Good CSEC performance from youngest secondary school

The island’s youngest secondary school, J.W Fletcher Catholic Secondary School is gloating over its outstanding performance in the 2017 CSEC examination. According to school principal, Laurel Bartholomew the institution had a 63.76% pass rate with its first set of form five students sitting the exams. J.W Fletcher was transitioned from a Primary to a Secondary school five years ago amidst controversy under the rule of the 2008-13 National Democratic Congress (NDC) government. A total of 29 students, comprised of eight boys and 21 girls, wrote the exam this year. With the exception of only one student, all the other students … Continue reading

SMC Drops Steelband Panorama Ball

It is said that you can judge a society by how it treats its young, its elders and its culture… In one fell swoop, Grenada disrespected and threw much shade on all three of these factors. And the Pan season in Grenada came to an abrupt halt when hundreds of musicians turned up to perform and found there was no stage built, so after weeks of preparation, their competition was cancelled. Spicemas Corporation, the entity overseeing for staging Panorama, is led by Kirk Seetahal. Seetahal and members of his board tasked with the responsibility for Grenada’s Panorama must step down … Continue reading

Playing a role in Venezuelan crisis

For Sir Ronald Sanders to suggest that “…it was prudent of four CARICOM governments – Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia – not to associate themselves with a declaration issued in Lima on August 8th, by 12 member-states of the OAS that gathered (with the CARICOM four) of their own volition in Peru…” is anathema to the aspirations of all the peoples of America. In fact as a Grenadian ex-pat living in Canada I find it embarrassing that Grenada of all CARICOM countries, with its history of Cuban advisor/s sitting in at cabinet meetings during those 4 plus years of non-democratic … Continue reading

Planning a better carnival!!!

The following is my considered thoughts on our Carnival. To my mind the 2017 Carnival was one of the worst I observed in Grenada since Independence simply because the Powers-that-be do not know that Steel band music is one of the main pillars of Carnival and when we do not have Panorama and Steel bands parading in our streets we really had no real carnival. I was in St. George’s for J’ouvert and the one Steel band which was on the streets was drowned out by the ultra-sound DJ’s. Carnival this year was “Jab Jab” or “Devil Mas” with emphasis … Continue reading

Panorama 2017 and the “Capture of Public Spaces”

Panorama Postponed: On the evening of Saturday, August 12th, Pantastic Friday, the unthinkable happened! To the disbelief of the scores of pan players assembled to perform and their faithful fan base, Panorama was postponed – supposedly because the stage had not been constructed in time!!?? How was this possible?! Panorama happens every year and is one of the official events of Carnival. Everyone is aware of the tremendous logistic effort, time and expense required to move a steel band so, unless there is a national emergency, these factors must be considered and notice given well ahead!! This year, again, the … Continue reading

My Reflection of Spicemas 2017

Let me take a moment to reflect on Grenada’s 2017 Carnival and all the shows and parties. I continue to always look forward to going to Grenada for Carnival and that won’t change. There were a number of great takeaways from this year’s carnival. One of my biggest takeaways was the quality of music and sounds that my small country produces. Another was J’ouvert and the Spectacle of Monday Night Mas. Every year the soca artistes and calypsonians are getting better and better. My favourites were “She gave me the fork when I finish eat.” Clever indeed! The others were … Continue reading

Grenada rated a top Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

The leading cruise review site, has recognised Pure Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean as one of the top five Southern Caribbean destinations for cruise. recently announced the winners of its second annual Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards based entirely on consumer ratings submitted to the website for trips within the last year. The awards name the top cruise destinations across 15 regions worldwide. CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA), Patricia Maher says the award is a testament to Pure Grenada’s popularity. She further stated, “The GTA has been working closely with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), major … Continue reading

Netherlands Insurance give support to Performing Arts

Netherlands Insurance has extended congratulations to event promoters for their support of the performing arts during Spicemas 2017. “It was especially encouraging to see that these events employed a significant number of Grenadian artistes and performers, needless to say all the other services behind the scenes in the performing arts industry”, said Managing Director of Netherlands, Richard Strachan. He went on to say: “These experiences gave entertainers the opportunity to perform for large audiences to enhance their skill while showcasing the diverse talent Grenada has on offer. “I applaud event coordinators for using the talent we have right here at … Continue reading

Pan Association speaks out

The Grenada Steelbands Association (GSBA) has blamed the state-run Spicemas Corporation (SMC) for the cancellation of this year’s Panorama competition due to the lack of a stage for the panmen to perform. “It’s not our responsibility, it is (the responsibility of) Spicemas Corporation (SMC) (to provide the stage for the National Panorama Competition)”, said GSBA President, David “Peck” Edwards. In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last week Thursday, Edwards said it was up to SMC to provide the platforms for the individual known as “Double D” who was contracted to build the stage at the national stadium … Continue reading

Lessons from India’s partition and Charlottesville’s strife

On August 14 and 15, Pakistan and India, respectively, celebrated the 70th anniversary of their Independence from Britain, a country whose policies, as an occupier, fomented – and then bequeathed to them – the hostile communalism that led to their partition and their continuing antagonism. Religious dissimilarity, as Muslim and Hindu, proved more defining and more divisive than common ethnicity, common culture, common foods and shared history. The invented notion that Muslims and Hindus were two distinct communities and that they rivalled each other for access to economic resources, social development and domination, was deliberately promoted by the British colonial … Continue reading