IMF funds for Grenada

WASHINGTON (CMC) – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is providing Grenada with US $2.9 million after the island completed the first review of its economic performance under a three-year programme supported by an arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF).

The IMF said that the successful completion of the review enables the disbursement of US $2.9 million, bringing total resources made available to Grenada under the arrangement to US $5.9 million.

Grenada has an ECF arrangement in the amount of US $21.7 million which was approved in June this year.

IMF managing director Min Zhu said the Grenadian authorities are implementing their Fund-supported economic programme with great resolution.

“Fiscal consolidation is underway, structural reforms are advancing, and negotiations with creditors on public debt restructuring are progressing. While the economy is showing signs of recovery, it remains subject to significant risks. Continued strong commitment to the programme, supported by all stakeholders, will be critical to boost Grenada’s growth prospects.”

He said that immediate priorities are to restore fiscal and debt sustainability, and bolster competitiveness. The planned fiscal consolidation will help meet the fiscal objectives for 2014-15, while protecting the most vulnerable.

“However, continued adjustment effort and strong implementation is needed to achieve the programme’s primary surplus targets. In addition, a comprehensive restructuring of public debt will be essential to return public debt to sustainable levels.”

The IMF official said that reforms to the institutional framework for fiscal policy will be critical to support sound policies, going forward.

“Priority should be given to implementing the new public financial management legislation, introducing fiscal responsibility legislation, finalising reforms of public institutions outside the central government, reforming the tax incentive regime, introducing a framework for sustainable management of citizenship-by-investment receipts, and improving the tax and customs administration,” he added.

Zhu said the legislative underpinnings of the authorities’ growth-enhancing strategy have been put in place.

But he noted that stronger reforms will be needed to improve competitiveness and longer-term prospects.

“A focus on the implementation of the investment framework and on the reform of the regulatory framework for the energy sector could yield important gains. Social protection programmes should also be strengthened to ensure more inclusive growth.

“Advancing the regional strategy to strengthen the banking system, coordinated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, remains essential to securing financial stability and efficient intermediation,” the IMF official warned.

Will NNP disintegrate in the post – Mitchell period like the GULP?

Controversial political activist, Kennedy Budhlall believes that if the “necessary structures” are not put in place to find a successor for the current political leader of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Dr. Keith Mitchell, there is a strong possibility that the 30 year old party will be in trouble.

Budhlal told a Real FM radio programme last Friday that when Dr. Mitchell finally decides to leave the political scene, many party supporters would like to see a continuation of the NNP and the preservation of his legacy.

However, he feared that at present nothing is being put in place to ensure that this happens.

He suggested that PM Mitchell should call in his Parliamentarians alongside the party’s General Secretary Roland Bhola and demand and insist that they put “sustainable structures” in place from the level of the Polling Divisions within the various Constituency branches and to train Political Activists of the party so they can sustain the party.

There are fears in some quarters that the NNP might disintegrate in the post-Mitchell period similar to the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) after the death of its charismatic leader, sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

PM Mitchell has often spoken of “grooming” the next generation of party leaders to take over the mantle of leadership whenever he decides to call it a day in frontline politics.

However, the Grenadian leader has never specifically identified the persons who he is grooming.

A party insider told this newspaper that new entrant to the party, former Congress member, Peter David is already well positioned to take over the NNP as its leader in the aftermath of Mitchell since two others – Bhola and newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, Clarice Modeste-Curwen are not inclined to fight for the top party post.

Two dark horses are said to be attorney-at-law, Dwight Horsford and Agricultural economist, Dr. Patrick Antoine.

In his radio interview, Budhlal did not speak kindly of the NNP Parliamentarians and their performances at the constituency level.

He said the only time some NNP parliamentarians and members will be busy is when there is distribution of road work, but after that “they gone back in their shells.”

The political activist also spoke of PM Mitchell being a liability to the NNP and the way forward for the party that has won four of the last five general elections

He chided the Prime Minister for cultivating a dependency syndrome on him within the NNP.

According to Budhlal, the NNP Parliamentarians will often go and sleep for four to five years after general elections are held and they are sure that on the next polling day that their political leader will be there to support them financial and politically for the battle.

