Focus on FLOW!!!

Dear Editor, First I would like to thank you for publishing my letter then I would like to thank you again for giving the “little man” a voice. They say that help sometimes comes from places where you least expect it. I have got the feeling that you are willing to be the mediator. If that is so I will be happy if you can relay my feeling about the issue. I am attaching a letter that was written to the manager some time ago but the facts remain the same. I would only like to add they should return … Continue reading

Stop Discriminating Against Them!

Many, like me, have observed the way persons react to a certain religious group that is well known for going around house to house and preaching the Bible. Often, some persons would quarrel, even use indecent language, when they see members of this religious group walking along the street or coming toward their homes. In other countries too, people oppose this religious group, speaking strongly against them, slamming their doors in the faces of these visitors. (Matthew 24:9; Acts 28:22). In some countries, this religious group is even banned. (Acts 4:17 to 20). I am kindly asking those persons who … Continue reading

Speaking up… Disrupting the Winner!

William Joseph Papa Jerry gathered a bundle of characteristics and composed a calypso entitled, ‘The Grenadian Ruler’, recently. Indeed, there is a massive difference between a ruler and a leader. The ruler is one who consumes himself with power and exercises it on his own terms and lauds it over the people. He is usually assisted by packs of conscripts. Where a nation finds itself under a ruler, that nation is on a very slippery slope. In such conditions one will find serious negatives regarding the state of the society and unhappiness with the quality of governance. The biblical standard … Continue reading

Can Chocolate SAVE the Grenada Cocoa Industry ???

In regard to the above-captioned subject, the answer is YES!! BUT. There is need to do a complete change in the operations of the Grenada Cocoa Association and how the Management of the GCA Board thinks. There should be emphasis on not selling Grenada Cocoa Beans in crocus bags but selling chocolate as semi-processed chocolate (or cocoa liquor). Chocolate finished products such as milk chocolates (both locally, in the region, and in the rest of the world), and as Finished Dark chocolates such as Bonbon, Truffles and other special end products & also instantised “Cocoa Tea” products, cocoa powder, and … Continue reading

Government to focus on climate change resilience

A new session of the Grenada Parliament began on Monday with the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell administration emphasising the need to build resilience in an era of climate change. Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade delivered the traditional Throne Speech which is written by government to a new session of Parliament at Mt. Wheldale, overlooking the capital city. In outlining the priorities of the government, she said that urgent and decisive actions are required to make the environment, the people and the local economy more resilient to the increasingly grim and devastating … Continue reading

$300,000 bail for drug accused

After spending approximately two weeks at Her Majesty’s Prison due to the refusal by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill to grant bail, Venezuelan national Breeny Emeneria Drira Lopez who is currently charged for possession of illegal drugs was finally granted bail on Monday. Lopez appeared at the St, George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court along with his legal representative, Alley Gill to make another attempt to secure bail. The accused was nabbed by police two days before his three months stay in Grenada visiting family had expired and for this reason bail was objected to by the Prosecution and denied by Magistrate Gill. … Continue reading

Giving back

Presentation College Grenada was the recent beneficiary of a donation of school supplies from the New York-based Life Quality Foundation Inc. The school supplies, donated by founding members Wilbur Thomas and Triva John-Thomas, is part of the foundation’s ongoing efforts to give back to Grenadian communities that have impacted them positively. In 2017, they donated 25 backpacks to the St Joseph’s Convent St George’s. PBC Vice Principal, Kelvin Jacob was on hand to receive the donation from John-Thomas at PBC in the presence of the school’s student support coordinators, Hodias St Paul, and Junior Braveboy. The foundation plans to continue … Continue reading

Workers Delivered on Tuesday

By Carrema Lewis It was a major show of force Tuesday as public sector employees including teachers took to the streets of the capital to send a strong message to the Keith Mitchell-led administration on the current impasse on pension and gratuity payments due to them. The Public Workers Union (PWU), Grenada Union of Teachers and Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) decided to intensify their strike action by calling the workers onto the street for the first time in the three-week old dispute. The workers were in militant mood as they set out on the march from outside the … Continue reading

Should Same Sex Marriage be legalised?

The above question is being discussed by the population. Some say “Yes”. Their reasoning is that homosexuals are people too like everyone else, so we should not discriminate against them. Others say “No.” They say that the Scriptures condemn that practice. They are right. Most of us know that God destroyed the city of Sodom mainly because of homosexuality. (Genesis 19:4, 5, 13, 24, 28) Romans 1:26, 27 tell us that women with women intimate relationship and men with men are NOT natural; they are contrary to nature. Clearly, God does NOT approve of homosexuality. Romans 1:32 mentions that those … Continue reading

Throne speech highlights government “commitment” to pension reform

In the midst of an intensified industrial climate where public sector workers are clamouring for their constitutionally due 25% pension and gratuity payment from government, the Keith Mitchell-led administration said it is committed to pension reform. This was highlighted by Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade as she delivered the throne speech ahead of the 2019 Budget presentation on Wednesday at the Parliament Building at Mt. Wheldale, St. George. The island’s female head of state announced that a Pension Secretariat has been set up by government and is currently conducting a study to ensure an appropriate package for public servants. … Continue reading