Night Prowler terrorises Mt. Gay Housing Scheme

A prowler has been terrorising the Mt Gay Housing Development.

The person, believed to be male, has been lurking in bushes and empty drains in the neighbourhood and has been spotted between 11.00 p.m. and 1.00 a.m.

As a result, some members of the community are now on high alert and in fear over their safety.

Three women have reported being chased by the prowler and in one instance someone tried to push their way into one of the homes and had to be fought off earlier this year.

The situation began occurring earlier this year and at the time the Management Board for the Housing Development had ordered that trees be cut down to reduce the opportunity for concealment.

Now the night prowler is back, dressed in Black clothing, and has been using plants and empty drains to conceal himself.

Last weekend, the individual was spotted twice by residents and on the first night the police were called but they did not turn up to investigate.

The compound which measures several acres in total has only one street light and when households have settled in for the night the entire area is shrouded in darkness.

Resident of the housing scheme have made numerous requests for public lighting over the last four years.

At a community meeting earlier this year, when the matter of the prowler was raised Housing Authority manager, Ronnie Sylvester explained that streets lights had to be arranged through the Parliamentary Representative of the constituency.

About two years ago, Grenlec approved two streets lights for St George’s North-east at the request of the Member of Parliament, Tobias Clement but those went to an area in Vendomme where government had undertaken major road refurbishment.

Since then, one light has been erected at the furthest end of the housing scheme at the behest of non-resident individuals, concerned about the risk posed by the lack of night lighting.

Meanwhile the National Water and Sewerage Authority which came on board to manage the sewer services for the community has erected lights around the sewer system for security purposes there.

In December 2015 a family was terrorised by armed robbers and this prompted a call for street lights since it was believed that the criminals used the cover of darkness to invade the highly populated community.

MPs Peter David and Tobias Clement both share responsibility for the area based on the electoral boundaries in place.

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