NFL Draft: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Untrapped Free Agent Signature Tracker

The 2022 NFL Draft Still going on but Seattle SeahawksInvolvement in it is over. We’m pretty used to adding multiple choices by trading with the Seahawks, but they came out with eights in 2022 and went out with nine, doing only one trade for the first time since 2015.

Now here comes the free agents that are not runrafted. Seattle UDFA has routinely found quality contributors and top beginners in the market, and we hope it will continue this year. Doug Baldwin is great, but you have other notable Antraft players like Jermaine Gears, Thomas Rawls, Brian Mon, George Font and Poona Ford. Seattle may have discovered some hidden gems in 2021 with special teams Ace and linebacker John Ruddigan and right-back Jack Gurhan.

All Seahawks’ UDFA signatures for 2022 will be tracked here, so update from time to time with news releases. As of now, they have 77 players on the list (including eight draft selections) so 13 of them are UDFAs or generally available free agents.

Note: These are rumored moves or moves announced by players / agents.

Report: Louisiana-Lafayette Quarterback signed with Levi Louis Seahawks

Report: Seahawks invite Western Michigan QB Caleb Ellipse to Rookie Camp (not UDFA signature)

Report: Nebraska S. Dionday signed with Williams Seahawks

Report: Seahawks signed with Framingham State DE Josh Onujiyogu

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Report: Seahawks signed by Georgia State G. Shemarius Gilmore

Report: Seahawks sign up for Virginia Defense Joey Blond

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