Netflix is ​​changing the way movies are made to compete with Disney Plus

In Q1 2022, it finally happened: Netflix was in the worst quarter. It Lost 200,000 subscribers New competitors such as Disney Plus and HBO Max agreed that the company would effectively put an end to the way it had been doing business for nearly a decade. Now, Netflix is ​​moving away from frantic release speeds and mid-range films, making it the most important favorite with the new project of making “big movies” at low “gluttonous speeds”. Report from Hollywood Reporter.

You know, what most people in Hollywood are already doing.

Take a key from Hollywood Reporters The piece is that while Netflix may not know exactly what it wants to do, it wants to create it more thoughtfully than it has in the last decade.

But the past decade has seen Netflix not only fill the region with content in an effort to quickly build a library to compete with Disney and Warner Bros., but also to bring the technological mindset to Hollywood. . In Hollywood, caution is paramount. The reason Netflix abbreviated its bread and butter away from Hollywood Midrange films was because it saw huge and steady returns on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters (usually including superheroes in one form or another).

Netflix, with its endless cash flow, does not have to entertain distributors or theaters, and can produce a variety of content each month to try and secure people’s subscriptions. It can make more costs more rational as it tries to better understand the audience by meticulously analyzing the audience data that is not accessible to its competitors.

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Netflix needs to transform Hollywood. Rather, it returns to the same practices that turned its competitors into giants, without lucrative rights. OptionsAnd big post lists enjoyed by the same competitors.

Netflix is ​​already in the process of creating a new one Advertising Support Subscription Layer to protect more subscribers who are reluctant to spend money on Streaming Wars. Both Peacock and Paramount Plus already have identical layers, and both Disney Plus and HBO Max plan to add ad support layers.

Netflix too Breaks Password PartitionIt is a practice of saying More than 100 million families Use to avoid extra subscriptions. Previously, the password was ignored by the sharing company – and Sometimes even implicitly recognized. HBO Max, meanwhile, Contains built-in password sharing restrictions.

But the biggest way for Netflix to chase the competition right now is to decide which films to make. CEO Ted Sarandos noted on Netflix’s last revenue call that it focuses on “big event films” and that the company has ruthlessly destroyed many sectors over the past two months. Motion picture (Usually more expensive to produce with lower income), original independent features and family live-action films.

You will notice that both animation and family live-action are areas where Netflix’s biggest rival, Disney, does sterling business. This is exactly what Netflix is ​​doing with what many film companies have done before: it has moved away from competing with the House of the Mouse in historically dominant areas.

But, given Disney is the largest producer and distributor of movies in the United States., It will not help Netflix to withdraw from its competition. And it does not help to structure itself like Hollywood. Bob Sobek soon took over as CEO of Disney Began to restructure the company to function as a technology company.

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Attempting to bring technical protocols to Hollywood may not be a huge success for Netflix, but neither can its competitors.

Disclosure: On the edge Currently producing the series with Netflix.

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