He said that General Secretary Bhola alone cannot do the work that is needed and that Prime Minister Mitchell needs to call in “some of these hard headed and lazy Parliamentarians and demand and insist that they do the (political) work”.

“Let them know there is a consequence, failure to do the work they’re gone, Budhlal told the programme host.

Both Budhlal and the host of the programme, Andre Donald, suspected to be a card-bearing NNP member believes that David, the former NDC General Secretary who is now a full-fledged member of the “House” is not the most suitable candidate to replace Dr. Mitchell as the party’s Political Leader.

Budhlal said that David who was recently appointed as a Government Senator in the Upper House must first try and gel into the party.

“He (David) cannot come in at the top. He is all of us friend but he cannot come at the top. We have to make sure that every little bit of yellow (NDC) come out of him, he said.

Budhlal who is believed to be back in the NNP as a member after a spell with Congress, suggested that some hardcore NNP members and supporters are too small-minded and would not like to hear what he is saying on radio in the public.
However, he said: “Our duty as political activists, those who could see beyond the ordinary man, our duty is to alert them of the impending danger ahead”.

Budhlal stated that if he senses that Dr. Mitchell will end up in the “cemetery with the New National Party” it is his duty to alert the Grenadian people, alert the Political Leader, and alert the Political Activists so as to prevent it from happening.

“How as an NNP we could sit and stand idly by and recognise what will happen in the future. I am open and frank, I am fearless and if I see something going wrong in the NNP it is my duty to alert them”, he said.

Four weeks bonus this Christmas for hotel staff!


ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — Grenada’s leading hotelier Sir Royston Hopkin received lusty applause from a roomful of the island’s top businessmen when he announced here last week that he would be paying his employees four weeks bonus this Christmas.

The applause grew to a crescendo when Sir Royston further announced that he would be able to pay the hefty bonus because his 60-room luxury Spice Island Beach Resort had increased revenues by 20 per cent year-on-year, thanks to the entry of Sandals Resorts International (SRI) into the eastern Caribbean island only a year ago.

“Grenada is up 17 percent in visitor arrivals now that Sandals is in town. We did not have Sandals last year. Now we have the airlift that we did not have before. Every hotel is doing better business and a lot of employment is being generated,” said Sir Royston, who was earlier this year named Grenada’s Most Outstanding Hotelier after 49 years of service to his country and shared the spotlight with the likes of Kirani James, the outstanding 400-metre runner.

The Grenadian hotelier, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and Deputy Prime Minister Elvin Nimrod, was not sparing in his commendation of Jamaica’s Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart for establishing his Sandals LaSource Grenada resort which immediately impacted the island’s economy.

“My own business is up 20 per cent and I will be paying my employees a 20 per cent bonus this Christmas,” Sir Royston added, describing Sandals as “a win-win situation” for Grenada and praising Stewart for getting the hotel up in one year, “even though that cost him 40 per cent more to achieve that”.

Sir Royston was speaking at the launch of a new call centre by Stewart at Sandals LaSource, the third by SRI – after Jamaica and St Lucia – when it becomes operational in April 2015.

Last year he had predicted that the presence of Sandals and Stewart would transform the hospitality industry and the economy of the spice island.

“It is the most recognised and biggest individual hotel company owned by an individual, so nobody has more recognition worldwide as a brand than Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart – he is the don, he is the leader in the Caribbean… It is well known what Sandals has been doing for Grenada in terms of advertising. There has been no time (before) in the history of Grenada when you have had over 300 travel agents here at one time.

“Grenada is the winner, and you know why? Butch Stewart is interested in filling his hotel and it is full. So where are the other people going when he is full? They are going to go to other people who run proper businesses and where hospitality is the word, so people who deliver value will benefit from a Sandals being there,” Sir Royston was quoted as saying.

Then Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Alexandra Otway-Noel also disclosed at the same time that because of Sandals the island had seen, in the first quarter of 2014 “a 6.1 per cent growth in the Canadian market, and a 6.4 per cent growth in our major European markets and we are looking for similar growth out of the United States market”.

Sir Royston’s I-told-you-so speech came just ahead of the official winter tourism season when thousands of visitors, escaping the icy chill of the northern climes, come to cavort in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and laze on its sun-kissed beaches.

Stewart accepted Sir Royston’s accolades and noted that it was remarkable when a competitor praises his rivals:

“The genes here are of the best kind, when competitors are commending the competition. That is the way forward and Grenada has a great future.”

