Minister Thomas: Gov’t has open mind on abortion for pregnant rape victims

Minister of Social Development, Delma Thomas has said that government has never discussed amending the law to give women the right to abortion if conceived through rape.

Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas

Speaking to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, the female government minister said the issue has never come up on the agenda before the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

“I cannot speak to this at this time, because it’s not an issue that we (have) considered, it’s not an issue that we discuss but it’s something that we can have (an) open mind on”, she told reporters.

“We have not discussed this, and I am here representing the Cabinet of Grenada and since we have not ever discussed that particular issue, I can’t speak to it,” she said.

However, Minister Thomas noted that government cannot sit idly by while Sexual Abuse continues to affect people in Grenada.

According to the minister, the issue of sexual abuse has always been around and credited the increase in more reported cases to the work of the different stakeholder bodies.
She gave assurances of being committed to voice her concerns about any form of sexual abuse on the island.

“I always say that at the end of being a politician we have to be accountable to God, and if he put us in that position to be policymakers to protect people … we ought to do it (at) all cost without fear or favour, and therefore, I am committed to that cause, I am committed to fighting to eradicate all forms of abuse, not only child abuse but all forms of abuse”.

“We are not here to represent ourselves as government, we are representing the people and many of our laws that we made, many of the decisions and the policies that we made as a government… (were not done) because we sat in Cabinet and decide that is the way to go, but because we have listened to the voice of the people…and therefore, I would never ask persons to shut up on (those) particular issues.

“Let us not only speak when an issue is being brought outside there, let us be our brother’s keeper and look around within our different communities, within our different schools. Whether I am in government or out of government I will be an advocate for any form of abuse.

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