Workshop capacity building

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in collaboration with the Office of The Integrity Commission held a workshop following up previous training on Auditing Asset Declarations from April 23-25 at the National Cricket Stadium. The participants included representatives of the Commission and Staff of the Integrity Commission, Audit Department, and Financial Intelligence Unit. The workshop, aimed at continued capacity building on the enhanced methods of auditing asset declarations in accordance with the Integrity Public Life Act, was intended to determine declarants’ true net worth, and the ready identification of red flags. The Office of the Integrity Commission … Continue reading

A world less safe: Caribbean not immune

Events affecting Iran, prompted by the May 8 decision of U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw America from a 2015 nuclear deal, may appear irrelevant to Caribbean countries. They are not. One of the first effects will be a rise in oil prices which has already reached US$77 a barrel and is forecast to rise higher. The cost of oil is one of the highest factor costs for production in every Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country, except Trinidad and Tobago which is an oil and gas producer. Since 2014, Caribbean economies enjoyed a respite from high oil prices that averaged US$100 … Continue reading

The draconian order!!!

A recent statement made by prominent attorney-at-law, Anselm Clouden purportedly on behalf of one of the island’s two female high court judges on citing motorists for contempt of court for tooting their horns too loud outside her court is causing a stir in Grenada. THE NEW TODAY is particularly concerned about this statement and views it as very draconian in nature especially in a country where the rule of law as opposed to rule of the jungle as practiced on a daily basis. If the statement is correct, the first question that one has to ask is which law has … Continue reading

Grenada Informer: Is nothing wrong with the CCJ Bill also?

The media holds the repute of being the most influential of the fourth estate in the nation – the Fourth Estate comprises the wide civil society organisations, excluding the political segment. In fact, the media is unofficially the fourth arm of government and thus it deserves respect and support – the other arms constitutionally recognised are the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. This designation ascribes the media as having a powerful and important responsibility in the interest of the general public, it being the bastion of truth and democracy, as well as devoted to researches and investigations and to checks and … Continue reading

CIBC FirstCaribbean host Inter-primary School Swimming Championship Launch

A local banker has stressed the immense value of swimming as a means of fostering self-confidence and discipline in young people. Country Head of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Nigel Ollivierre made the point during his welcome address at the official launch of the annual CIBC FirstCaribbean Inter-primary School Swimming Championship held recently at CIBC FirstCaribbean’s conference room, Church Street, St. George’s. Ollivierre said that as a parent of young swimmers, he had seen firsthand the additional skills such as improved levels of self-discipline, self-confidence and time management which swimming had helped them to develop and which has proven invaluable to … Continue reading

Dwight Horsford approached to serve as a judge

The Keith Mitchell-led government in St. George’s might soon have to look for a Solicitor-General to replace the office holder, Dwight Horsford. According to a well-placed source, Horsford has been approached by the OECS Chief Justice, Dame Janice Pereira on the possibility of taking up a permanent appointment as a high court judge in the Eastern Caribbean court circuit. He said that Horsford, with 15 years of practice as an attorney-at-law, has already submitted his CV for perusal by the Judicial & Legal Services Commission (JLSC), the body responsible for hiring judges within the OECS sub-region. The source told THE … Continue reading

Corruption at Customs

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. Keith Mitchell has blasted the employees at the Department of Customs accusing some of them of pocketing thousands of taxpayers money for their own personal use. Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that Dr. Mitchell launched a blistering attack on Customs Officers at a meting held with them last week Wednesday at Customs House on the Carenage. A source who spoke on condition that he was not identified said that the Prime Minister created “panic and fear” in officers at Customs as he informed them of some of their corrupt dealings that … Continue reading

St. John man slapped with Attempted Non-Capital Murder Charge

A 23-year-old Shopkeeper from River Lane, Gouyave, St. John, is facing two indictable gun-related charges and another indictable charge of ‘Attempted Non-Capital Murder,’ in connection to a shooting incident on April 21, which left one man without a kidney. THE NEW TODAY understands that the victim, Edwin Cheddick, went into the shop of Jonathan Richards to allegedly purchase a marijuana joint and on his way out of the shop accidentally bumped into another man who was engaged in gambling. The individual who was bumped into went into the shop and returned with the shopkeeper who was armed with a gun. … Continue reading

Grenadian nominated Ohio University Employee of the Semester

Another Grenadian has done the island proud having been nominated Employee of the Semester by the Physiology Department at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Kristyn Neckles, Psy.D, has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited program in Miami, Florida, Carlos Albizu University. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Management and Leadership from Springfield College in Boston, Massachusetts. THE NEW TODAY understands that the criteria for such nomination by the various departments of the University are that employees should demonstrate dedication to Community, Character, Civility, Citizenship and Commitment. The purpose of the Nomination is to recognise outstanding … Continue reading

Electoral reform before another Referendum

On 30th September 2013, the Governor General unceremoniously fired Judy Benoit, Supervisor of Elections after she refused to tow the political line. From then, the electoral process and system in Grenada, have been under sustained attack. Unfortunately, the National Democratic Congress has been, for the most part, the lone voice speaking out against this attack. We called for much needed reform to the election law, the Representation of the People Act (“the RPA”), but no change was made even though Government expressed its commitment to electoral reform. The NDC had several meetings with the Supervisor of Elections between 2016 and … Continue reading