CDB approves $120 Million in Project Lending

San Juan, Puerto Rico – The Caribbean Development Bank has approved more than $120 million in loans to fund dozens of projects  related to agriculture, energy and infrastructure.

Trinidad and Tobago is to receive $40 million “to support Trinidad’s conversion of the fuel usage of vehicles in the transport sector from diesel and gasoline to Compressed Natural Gas,” the CDB said.

The CDB also approved $35 million in loans to the government of Jamaica to facilitate reforms regarding fiscal consolidation, growth and competitiveness, and social protection.

The government of St. Lucia will receive $19.68 million for the upgrading of a municipal water system in order to bring portable water to more than 19,000 residents. The project will cost an estimated $24 million in all, according to the CDB.

Grenada is to receive $10.7 million to improve solid waste management in the island, as well as a grant of $300,000 to finance the institutional strengthening of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority.

The CDB approved a grant of $1.2 million to fund research in several countries on the viability of developing a cassava industry.

“The Project, which will be executed by FAO (the UN Food and Agriculture Organization) and has an estimated cost of $1.795 million, will be conducted in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Suriname and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,” the bank said.

The government of Guyana was approved for a loan of $7.5 million “to enhance the capacity of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Incorporated.”

Barbados received a loan of $6.4 million to enhance the country’s international competitiveness.

The Caribbean Development Bank is a regional financial institution established in 1970.

CDB members are Anguilla; Antigua and Barbuda; Barbados; Belize; the British Virgin Islands; the Cayman Islands; Dominica; Grenada; Guyana; Haiti; Jamaica; Montserrat; St. Kitts and Nevis; St. Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Suriname; the Bahamas; Trinidad and Tobago; and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Christmas launch for Spicemas 2015

The Grenada Spicemas Corporation is taking a different approach in making Spicemas 2015 one with a difference as they held their Christmas launch last week for Spicemas 2015.

The launch took place at Club Galaxy on the Carenage last Wednesday where Spicemas officials rolled out some of the plans for next year’s carnival.

The local carnival body is hopeful that some of the problems that they encountered over the years, especially during 2014, will not be seen in 2015 as a result of some of the changes that will be made.

One of the things revealed at the launch was the theme that will encompass the essence of the festival in 2015.

The theme came out of a competition spearheaded by the Spicemas Corporation to get the public’s involvement.

The winner is Eddie Greenidge and his theme – “It’s majestic, it’s authentic, it’s splendor, it’s mas, Spicemas 2015”.

Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Cultural Foundation, Shirma Wells reflected on some of the successes of Spicemas 2014.

“We had 27, 000 viewers on live stream channel in July, the time of our semi-finals events. Our pay per view online viewership increased in 2014 by 43%. There were over 2000 downloads on our Spicemas mobile application locally and otherwise. Interestingly there were over 100 downloads from Indonesia,” she said.

“A lot of the times people say that Spicemas Corporation is doing nothing to market Spicemas but I can assure you it has been a significant difference to that in 2014 and we do plan to increase in that areas moving forward for 2015.

Marketing, we know is extremely important to any product and Spicemas certainly is our premiere product to be marketed,” she added.

According to Wells, the Corporation is moving to engage in early planning of events and introduction of partnership packages for the 2015 season.

“We’ve decided that we do not necessarily want our business community to just be sponsors of Spicemas, we want them on board with us, we want them to have a buy in, we want them to be partners with us, we want them to assist us in ensuring that Spicemas is successful,” she told reporters at the launch.

Wells identified another new initiative for 2015 as the introduction of a Spicemas music shop.

“The major purpose is to expose our music, via that platform, via the Internet and to provide a means for our artistes to earn something from their work. Often we find the issue of Copyright comes to the fore and sometimes we find ourselves lost in finding the solution to deal with that problem”, she said.

“We feel that by creating a music shop online would allow for persons to engage in the purchasing of our artistes music and result in them gaining something for their hard work,” she remarked.

Newly appointed Chairperson of the SMC Board of Directors, Joslyn Sylvester-Gairy told the media gathering that the time has come to take Spicemas to the next level.

She said in this regard, there are many well-planned events set out to build that momentum into the season of Spicemas.

