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Three hours later Releasing his album midnights, Taylor Swift Keep the surprises coming Midnight (3 AM Edition), an extended version of the LP featuring seven additional tracks. Swift promised something “special” and “very messy” to come, and she called these “3 am tracks”, many of which were co-written and produced by her previous collaborator Aaron Desner.

“Surprise! I think so midnights As a complete concept album, those 13 songs paint a full picture of the intensity of that mysterious, crazy time,” Swift announced on Instagram. “However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that Magic 13.

He added, “I call them ‘3 am tracks.’ Lately I’ve been really into sharing our creative processes with you, like our From the Vault tracks. So it’s 3 am and I’m bringing them to you now. 🌌”

Following the album’s original closer, “Mastermind,” Swift added seven new songs, including “The Great War,” “High Infidelity,” and “Would’ve, Goodw’, Should’ve.” , who worked Folklore. Other songs co-produced by Jack Antonoff include “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” Paris,” “Glitch,” and “Dear Reader.” Mark Spears and Sam Dew are credited as co-writers on “Glitch,” while Spears, who goes by Sonwave, is also listed as a co-producer.

Fans spent hours speculating what the surprise would be, sharing their fan theories on TikToks and pointing out clues and possible Easter eggs. Many Swifties flocked to the prospect of a tour announcement, especially after fans in the UK who pre-ordered the album were told they would receive a pre-sale code for a “yet-to-be-announced” tour along the way.

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Others believed it might midnights Maybe come with a sister album or project — just like that Folklore And Always – and it will be called Public Since she posted Instagram Teaser It showed a calendar with “Manifest” written on it. (These fans are so close!)

A third guess is that he may be making a documentary (titled Public) from most streaming services — including Disney+ Folktales: Long pool sessions Movies in 2020 – Release new content at 3am

All week, Swift has been revealing lyrics from her new album Billboards with Spotify All over the world.

His album release included Friday Morning’s video for the song “Anti-Hero”, late night show appearances and lyric videos. She also made a joke Exclusive teaser trailer While album videos Saints-Cardinals game Thursday night.

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