The Ministry of Health has mandated the Health Promotions Department and Vector Control Officers nationwide to scale up intervention aimed at preventing an upsurge in the spread of dengue fever in Grenada. Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. George Mitchell gave the directive in the wake of an outbreak of dengue fever in the region including Jamaica, where the disease has already claimed lives. Dr. Mitchell told health promotions and vector control managers that given the regional situation and the fact that there is likely to be an increase in the mosquito population around this time of year, the Ministry is … Continue reading

Clear Harbor Announces “Employee of The Year” Award Recipients

On December 8th Clear Harbor hosted their “Employee of the Year” ceremony. Employees were given the opportunity to recommend other employees in different departments for making a significant contribution to the company’s success. The following areas were used to determine the winners of the award: * Great attendance * Exceptional performance * Positive attitude * The ability to be a positive role model * Dependability & Reliability * Assist with enhancing the image of the company* Willingness to assist other employees or with special projects when needed Clear Harbor takes pride in recognizing their employees who contributes positively to the … Continue reading

The Crisis in the Justice System

The State of Grenada comprises three independent but co-equal arms of Government: the Executive (Cabinet), the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (the Courts). In order for Government to function efficiently, all three arms must be fully operational, none compromised. If one arm ceases to function, there is national chaos. The chaos may not be readily noticeable, but its disastrous effects are sure to be eventually felt by all. Last Monday, lawyers held a public protest to bring focus on the dire state of the Judiciary in this country. In any country, when lawyers resort to protest action, we know there … Continue reading

Government to institute “Park and Shuttle” System

Minister of Transport, Gregory Bowen has announced plans by government to introduce a number of transportation initiatives within the first quarter of 2019 including a park and shuttle system to help ease the flow of traffic into the town of St. George. Minister Bowen told reporters at Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing that government is looking at areas in Tanteen and Queen’s Park, St. George where vehicles can be allowed to park in order to facilitate the system. He said that motorists in some sections of the island will be allowed to park at Queen’s Park and then take a shuttle … Continue reading

Laboratory Procedures

The Management of the Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) through good professional practice is committed to ensuring that the organisation consistently provides quality testing services that meet regulatory requirements and where possible exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We wish to clarify claims made in a report broadcasted by a local news station on January 4, 2019. The Bureau of Standards, as a statutory body, offers testing services to the public at a cost. Once a sample is submitted to the Bureau for testing, the person/organisation submitting the sample is informed that there is a cost attached before the … Continue reading

A moral obligation

Recently, Jerry Edwin has been telling us a story about Dr. Eric Williams, to create the fallacy that in principle he opposed the establishment of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Generally, the story goes like this. Someone asked Dr. Williams about the court in 1976, and Dr. Williams had replied that if two people are fighting in one house, it is better to have an outsider to settle the dispute. He has made this statement on radio, and has written it in articles published in our local newspapers. Edwin, who appears to be a member of the bandwagon of political … Continue reading


Babies are a special gift at any time, but especially so, when they are born on New Year’s Day. Republic Bank joins in welcoming four (4) new babies born January 01, 2019. Each brings the promise of many happy and wonder-filled moments. As is customary, Republic Bank presented each baby with a basket filled with goodies, valued at $125.00 and a Gift Certificate for a RightStart savings account, valued at $100.00. The RightStart account is designed for persons from birth to 19 years old. This gesture is made to help the parents instill a good savings habit in their child, … Continue reading

Possible lawsuit against Grenada Invitational Inc. in the making

The Grenada Invitational Inc. could be facing a lawsuit from disgruntled athletes who are seeking payments for their participation in the inaugural Grenada Invitational back in 2017. A letter sent to THE NEW TODAY newspaper via email last week suggested that a number of athletes are at their wits ends in seeking payment from the organisers of the Grenada Invitational. The letter stated, “Dear Mr. Editor, I’m writing you about a complain. I will try to be brief but writing on behalf of a group of athletes who have been trying to get money owed to them for the 2017 … Continue reading

Police investigate new trend of stolen vehicles

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is currently investigating a number of complaints about stolen vehicles which occurred over the Christmas period, according to Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Superintendent Earl Dunbar. Addressing members of the media at a press conference at Police Headquarters at Fort George, St. George’s last Thursday, Supt Dunbar said that a new trend is emerging about stolen vehicles which has vehicle owners on edge. He disclosed that six vehicles were stolen over the Christmas period from St. George, St. Andrew and St. David including one bus, two cars, and two escudo … Continue reading