Citizens obey the law for three major reasons: to avoid legal consequences, out of respect for authority and because it is the morally right thing to do. However, when systems fail, persons sometimes attempt to administer the law with disastrous consequences. Recently in Aurora, Illinois, USA an employee who was being or had just been fired from his job resorted to gunning down some of his fellow employees. When the situation cleared up a bit six people including the fired employee were dead and several other persons including some police officers injured. Fortunately, Grenadians do not generally resort to such … Continue reading

Another police officer is charged

Law enforcement officers have arrested and charged another of their very own for the offence of causing death by dangerous driving. Police Constable (PC) Joseph Felix, who is attached to the Fire Department at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), has been arrested and charged for the offence of causing death by dangerous driving in connection to the March 1 death of Joseph La Touche of Williamson Road, St. George’s. The charge stems from a vehicular accident that occurred on January 19, which landed the now deceased in the hospital and becoming paralysed. PC Felix was charged approximately 10 months … Continue reading

That Privy Council Ruling!!!

Monday’s decision by the Privy Council in London to dismiss the appeal by former soldier, Lieutenant-Colonel Ewart Layne to be admitted to practice law in Grenada is a massive defeat for the so-called ultra-leftist forces in the country who are known as Coardites. This name is given to all those Grenada Revolutionaries who were associated with former Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, the suspected mastermind of the bloody palace coup within the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution in which Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, three Cabinet colleagues and several others were executed at Fort George on October 19, 1983. Layne has been facing … Continue reading

Finally, Grenada to fund LIAT!!!

At long last the Government of Grenada has decided to inject much needed funds in regional carrier LIAT. Grenadians will recall the obstinate attitude of Prime Minister Mitchell in relation to the subject matter. His infantile tantrums about LIAT and its management often left regional leaders scratching their heads about an attitude that defies reason. He even set preconditions that must be met before Grenadian taxpayers money can be invested in the regional airline. He ranted and raved about flight itinerary, operational costs, managerial incompetence to name a few. At the same time he committed the country’s funds to pay … Continue reading

Environmental Issues – how concerned are you?

As a people do we really care about our environment and our surroundings? Are you a concerned citizen, and are you aware of what’s happening around you on a daily basis, are you happy with the level of pollutants around you? Are you contributing towards the further degradation of your environment? Do we really care about biodiversity and how pollutants are impacting our environment negatively? Grenada is branded as being “PURE GRENADA” but does this truly reflect our country as being pure? If you were to ask me, I would be frank and honest and say, “I BEG TO DIFFER”. … Continue reading

Chinese Embassy donates computers to Telescope

After donating up to 70 computers to schools across the island, the Chinese Embassy has once again showed its generosity by assisting the residents of Telescope in St. Andrew with 10 computers to be used at its Community centre. Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency of St. Andrew South East, Emmalin Pierre accepted the computers on behalf of the community during a recent ceremony at the Chinese Embassy. Presenting the computers on behalf of the embassy was Counsellor Yang Shijun, who was acting as Charge d’ affaires, in the absence of Ambassador Yhao Yongchen. He recalled that on January 14 there … Continue reading

Four Law Lords against and only one for Lieutenant-Colonel Layne

The British-based Privy Council on Monday delivered a 4-1 decision against former Lieutenant-Colonel Ewart “Headache” Layne in his attempt to get admitted to practice law in the local courts. The single judge who ruled in favour of Layne was LORD KERR who did not agree with the reasoning of the other four Law Lords that the trial judge was right in reaching the decision that the ex-soldier should not be admitted as a lawyer solely on the basis of his convictions for mass murders in October 1983. The setback has brought an almost immediate reaction from Layne who signaled his … Continue reading

Six Island Scholars named

The Grenada Government has announced the names of the six persons awarded island scholarships in 2019. The students – Tamara Bubb, Toya Amendi, Syndey Walker, Trevon St. Bernard, Tara Thomas and Jarel Stuart – were awarded the scholarships as a result of their performances at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC). According to Minister of Climate Resilience, Senator Simon Stiell, the students were selected by the National Award Selection Committee as top performers at TAMCC in the areas of both Associated Degrees and CAPE qualification. Sen. Stiell told reporters Tuesday at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex … Continue reading

Blaka Dan Speaks out against SMC

First off, I would like to say that I am not here to disrespect or discredit nobody, I am not here to bring down nobody, I have no agenda of my own (and) this is not any strategy to market nothing (myself/music). This is an experience that needs addressing publicly…I think if I don’t speak I wouldn’t be setting a proper example for those (who are) to come behind me, I wouldn’t be an advocate for other artistes like me striving to be the best to help be one of the pillar stone in bringing Grenada music to the world. … Continue reading


(This article was first published in June 2018) This is an extract from a tWRF 68 page publication titled: THE PRIDE OF OUR WATERFRONT HERITAGE – THE RENAISSANCE OF URBAN ST. GEORGE, which is due for circulation in May 2019. Because of the current public concern and anxiety which has gone viral due to the extent of the deterioration and the impending danger to public safety it was decided to release this section in advance, for public feedback and to obtain a response from the authorities. DERELICT BUILDINGS IN AND AROUND ST. GEORGE’S The Willie Redhead foundation (tWRF) has always … Continue reading