No Way Home ‘Swings to $ 1.37B Global, no. 12 Film Ever WW – Timeline

Update the latest…: Happy New Year, Peter Parker! On its third weekend, Sony / Marvels Spider man: No Way Home Has raised its global scale $ 1.37B, Is the 12th highest grossing film worldwide. Throwing another $ 78.3M At 61 International box office Marketing this session, Spider-Man: No Way Home Now there is a sea kum $ 759M. The current foreign frame is 35% lower than the past.

After surpassing $ 1B worldwide as the No. 1 movie of 2021 Last weekend, NWH Became on Tuesday 2021 Best Movie Overseas in Hollywood.

Private markets saw a huge hold during the New Year session with UK This is 25% more than the number of theaters closed on Christmas Day last weekend. Now there is a total of $ 92.4M. Mexico Now charged $ 64.9M. France Guided all the plays in the session with $ 8.1M for the $ 50.2M Running Cum.

Other notable markets include Jagannath, directed by John Watts Korea ($ 7.2M / -43% / $ 51.4M Qm over the weekend), Germany ($ 4.5M / + 7% / $ 29.5M), Australia ($ 4.4M / -15% / $ 42M), Indonesia ($ 3.4M / -46% / $ 22.9M), Brazil ($ 3.1M / -45% / $ 40.2M), Russia ($ 3M / -51% / $ 34M), India ($ 2.2M / -53% / $ 34.2M).

In IMAX, No way home It has now grossed $ 83.1M worldwide, of which $ 30.7M comes from overseas. All of this before Webslinger hits Japan on Friday this week.

Sing 2

Elsewhere, Universal / Illumination Sing 2 Belt another $ 17.2M This session in 48 markets, a terrible 2% fall from the previous law. The interest of foreigners is now $ 54.9M A $ 144.6M Runs globally.

Highlights include among new starters Ukraine$ 1.2M number. 1 start; With previews it is the best animated start to the market during epidemics and it is 152% higher than the first movie. Chile With Thursday’s opening, the $ 400K weekend was better at epidemics than the previous week. To sing. In stock, France Even last weekend – $ 12.6M Q (at + 36%) played with $ 4M To sing At the same point). Mexico The $ 7.6M QM had a strong -27% grip after two frames; Australia Saw the best midweek and amassed $ 5.4M Russia Overall it fell 23% to $ 4.6M.

total, Sing 2 Is 29% behind the first image. Majors like Korea, Brazil, Germany, England and Japan are still on the deck.

20th Century Studios

Disney / 20th Century Studios King’s Man Designed one $ 14.1M Overseas weekend in 22 markets. There is coastal gum $ 28.3M And global $ 47.8M.

Taiwan $ 2.8M for the fourth best start of 2021. Hong Kong 2nd place for the Ralph Fiennes-starrer with $ 900K. Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore also started the second place with a run behind No way home. France Bowed up to $ 2.2M in third place, and Mexico It also started in third place with $ 800K (2% forward) Free guy) Grip, King’s Man Was in 2nd place UK After being launched there last Sunday; Running total $ 4.6M. This is the No. 2 film Korea All offshore play with $ 6.6M.

The next session will include Germany, Italy, Australia and Brazil. Russia leaves on January 13th.

The Matrix Renaissance

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. The Matrix Renaissance Swallowed more $ 13.7M In 76 markets, 52% decline over the previous session. Accumulate international flow $ 75.1M For $ 106M All over the world.

Solid New Year falls include Japan (-19%), England (-20%), Germany (-23%) and France (-38%). Japan Leads all plays with $ 9.7M, followed by UK ($ 7M), Russia ($ 6.8M), France ($ 5.8M) and Mexico ($ 3.9M) Get the top 5 spots.

Four markets are ahead on January 14, including the Netherlands and China.


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