Masked Man strikes in St. David

Police have not made any major breakthrough in Monday night’s incident in which a masked man attempted to enter into an apartment of a female US Peace Corp worker in the Bailes Bacolet/Corinth area of St. David.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the masked man pretended that he was a policeman when he knocked on the door of the female volunteer worker and demanded that she opened it.

A well-placed source said that the man shouted out “police” to the occupant and asked the occupant to open the door, failing which he would break it down.

“The woman pulled the curtain and saw the man but could not make him out since his face was covered”, he remarked.

The source said that when the occupant refused to comply with the request, the masked man then threatened to open gunfire on her.

The man then fled the scene as the woman allegedly pulled back the curtain.

The female US Peace Corp worker is living in one of the two downstairs apartments of a house that is said to be owned by a local nurse.

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