Bhola numb on exit of Comptroller of Inland Revenue

A senior member of the Grenada Cabinet says he is not aware that the island’s chief tax collector, Corland Forrester has tendered his resignation after only one year on the job.

During Tuesday’s hosting of the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex, Minister of Youth and Sports, Roland Bhola said he was unaware of Forrester’s resignation.

Bhola wondered whether the contract of the Comptroller of Inland Revenue had expired.

“What I do know, is that the Comptroller of Inland Revenue was a contracted officer. I am not in a position to say whether or not his contract has come to an end or if for some reason there was a decision not to continue the contract and we would know that in the context of a contract that both the employer or the employee…can sever the relationship with a month or two months advance (notice)”, he said.

“…I am not sure what his contract says but I do know in that case, (he) was a contracted officer and if there is any truth …. (he is) not any longer in the position, the information has not reached me as a Minister as yet why exactly he is not there,” he remarked.

Forrester took up duties on August 24, 2015, after being brought in from the United States based on his specialty in handling Financial Audits and recommending to government in a paper submitted 2014 what its focus should be in taxation.

On assuming office, he said that his main aim was to  tackle the issue of persons and businesses paying their fair share of taxes.

Forrester was quoted back then as saying “there are three basic pillars that we are guided by –  one is to administrate the laws in a very fair and equitable manner, to collect and accurately account for the taxes and to treat our customers who are the taxpayers in a very courteous and customer friendly manner.”