to my letter which appeared in the 29th November 2018 edition of your newspaper.

Yes, I was disciplined by the NJM in 1980 in relation to a breakdown of discipline in certain military units under my command.

No, the disciplining was not specifically related to an incident with Winston Simon.

The complaint against me was for nonfeasance – failure to exercise proper leadership. There was no suggestion that I had personally carried out any illegal act. The sanction was removal from my position of command and other positions of responsibility. I was 22 years old at the time.

Having now answered your question, Mr. Worme, would you please answer my question as to whether you were criminally convicted within the last 3 years for stealing? I ask this not to be abusive. I ask because I think that the answer to my question is material and fair: given your powerful position as editor of one of the leading local newspapers; given that you represent yourself to your readers as a champion for truth and transparency and a mighty fighter against corruption; and given that in essence, when you sell your newspaper, you are selling your credibility and that of New Today.

If the answer to my question is no, that you have never been convicted for a criminal offence involving dishonesty, then your credibility remains unassailable. But if the answer is yes, the public needs to know: so that they can determine when treating with the contents of your newspaper whether they are reading genuine news or, probably, fake news.

More specifically, Mr. Worme, would you truthfully comment on a report carried in the Jamaica Observer dated 18th April 2012 (and on CMC of the same date) which stated that, “54-year-old journalist [George Worme, Editor of the New Today] was caught with four buckets of sand in a vehicle on the Fort Jeudy Beach, by officers attached to South St. George Police Station during a patrol at about 1.00 a.m. [one hour after midnight]”?

Were you charged in relation to that incident? If you were charged, was the charge dismissed or were you convicted? If you were convicted, how come that information was never reported in your newspaper? Don’t you think that it is newsworthy that the editor and boss of the leading local newspaper – the high priest and champion of honesty – was charged, tried and convicted for stealing? Or is it that you were not convicted?

If, however, you were convicted, and I leave it to you to confirm or deny, then all I can say is that, if you are out that ungodly hour thiefing sand, God knows what else you get up to! Ole people say that anything someone is doing after the age of 30 is probably in their DNA. And as you well know, when you deconstruct the act of thiefing, its elementary parts are dishonesty, deception and untrustworthiness.

That is why your readers need the answer to my question. They need to know whether what they read in your paper is coming from an honest, credible and trustworthy source or from one deeply contaminated by the dishonesty of a thief who operates in the still of the night.

And by the way, Mr. Worme, regarding your statement that your hands are clean, how can they be clean with all that sand on them?

Finally, Mr. Worme, I leave you with a request and a piece of wisdom which hopefully you would contemplate and it would lead to some humility in you. My request: If you are a true democrat as you claim you are, in the same way you are carrying the malicious articles against me on your website, please post my response from last week and this letter on the same website.

The wisdom: You must know the biblical story in the Gospel of John about Jesus and the adulterous woman, where He said onto her, “Go, and sin no more”! To the best of my ability (and far from perfectly), since 1991 I have sought, every day of my life, to be guided by that command. That is why under extremely difficult conditions I laboured to prepare myself to contribute in a meaningful way to Grenada and the world.

In that journey, I experienced the grace of meeting some great human beings some of whom, at a superficial level, had all reason to seek revenge against me and my comrades; yet they extended the hand of peace and showered us with love. The experience of such grace not only taught me humility and matured me; it has instilled in me even greater determination to do as much good as I can in this world, until my Maker recalls me.

And no amount of malice spewed in the pages of your paper against me can deter me from that course. But the Gospel of John also covers the episode immediately prior to Jesus commanding the woman to go and sin no more. To her denouncers, who were clamouring for her to be stoned to death, He extended the challenged: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Mr. Worme, I urge you to examine the profoundness of that challenge in all its dimensions. May God bless you!

I rest my case.

Joseph Ewart Layne

Editor’s Note: All I will say to Mr Ewart Layne at this time is that I much prefer to have sand on my hands than so much blood of my own countrymen.


Concord, St. John resident, Brent Joseph has lost his right leg following a horrific biking accident Sunday afternoon on the Pearls Air Strip in St. Andrew.

Brent Joseph – Still hospitalised

Joseph’s leg was severed when his motorbike collided with another while doing stunts on the abandoned airstrip.

Within minutes of the accident, the ambulance from Princess Alice Hospital at Mirabeau rushed to the scene, picked up the injured biker and took him to the St. George’s General hospital in the capital city.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper understands that Joseph along with some other bikers were gathered at the airstrip doing some test rides for an upcoming competition.

A police source said that “carelessness” was responsible for the accident as one of the bikers did an abrupt turn which resulted in them crashing into each other.

Joseph who was fully geared received the brunt of the injuries as both his feet suffered open fractures which led to the loss of one of his limbs.

The other biker is said to have received some injuries to his hands and waist.

Joseph who is still hospitalised is said to be engaged in Bike Management in his hometown village of Concord.

President of the local Bikers’ Association, Lorenzo Celestine was heard on one of the local media houses encouraging bikers to always remember to wear their protective gears in order to be prepared for worst case scenarios in accidents.

“All the members are not compliant but what we try to emphasise on (is) the basic gear – helmet, the right riding shoe and the glove”, he said.

According to Celestine, although the injured biker was dressed in the proper gears he still suffered major injuries.

“He (Brent) had on his full gears and look what happened still but that doesn’t mean it’s encouragement for you not to wear your gears, you always have to be mindful and be alert and be always ready for the unforeseen circumstances”, he said.

Attorney Edwin: Corporal punishment violates human rights


Outspoken Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin has renewed his call for Corporal punishment to be removed from the law books in Grenada.

Attorney Jerry Edwin – addressed the GHRO forum Monday on the occasion of the 70th celebrations of International Human Rights Day

The American-trained attorney from the Eden Law Caribbean legal firm was at the time addressing a public forum put on by the Grenada Human Rights Organisation (GHRO) on Monday at Norton’s Hall on Church Street in St. George’s, to commemorate the 70th recognition of International Human Rights Day.

Edwin used the opportunity to urge attendees to join the campaign against corporal law, a gender-based punishment that is only meted out to the male sex.

“The law of flogging is torturous. Here in Grenada the law of flogging violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948…So, on this 70th anniversary of International Human Rights…I think something tangible we could do, is to join this campaign against flogging,” he said.

“I urge all of you to raise a human cry about this practice…flogging must be taken off the law books…There are a number of instances where men have been beaten for those offences where flogging is not authorised…where flogging as a sentence was meted out for traffic offences,” among others, he added.

Attorney Edwin told the forum: “Flogging is only authorised for robbery with violence crimes and praedial larceny with threat crimes, not just ordinary praedial larceny. But these Magistrates have been giving the sentence forthwith”.

He believes there are other ways to deal with these pestering issues and get effective results.

“…We have sentencing schemes and guidelines, community service, imprisonment…we are much more creative than thinking that the only way to stop or to punish someone for stealing fruit and vegetables is to treat them like a slave”, he said.

Approximately one (1) year ago, Eden Law Caribbean filed a lawsuit against the Government of Grenada in an effort to obtain “a constitutional motion to declare flogging unconstitutional and to challenge the constitutionality of the Praedial Larceny Act.”

According to Attorney Edwin, the matter is scheduled to come up before High Court Judge Justice Raulston Glasgow, sometime next week.

Noting that because “the court was closed, the matter was pushed back time and time again,” Attorney Edwin said, “this claim actually grows as we go along because what I am finding out is that there are multiple instances where the flogging law was illegally applied”.

The attorney is optimistic that “at least in this regard we can find something tangible…to say all of us have a right to our human rights”.