“We must see Spicemas as a lucrative and strong financial asset to our economy. Spicemas is known to generate millions of dollars into the economy each year, so many of our returning nationals and visitors return to our shores in July and August, they stay at hotels (and) they eat at restaurants.

“…Under my stewardship we have already started to prepare for several of these events – some of them will be taking place in parishes on a monthly basis. We will be engaging our stakeholders to host some shows and related activities providing an avenue for showcasing our talents and raising some much needed funds.
Sylvester-Gairy disclosed that her committee is working tirelessly to ensure that there are not too many major challenges to be faced during the 2015 season.

“The challenges of Spicemas are very transparent and we know the biggest of them all is the inability to generate funding to host the festival. We have seen over the years, several inherited matters that need addressing.

“I can assure you that my team is working assiduously in putting measures in place to mitigate and rectify these areas. Several initiatives are being developed to ensure proper marketing of the product and securing partnership in some of the stakeholders.

Also speaking at the launch was Minister for Culture, Senator Brenda Hood who announced that a concert is being planned involving the Calypso King of the Word, Grenadian-born Mighty Sparrow whose real name is Slinger Francisco.

She said a call came from the Calypsonian himself saying that he wanted to give back to Grenada in the form of a concert.

“We decided that (the) best time to do that would be during our Carnival season and we have agreed with him. We are planning to have a concert with the Mighty Sparrow on the 4th of August.

“I know that there is Committee that has been set up to plan this event and they will be looking at (involving) previous Kings who have come through Soca and Calypso over the years and others so that we can have a great event.

Sen. Hood said it is the hope of Spicemas Corporation to hold a similar concert every year.

Christmas Party for Children with Special Needs and Disabilities

Digicel 3No celebration of Christmas is meaningful without a focus on Children. Someone has rightly said “In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas. In their hearts we find its meaning.”

For the third consecutive year, Digicel has ensured that the joy and meaning of Christmas is not lost on children attending school for Special Needs and those in institutions for persons with disabilities and that they are not denied the pleasure of an enjoyable Christmas party.

“Persons with Special Needs and Disabilities have been at the heart of our sponsorships and support since our launch here,” said Patricia Maher, country manager, “but at Christmas our focus is on the children with special needs and disabilities. Having done this for the past three years and recognising the joy and sparkle it brings, it has become our most important activity during the Christmas season.”

The staff at Digicel got to work putting all the pieces in place for six institutions – Victoria School for Special Education, St. Andrew’s School for Special Education, Grand Anse School for Special Education, Bell Air Home for kids, Dorothy Hopkin Center for the Disabled and the Grenada school for the visually impaired – to ensure that the children have another memorable Christmas party.

The annual party was held in St David at the OK Fun Spot, the locally owned Coney Island in Baillies Bacolet on December 13.

Digicel takes this opportunity to wish all children everywhere Merry Christmas!

Workers are concerned about the chemistry!!!

The following remarks were made at a sitting of the upper house just over a week ago by Trade Union representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts to welcome three new government senators – Chester Humphrey, Peter David and Noland Cox.

Mr. President, on behalf of the workers movement and workers in general, we congratulate you on your elevation to the esteem position of President of the Senate.

Clearly, it is the wisdom of our Government to identify the best talents and put them to work for the good of the state and the people. We want to wish you God’s richest blessings and wisdom in your lofty position and trust that his wisdom will forever guide you in your decision making.

Let me also extend the workers congratulations to Senator Peter David who like you Mr. President, the Government has chosen to play this important legislative role. You are a seasoned politician with many years of experience.

Let me also warmly welcome Senator Noland Cox, a public officer for 17 years – serving in Agriculture and as Hospital Administrator. I have no doubt you will provide quality service to the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

I also want to congratulate you Senator (Simon) Stiell on your elevation to the position of Leader of Government Business. No doubt, you have the talent.

Mr. President and Senator David – while we extend our best wishes, I must also say to you that in the case of our distinguished President who has an affinity with the workers movement, that workers are concerned about the chemistry of your new role and that of your traditional role! The chemistry of Government and Union is always a troubling one.

Mr. President, I consider you and Senator David and our distinguished Prime Minister as three wise men and the question is: Will your chemistry work? And if it does, in whose favour!

