Mentally challenged pleads guilty

27-year old Gabriel Alleyne of Mt. Parnassus, St. George, will know his fate on January 18, 2019, when he appears for sentencing in connection to the June 24, 2017 death of Laura Land, St. David resident, 49-year-old Anthony Alexander. The mentally challenged man pleaded guilty to an indictable Non-Capital Murder charge last week Friday, before Guyanese-born, High Court Judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford, at the St. George’s No. 1 High Court. The accused who is the son of a prominent religious leader, reportedly used his bare hands to strangle Alexander while the two were inmates at the Rathdune Unit at … Continue reading

Headache – the mass murderer!!!

The one called Headache Layne is a nasty Coardite who is a mass murderer as ruled by a duly functioning court about 30 years ago. Headache should not throw stones at anybody in this country because no amount of water can ever wash him clean of all the blood over his body so many years after the killing of Comrade Bishop and the other patriots on the fort. As a revolutionary I did not have to wait on a court to find he and the other murderers guilty of killing the most outstanding leader of the Grenada Revolution and the … Continue reading

Labour Senator calls for empathy to Scotia Bank workers

Labour representative in the Senate, Andre Lewis is at odds with statements made by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who welcomed the move by Republic Financial Holdings limited to acquire the shares of the Bank of Nova Scotia. The position of the Grenadian Prime Minister differed from that of his Antiguan counterpart, Gaston Browne who served notice of his intention not to support the takeover of Scotiabank operations in the Eastern Caribbean by the Trinidad company. Speaking at a sitting of the Upper House at the Parliament Building at Mt. Wheldale, St. George, Sen. Lewis said it is becoming a … Continue reading

I Shed a Tear, Some Tears

By C. Adams I shed a tear for this little, ‘Island of Conflict’ A name derived from its tumultuous pass. For, after so many years of struggles and gains Will suffer once more from the current industrial impasse. For though the political climate of the 70’s no longer exists When batons, bullets and heavy manners reigned The country will undergo some economic loss And the workers pocket will feel the pain. I shed a tear because after Uncle Gairy Helped liberate the working class, catapulting our progress With a guaranteed government pension and gratuity The isms and schisms of politics … Continue reading

Kirk Seetahal is back with Digicel

Under fire from the public for the 2017 Panorama fiasco, the recently resigned Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal is now back with his previous employer, Telecommunications giant, Digicel. THE NEW TODAY understands that Seetahal has taken up a position as Marketing Consultant with the Irish-based company. Seetahal left his job as Marketing Manager at Digicel in 2015 to assume the post of CEO of SMC but quit in August in the face of much criticisms from the public over the Panorama issue. Fingers were pointed at him for the failure of SMC to have a … Continue reading

A sick and bold-faced nastiness

After praying for many days and hours, I have finally decided to write a letter as a family member of the late Hyacinth Brizan who was murdered by the PRA on the morning of March 13, 1979 during the armed illegal overthrow of Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy. Our family has never gotten justice for the murder of our loved ones by the PRA and it is hurting to read what this clown and murderer Ewart Layne is now writing in a local paper when he and the others shut down all independent newspapers in our country during 1979 … Continue reading

Trickery and tomfoolery!!!

The impasse between the Keith Mitchell-led government and public sector workers including teachers has overshadowed discussions in the country on the status of Grenada’s oil and gas involving the Russian outfit known as Global Petroleum Group (GPG). On the eve of the March 13 general election, Prime Minister Mitchell told the nation at a massive rally of the ruling New National Party (NNP) on the Pearl’s airstrip in St. Andrew that there was now the prospects of a lot of “money, money, money” flowing as the findings of the Russians in our waters were “exciting” for the future development of … Continue reading

Layne: Yes, I was disciplined by the NJM

Mr. George Worme The Editor, New Today Dear Sir, RE: ANSWERING GEORGE WORME’S QUESTION AND REQUEST FOR HIM TO ANSWER THE QUESTION WHETHER HE WAS CONVICTED FOR STEALING My name is Joseph Ewart Layne. I am responding to your editorial note to my letter which appeared in the 29th November 2018 edition of your newspaper. Yes, I was disciplined by the NJM in 1980 in relation to a breakdown of discipline in certain military units under my command. No, the disciplining was not specifically related to an incident with Winston Simon. The complaint against me was for nonfeasance – failure … Continue reading


Concord, St. John resident, Brent Joseph has lost his right leg following a horrific biking accident Sunday afternoon on the Pearls Air Strip in St. Andrew. Joseph’s leg was severed when his motorbike collided with another while doing stunts on the abandoned airstrip. Within minutes of the accident, the ambulance from Princess Alice Hospital at Mirabeau rushed to the scene, picked up the injured biker and took him to the St. George’s General hospital in the capital city. THE NEW TODAY newspaper understands that Joseph along with some other bikers were gathered at the airstrip doing some test rides for … Continue reading

Attorney Edwin: Corporal punishment violates human rights

LAWSUIT AGAINST GOVERNMENT IN COURT NEXT WEEK Outspoken Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin has renewed his call for Corporal punishment to be removed from the law books in Grenada. The American-trained attorney from the Eden Law Caribbean legal firm was at the time addressing a public forum put on by the Grenada Human Rights Organisation (GHRO) on Monday at Norton’s Hall on Church Street in St. George’s, to commemorate the 70th recognition of International Human Rights Day. Edwin used the opportunity to urge attendees to join the campaign against corporal law, a gender-based punishment that is only meted out to the male … Continue reading