Guardian General supports Police Week 2019

One of the island’s leading insurance company, Guardian General Ins (OECS) Ltd has given EC$5000.00 to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as a contribution to the 2019 Police Week celebrations due to be held next month.

Managing Director, Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Ltd, Ronald Hughes in the company of Senior Police Officers, Supt. Earl Dunbar, and Supt. Glen Paul, Chairman of the Police Week committee

The cheque was handed over by Managing Director of Guardian General, Ronald Hughes to the Chairman of Police Week committee, Superintendent of Police, Glen Paul and his Deputy, Supt. Dunbar, head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The annual event of Police Week, is to be held June 9-15 under the theme ‘ United We Stand to Fight Against Sexual Abuse and Violent Crimes, While Promoting Road Safety and a Healthier Lifestyle.”

In brief remarks at the ceremony held under Guardian’s ‘Don’t Text & Drive’ billboard, in Springs, Hughes said the insurance company has been placing more and more emphasis in recent times on the aspect of safe driving.

“Whilst all the issues encompassed in the theme for the week are extremely relevant, as an insurance company, we have really been focusing on matters of road safety issues and vehicular accidents.

The effects of these are further reaching than most people might think. There are individuals involved, insurance companies and even our economy as foreign exchange leaves the country to get the parts required for repairs”, he said.

According to Hughes, there are many sad incidences of persons being hospitalised or requiring time-off from work to recover after an accident resulting in some repercussions.

“We received statistics from the RGPF which show an alarming average of 7 road accidents per day in 2018. Drivers and pedestrians all need to put road safety standards into practice. A simple thing like having some patience, and extending the road courtesies we were taught when learning to drive, could make a significant impact on these numbers”, he said.

In response, Supt Paul extended appreciation to the insurance company on behalf of the Commissioner of Police and the Police Week Committee “for their generous and continued sponsorship”.

He said that the funds would “provide an opportunity for the police and the community to interact in the furtherance of the overall community policing strategy agenda, of reducing crime and the fear of crime.”

The two RGPF Superintendents announced that the 2019 Police Week now includes not only HM Prisons, who joined for the 2018 activities, but has now been extended to encompass Customs and Grenada Airport Authorities.

With the growth in participants, which also includes foreign athletes from Antigua, St Vincent, Trinidad, Guyana, expectations are high.

The Police Force is currently working on improved co-ordination in their approach to corporate sponsors, so that all of the planned events can realise the necessary funding requirement.

The main purpose of Police Week is to strengthen partnerships with the community and to build camaraderie among members of the organisation by engaging in community projects, games and sporting events, with community involvement.

The lawmen also see the staging of the week of activities as helping to fulfill their mandate to fight and reduce crime and to build public confidence.

With the harrowing issue of sexual abuse very much in the forefront of the public’s mind, the RGPF has stated that part of its main objective is to create further national awareness by working with NGO’s and community groups, fostering better relationships with agencies which deal with the issues.

The packed week of activities will include Open house – most of the departments will display their equipment to the general public at the Central Police Station of the Carenage, Best drills competition, a health fair & healthy lifestyle activity, sexual abuse, violent crime and road safety workshop, finals of a number of sporting activities – Cricket, Football, Netball, Table Tennis, talent shows among others.



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