No doubt, you have distinguished yourself in labour and your future performance in this role will be recorded in history, as judged by the workers of this nation who might still be looking to you for leadership.

In the midst of your celebrations and that of your friends, I must say to you that many Grenadians are troubled by your initiative which our Prime Minister now champions in this Parliament – Project Grenada!

Mr. President and Sen. David, you are aware of your history prior to 1979, and 1983 – periods of wretched pain for the Grenadian people, perhaps the most severe pain inflicted on a people since independence.

No one disagrees with a call for unity – the world needs it – however, those who want to lead unity must first be the example, not in words but action!
The last time Sen. David, you and myself had a lengthy conversation was at the Calliste R.C Church which you and 26 others attended. The Priest that morning preached and highlighted Peter who had denied Christ and Peter following the crucifixion and resurrection – he loved Christ and was spotless and did great things for the people of the Lord.

Go read the Chapters in the Bible on Acts and you get a clear message Sen. David – that message is to be a man pure in heart.

Mr. President in that same Book of Acts, the name Saul makes very attractive reading – he prosecuted God’s people but traveling along the road to Damascus he experienced a life time change! He fell to the earth and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul why persecute my people!

Mr. President, go read for yourself and you will see the work of Saul then named Paul thereafter – he did great things to create and win followers for the Lord Jesus.

Mr. President, let’s not fool ourselves there is no Nelson Mandela in Grenada! Mandela was true to his principles and never changed sides with the tide. We cannot talk unity when there are people in Project Grenada who use a particular newspaper and some radio stations to destroy some people’s character.

The unity that Project Grenada preaches must be manifested in trust, not the self interest of the chosen few.

Again, I join with all and sundry to wish you Mr. President, Sen. David and Senator Cox the very best.

NTA delivers training at SSU

NTA and RGPF officials at opening ceremony

NTA and RGPF officials at opening ceremony

Thirty-seven persons comprising of 15 police officers and 22 civilians are currently undergoing Technical Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) as means of having a skill placed on their resume.

This initiative is one of the National Training Agency (NTA) and is taking place at the Special Services Unit (SSU) compound at Point Salines.

One of the aims of the 5-day course is to provide participants the opportunity to become more effective and efficient in carrying out their duties on the job.

Quality Assurance Coordinator at NTA, Frances Ruffin assured the participants that the training course should not be seen as belittling their qualifications.

“We are not saying that you are not qualified in your area, you have certificates in your area saying these are your certificates, that’s fine but we just want to introduce you to competency based education and training”, she told participants.

“…I hope that it would be worthwhile for you because as you know all over the world people (are) talking about the importance of skills training along with whatever academics we have…”, he added.

According to Ruffin, the fact of the matter is that, “the people with the skills, they rule the world – everything that we use is made by somebody who have a skill”.

In addressing the participants at the opening, Sergeant Adrian Peters recognized the work that the NTA is doing and expressed the hope that the SSU training school will become an NTA centre.

“We know that the NTA is doing a lot for the police and I now realise that they’re doing a lot for other people as well and they have offered to do a lot more. We will be able to go through the totality of their training and making us capable in delivering progammes on their behalf and we trust to have this centre qualified as a National Training Agency centre,” said Sgt Peters.

He told the participants that although they are already qualified in their fields yet still training could never be enough.

Inspector Dexter Richards implored upon the participants to make good use of the training they are receiving because a lot of time and money is being put into it.

“When it doesn’t come from our pockets, sometimes it is trivialized – well they just tell me come, so I come but the benefit for which these monies are spent are never really realized and if we are going to be trained to train other people and to qualify other people, then we first must be transformed in our minds and in our attitudes and I am trusting that the training will help us do that.

“I believe it is one thing to give people information but it’s another thing to apply that information … how to …influence persons to not only gravitate to that information but how (to get them) to make that a practice in everyday life because if these things do not happen then we cannot go anywhere.

“…So we’ll have a lot of (people) with degrees but they become like portraits, they’re just hanging on a wall. The essence for training and the reason for these training are never really realized. I am trusting that from (hereon) that is something we can look at – how do I take this training and make it relevant (for) me and the person whom I would influence.

Christmas message from GULP

Ladies and gentlemen of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The leadership of the G.U.L.P would first,like to thank every Grenadian, for welcoming us into their homes at Christmas time.  For this, we are sincerely grateful.

