Huggins contributes to netball tourney

The OECS/ECCB under-23 netball tournament has received a quantity of drinks from George F. Huggins and Company Limited. The sponsorship was made through Fruta and Ribena by the Distribution Division and Pharmaceutical Division respectively.

Acting on behalf of the Minister of Sports, Patrick Simmons, former netballer Glynis Roberts who is now a Government Minister said it is always a pleasure to receive gifts from the private sector that will enhance youth development, while simultaneously promote the drinking of healthy drinks that will adequately nourish the athletes. Roberts wished the company all the best in their business endeavours and encouraged others to come on board to promote women sports, especially netball.

Ribena representative Porgie Cherebin who made the presentation on behalf of the Huggins Pharmaceutical Division said that they were please to make a donation of Ribena to the event and congratulated the organizers on bringing the tournament to Grenada.

Huggins Representatives together with GNA President Janice Charles (second from left) and Minister Glynis Roberts (second from right)

Marketing Supervisor with responsibility for Fruta, Karlene Williams said they are very happy that they can make such a contribution towards the success of the sporting event. Williams called for good sportsmanship to prevail during the tournament and wished the organizers an incident-free tournament.

Manager Corporate Marketing Denise Langaigne said her company is responsible for some of the most nutritious and sports friendly drinks on the island, hence it was an honour to be chosen to partner with a tournament of this caliber.

“We are mindful of the present economic climate but we view this request as a contribution to return netball on our island to its glorious days,” Langaigne said. Huggins became a household name in netball during its early years.

Foremost in the minds of Grenadians will be the Huggins United Team which comprised outstanding players such as Permanent Secretary Veda Bruno Victor and Nordica Mc Intyre, Susan Bowen and Janice Celestine just to name a few. Grenada Netball Association representative Janice Charles thanked the company for coming on board, stating that they will be looking for continuous sponsorship.

The participating countries were St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, and St. Lucia. Team Grenada Placed third in the Tournament last year. The tournament concludes on July 12.

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