Orlando Magic wins the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery, followed by Oklahoma City Thunder; Sacramento Kings advanced to the top 4 places

For the fourth time in owner history, Orlando Magic has won the NBA Draft Lottery and will pick No. 1 in the June draft.

Along with the Houston Rockets and the Detroit Pistons, Orlando had a 14% chance.

This is Magic’s first chance to pick the top spot since 2004. Dwight Howard. Orlando won the lottery in the years following 1992 (Shockil O’Neill) and 1993 (traded to Golden State for Chris Webber, Penny Hardway and three future first-rounders).

Oklahoma City Thunder have been in the top four since 2009. James Horton. Thunder won the second lottery at No. 12 as a result of the trade sent Paul George For LA clippers.

The Rockets, which finished 2nd last year, will be 3rd. This is the first time since 1983-84 that rockets have been ranked in the top four.

The Kings had a 7.5% chance of jumping into the top four and were the only team to jump into the first group without the top four odds. They now expelled the pistons that select the fifth position.

Indiana fast bowlers have been ranked in the top nine since 1989. The Portland Trail Blazers will be ranked 6th for the first time represented by a star. Damien Lillard At Tuesday night’s lottery, he won his seventh choice.

As the Los Angeles Lockers dropped to 8th out of the top 10, that selection goes to the New Orleans Pelicans. Anthony Davis Trading from the summer of 2019.

There was a 99.6% chance that the exam would offer pelicans; If it had not, Memphis would have gone to Grizzlies as part of the trade it sent Jonas Valencianas New Orleans, and Steven Adams And Eric Pletcho To Memphis.

Instead, Memphis will receive Cleveland’s 2022 second-round pick via the Pelicans and New Orleans’ 2025 second-round pick.

San Antonio Spurs (No. 9), Washington Wizards (No. 10), New York Knicks (No. 11), Charlotte Hornets (No. 13) and Cavaliers (No. 14) completed the lottery.

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