We stand with unequivocal faith in God and with an immense confidence in the people of this Nation.

As we bring closure to the year 2014 and begin the New Year, we must be thankful for peace here at home.

People of Grenada, this is also time for reflection; it is a time when our thoughts and well being are faced with many challenges.

Together, we are to take an in-depth look at where we were as a Nation and People and think about where we would like to be in the next twenty years.

Undoubtedly, we would all unanimously conclude that while our physical country has changed dramatically in the last 35 years, we still remain a poor and dependent people.

Going forward we need to focus on those issues that we lead our people out of poverty and provide greater Independence in thought and actions.  In this regard, we need to seek our individual freedom, to identify our own way so that we can make a good living for ourselves and our generation to come.

Going forward, we need to reduce our dependence on others, including government, and to recognise that in each one of us there is a great talent and natural ability that we are not using, that we are not exploiting, but that which we can use to become rich and at the same time make our country rich.

We therefore need to rethink the role of government in the economy, and of the kind of government that can give us the freedom to make full use of our individual natural ability for the benefit of ourselves and of our people.

These are thoughts we would like you to fashion as you enjoy your Christmas holidays and prepare for the New Year.  A New Year we believe in which the people of Grenada would begin to prepare themselves to choose substance over empty rhetoric.  And it is here that the GULP would be disposed to serve you.

We in the Grenada United Labor Party intend to bring a new kind of politics to Grenada, to reinvent government with a definitive approach on how best to make government work to benefit the vast majority of people and not a privilege few.

As a nation, together, we can and we will, reduce our huge national debt; we can lower the high level inflation; cut taxes including property taxes and leave working families with most of their hard earn dollars to spend as they wish.  We will put our Grenadian people to work and get this economy moving.

In the spirit of Julien Fedon and the founder of our party, Sir Eric Gairy, we will provide you many merry Christmases.

In the coming months and years the G.U.L.P is building a political party with men and women alike, with more will than wallets.  There is hope.  The morning would come and the sun would soon rise again.

Hail Grenada land of ours we pledge ourselves to thee.

Grenada will most certainly move again under the leadership of the G.U.L.P.

Have a wonderful Christmas and best of wishes for the New Year.

May God continue to bless this beautiful island of ours, we know as home, Grenada.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, good night and God bless.

Sandals injects further US$1.6M in Grenada

Grenada’s economy will see a further boost with the creation of some 105 jobs following the imminent establishment of a State-of-the-art Sales & Marketing Center for Sandals Resorts International.

PM Mitchell in deep conversation with Gordon “Butch” Stewart

PM Mitchell in deep conversation with Gordon “Butch” Stewart

Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, Mr. Gordon “Butch” Stewart made the special presentation to a group of private and public stakeholders’ on this and another significant investment the company will eambark upon in Grenada in the coming weeks. Both projects will represent more than US$1.6 million in added investment in the Spice Island.

The Chairman shared Sandals continued commitment to the unrelenting development of Tourism and Hospitality in Grenada.

The Sales and Marketing Center, which will create 105 jobs, will sit on the existing Sandals La Source grounds and will be complemented by an 8,500 square feet Conference Center.

While the projections are not yet final, Mr. Stewart approximates the value of the Sales and Marketing Center’s investment at close to US$800,000 for infrastructure alone. Considerable training he says will be done with the selected employees on the Sandals brand, making it a significant long-term investment in the people of Grenada.

The Conference Centre investment is estimated closer to US $850,000.

When asked about the significance of the project being undertaken in Grenada specifically given the existence of centers in Jamaica and St. Lucia, the Chairman replied, “the people – their education and attitude brings a distinct advantage to the organisation.”

Also addressing the gathering was Mr. Sebastian Tickle, charged with the formulation of the project, who indicated that the Sales and Marketing Centre operations are expected to begin by April 2015.

Stewart confirmed that the project is expected to begin in approximately 8 -10 weeks.

The announcement comes almost a year since Sandals LaSource opened its doors on December 21st, 2013 and was welcomed by attendees including Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yolande Bain-Horsford, Minister of Labour, Elvin Nimrod, Representatives of the Grenada Tourism Authority, fellow hoteliers and private sector associates.