Millions spent on Sargassum Seaweed clean-up

The Government of Grenada is spending $100,000 a week to help rid the island of the Sargassum Seaweed, according to Minister of Climate Resilience, the Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, Disaster Management and Information, Senator Simon Stiell. It has been approximately four months since the invasion of the South African generated Sargassum Seaweed has taken over most of Grenada’s coastlines and beachfronts. Speaking to reporters at the weekly held post-Cabinet press briefing, Sen. Stiell said that there is a recognition that the problem with the seaweed is now letting up and government is on the verge of finding a permanent solution to … Continue reading

Cable & Wireless addresses “radiation” issue

Cable & Wireless Communications, registered owner of the High Court Building on the Carenage in St. Georges categorically refutes recent claims made in the media citing possible harmful ‘radiation’ levels in the building. The Bureau of Standards conducted its own set of independent tests in the building and the findings indicate that there are no harmful radiation levels at the site. Additionally, C&W contracted a third-party to conduct a “non-ionizing radiation” analysis of the building. There has been no evidence of this type of radiation beyond acceptable levels of health and safety. Cable & Wireless Grenada has reported these findings … Continue reading

Sandals Foundation teams up with Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. to Strengthen Coastal Resilience

The Grenada Fund for Conservation (GFC) has received much needed financial backing from the Sandals Foundation to intensify their work to enhance coastal resilience in the Grenville Bay Area targeting specifically Telescope, Grenville, Soubise and Marquis. Research conducted by GFC between 2010 and 2012 determined that in the event of a rise in the sea level by even two metres, the Grenville Bay Area is among the most vulnerable areas in Grenada. GFC with the support of many international partners, have been working to build the coastal resilience of the area through coastal reforestation and public awareness. According to Founding … Continue reading

Grenada praised for building resilient country

As the region braces for yet another hurricane season, Grenada is once again being praised for its resilience-building following the destruction it received from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Speaking at the opening of the Caribbean Development Bank’s 48th annual Board of Governor’s Meeting in Grenada, CDB President Warren Smith said inspiration can be found in Grenada. “Recall 2004, when Hurricane Ivan left a trail of destruction behind in Grenada. With damages of about 200 percent of GDP, Ivan was described, at that time, as the worst hurricane to affect the Region in more than a decade. Hurricane Emily in 2005 … Continue reading

Dumont Tops CPEA 2018

11-year-old Joshua Wilson-Dumont of Westmorland Junior School has topped this year’s Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) with a score of 481 points. “I knew my ability but I didn’t want to be too over confident, so I expected anything to happen,” said young Joshua, who broke out in tears along with his proud father, John Dumont, who was on hand to witness the excitement when the announcement was made to the Westmorland Grade 6 class on Monday morning. Wilson-Dumont emerged at the top of the field from Joshua Noel (477) of St. Mary’s Junior School who placed 2nd and St. George’s … Continue reading

Derelic buildings

This is an extract from a tWRF 60 page publication titled: THE PRIDE OF OUR WATERFRONT HERITAGE – THE RENAISSANCE OF URBAN ST. GEORGE, which is due for circulation in August or early September 2018. Because of its urgent nature it was decided to release this section in advance, for public feedback and to obtain a response from the authorities. DERELICT BUILDINGS IN AND AROUND ST. GEORGE’S The Willie Redhead foundation (tWRF) has always expressed its concerns about the derelict buildings in St. George’s and its environs. The owners or inheritors of these buildings obviously have lost interest in their … Continue reading

Government Awards Outstanding Athletes

A number of Grenada’s top sporting personalities have been recognised by government for their outstanding feats on the field of play. The ace athletes including Commonwealth gold medalist in the Decathlon, Lindon Victor were awarded by way of cash, official passports and a parcel of land for their contribution to sports. According to Minister of Youth, Sports, Culture and Arts, Senator Norland Cox it is government’s intention to show appreciation to the athletes for putting Grenada on par with Caribbean countries more renowned in Athletics and Cricket. The 25-year old Victor was on hand to receive his gifts, which included … Continue reading

Funds allocated to the new Ministry of Climate Resilience

The Grenada Parliament has taken steps to ensure that there is funding for the newly created Ministry of Climate Resilience, the Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, Disaster Management and Information. The Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) which won all 15 seats in the March 13 general election has passed the Appropriation (2018) Amendment Bill (2018) to provide the necessary funding for the ministry headed by Senator Simon Stiell. The bill seeks to re-allocate some of the EC$1.1 allocated in the 2018 budget for the period January 1to December 31 from the different ministries to the new ministry. This re-allocation of $17.4 … Continue reading

Man Buried by Gravel

One man was reportedly killed Wednesday when he was covered up by falling gravel from a pit in the Mt Rush area. THE NEW TODAY understands that the pit is located near to a site where the National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has some water tanks. The man has been identified as Steve Marcel who is from Paradise in St. Andrew. Marcel was living in the Darbeau area with his female companion.A source said that Marcel often visited the pit on early mornings to get gravel to sell for some building contractors. Neighbours got worried when he was not … Continue reading

Forum for Financing and Development

Dear Mr. Editor/News Director, I write to you in my capacity as Chairman of the Grenada Jubilee Committee and Coordinator Jubilee Caribbean. In April, I went to attend a side event at the UN to attempt to get the Call of Jubilee Caribbean known to many of the bodies meeting at the Forum for Financing and Development. The call of Jubilee Caribbean came out of a March Workshop held in Grenada to discuss the vulnerability to natural disasters of small island developing states and their debt burden. The Call of Jubilee Caribbean urged the Governments of the Caribbean and the … Continue reading