SNL: Pete Davidson teases Kanye West and Haryana Grande about engagement in his last episode

Pete Davidson mocks Kanye West and his final engagement to Ariana Grande Live Saturday night Chapter.

Davidson joined SNL At the age of 20 in 2014, he became one of the youngest artists in the show’s five decades of history.

The season finale aired Saturday (May 21), Davidson Shared an emotional post on Instagram He explained that the episode that night would be his last.

Davidson, who appeared with Colin Jost in the show’s Weekend Update section, mocked his time on the show and his “weird” year in public view.

In her opening remarks, the 28-year-old mentioned her relationship with Kim Kardashian and the highly publicized clue to her ex-husband Kanye West.

“Hello Colin and [Michael] Che and millions of people just watch me grow Kanye, ”Davidson said.

“I never thought this would be my life,” he said. “Look when I started here. Back then, I was a skinny kid and no one knew what race I was. Now everyone knows that I am white because I had great success when I did not come to work.

When asked by Joost if he was “officially leaving,” Davidson joked: “Yes, Lorne. [Michaels] I was accidentally gifted a sock so I was free.

Later in the episode, Davidson Schorner said he was going to miss Michaels, saying the producer “always gives the best advice”.

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Davidson and Grande dated 2018

(Getty Images for MTV)

“I will never forget this. When I got engaged I called him and said, ‘Lorne, I’ve been engaged to Ariana Grande for two weeks after dating,’ and he said, ‘Oh, hold on to the love life!’

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Davidson recalled his first audition for the show, when Michaels “saw me right” and said to him: “‘I do not think you’re the right person for this show, so let’s put this together.'”

Davidson leaves SNL Starring Kate McKinnon, Aidi Bryant and Kyle Mooney.

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