Russian Ship Moskva Hit and Sunk by Ukrainian Missiles, US Defense Official Says

The Russians’ attitude towards the US has dramatically worsened since the start of the war in Ukraineaccording to a new survey by the independent Russian pollster Levada Center.

The poll shows that 72% of Russians now hold a negative view of the US, up from 55% in February. Meanwhile, 17% say they have a favorable view, according to the poll, which was published on April 15 based on answers from 1,632 respondents surveyed nationwide in late March.

The survey also shows that attitudes toward the European Union have worsened, while Russians’ view of China, Moscow’s allyhas markedly improved in the past six months, with 83% of Russians now having a favorable view of the country.

The war in Ukraine has given a boost to President Vladimir Putin’s popularity, according to Levada, Russia’s most trusted pollster. A recent survey found Mr. Putin’s approval rose to 83% in March, from 71% in February.

Russian state TV has portrayed the war in Ukraine as a “special military operation” to defend Russian speakers in the country from nationalists backed by the US and EU, pushing the narrative that the real standoff in Ukraine is between Moscow and the West.

State TV remains a primary news source for the majority of Russians, with independent media largely silenced in recent weeks following the passage of strict censorship laws. Its audience also skews old. The survey results appear to reflect its influence: Of those respondents who are above 55, 82% said they view the US negatively, 20 percentage points higher than the 25-to-39 age group.

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The results from Russia echo a Pew poll showing a similarly dramatic shift in how American citizens view their Russian counterparts. A Pew Research Center poll published April 6 found that 70% of Americans now consider Russia an enemy of the US, up from 41% in January. The view appears to cross partisan lines, with 72% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans holding it.

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