Lower house approves bills

The Lower House of Parliament has approved a bill, which seeks to harmonise the regulations and the legislation for conducting a general election in accordance with the current legislation. THE NEW TODAY understands that the action was taken to arrest a discrepancy, which the House was informed about by the Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO) which is currently preparing for general elections within the next few months. In presenting the Representation of The People (Amendment) Bill, 2017, Member for the Town of St. George, Health Minister Nickolas Steele said it provides for the correct naming of the legislation and numbering of … Continue reading

Grenada government loses appeal in Rex Grenadian expropriation case

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by the Grenada government against an earlier Supreme Court order of February 22, 2017, temporarily preventing the Keith Mitchell-led administration from taking further steps under the Land Acquisition Act to compulsorily acquire property leased to The Grenadian by Rex Resorts. The 172-room hotel located on the island’s southern tip, has a 99-year lease of the land in question with the government, with which it is in full compliance but which the government is seeking to terminate unilaterally, and thus effectively expropriate the property. In its ruling on December 15, … Continue reading